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Friday, November 27, 2020

Final Fiction, Nature Feline Friday: Who Done it


The truth is stranger than fiction: 

Our not so Jolly Green Giant Trash Bin was the object of a Hit and Run\

The Scene

About 8 pm on Monday, November 16, 2020 I was snug as bugs in my jammies watching NCSI: New Orleans when  I  heard a very loud boom/bang. I thought it came from the TV.  My husband was upstairs in his train room.  He sprung to his feet to see what was the matter...what to his wondering eyes did appear as out the window he looked? Our huge City trash can, that was sitting by the curb awaiting collection on November 17,  had been tossed up into our yard and was on it's side. It was dark but he did found a side view auto mirror by the can and one of the can’s wheels missing.  Someone was exceeding the 25 mph to knock a full trash bin from over the curb into our yard.  There were several cars parked on the street too. Tuesday, November 17 at first light we found more evidence.

Exhibit 1:

Not so Jolly Green Giant Trash Bin split down the front and brace dislodge

Scratches on the side

Exhibits 2

Missing right wheel

Exhibit 3 

Right side view mirror and pieces and parts from the vehicle

We don't know WHO DONE IT but we do KNOW someone is gonna have a rather expensive repair.  However, if we were playing Clue our guess would be a burgundy vehicle with black plastic trim.
Judging by all the scuffs and scratches on not so Jolly Green Giant Trash Bin
they have some significant body damage too.

The city will deliver a new bin and take away the not so jolly green giant bin, in the meant time

our very nice neighbor let us put our weekly house trash in her bin for early morning pick up on November 24.

I am happy and thankful to say at almost 10 am  Tuesday, November 24th, exactly one

week after I requested a new trash arrived.

Nature surprises.
This plant is a Yucca..I had no idea they bloomed in November.
But then it is 2020.
 They are native to the hot and dry (arid) parts of the Americas and the Caribbean.
It is hot here in the summer but rarely arid.  This Photo take this past Monday

Feline Friday Flashback with Madi


  1. A November yucca flower? Something good had to happen in 2020, right? And it's always good to see pictures of dear Madi.
    Too bad about the trash bin, but at least it is replaceable and apparently no-one was hurt.

  2. Hari OM
    Hmmmmm with that much evidence, was it worth reporting to the police, too? I'd think finding such a vehicle in your locality would not be so very hard - putting word out to repair shops, checking their registration records... oh my inner detective is at full tilt!!! YAM xx

  3. Did all the rubbish spill out of the bin as well, when it got hit? That would have been a bad job as well, clearing that up!


  4. Stoopid Burgundy guy should watch where he's going! Thank goodness no one was hurt. Hi Madi♥

  5. At least the car hit the garbage can and not a person. Who knows what went wrong with them, but since they took off, it was probably nothing good.

  6. I am thinking someone may have been drinking and driving! I too was wondering if it spread the garbage everywhere or if it stayed in the container. It's good to know that they brought you a new one I've often wondered what happens if something goes wrong with the one we have. I am thankful that we have pick up at the curb and that we can roll that great big green thing out there twice a week and get everything taken away and that we can pile tree limbs out on the street and they come and take that away and that we can roll the big blue van out there and they take the recycle. I have friends who live where they have no trash pickup. Must have been pretty live for the man on the train room to hear it

  7. Yikes on the garbage can. They have some repairs to do and you've got a new can already. You came out ahead on this one.

    Love your nature shots. We all need to get out more and enjoy nature.

    Aw on Madi. Such a joy she was to you.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. Big hug, honey. ♥

  8. Probably some boy racer whose opinions of his driving are higher than his abilities. You are lucky your city replaces the. Here if they get damaged or go missing a replacement has to be paid for. We don't use ours though, it is too far to haul them to the road so we use sacks instead.

  9. That is quite a tale you told about your Jolly Green Trash Bin. You're lucky to have such a nice neighbor since it took a whole week for the city to bring you a new bin. We love seeing Angel Madi flash backs.

  10. Funny, I'm currently reading a murder mystery book, in which a green wheelie bin (how they are called in the UK) figures prominently!
    I once hit a orange barrel in a construction zone, and busted the rear-view mirror right off...thankfully, I didn't break the driver's side window. We found a replacement at a salvage yard, but that was a hooptie, so mismatched parts were fine.
    Angel Madi; she's looking down from Heaven, safe in the knowledge that your love will never fade.

  11. Crazy driving. They were lucky they didn’t crash the whole car

  12. Gorgeous Header!
    Texting, drinking, playing with the radio or in our neck of the palms, an oldster that should have not been driving in the dark. Poor Jolly Green Giant Trash Bin... whoever it was is lucky it wasn't a person.

  13. What a wonderful Trash Can mystery! People who drive fast on neighborhood streets annoy me to no end!

    Love your Yucca!!

  14. wow- glad all that was damaged on your property was the trash bin....yikes- and Madi sure was a sweet cat! Have a lovely day!

  15. WOW....."The Case of the Bashed Trash" !! Someone was naughty and it wasn't you.....I'm glad you have a nice fresh trash bin and how kind of the perpetrator of the dirty deed destroying the OLD one left you some car parts to remind you of HIM!

    Hugs, Pam

  16. RIP trash bin. Glad they didn't hit a person. Cute photos of Angel Madi. XO

  17. Dang! It could have been a lot worse but I hope they get caught somehow before they hurt someone!

  18. It's a good thing you have heavy trash that broke the guy's car.

  19. In this case, I'd say the culprit is paying the price of their bad driving with car repairs. As others said, so glad it wasn't a person or someone else's car they hit. You were on the ball to see Madi under the table and get those pics. Wonderful memories.

  20. We have lost a few trash cans to errant drivers over the years but no longer. Our drive is right next to a power pole so if they aimed at the can there would be some rather sad results. Yes it is a warm crazy year. Always good to see a flashback of Madi!

  21. Wowsa! That must have been scary! And messy! ☺ Glads all that was broken is the bin. The garbage peeps are usually really good at gettin' new bins to peoples. Glads you gots it quickly!
    Heeeeey Angel Madi! you are just adorables!
    Ruby ♥


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