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Friday, February 26, 2021

Final Fiction Friday, Nature and Feline Flashback Friday

 This is my Final Fiction Friday 

Mama always said idle hands are the devil's workshop.

Just a wee post to show you all that my hands have not been idle. The pattern is called square in square.  It is simple.

First collage top left shows the Feline Friday.  

I thank our hostess Comedy Plus

The back of the quilt is all felines...
The remainder of the collages show up close on each sq. The sq. with the cross stitch heart 'I love U MU' was a Mother's Day gift my daughter made when she was a teenager. I took it out of the frame to incorporate into quilt.   

Pandas were a package of handkerchiefs that were given to me by a Physics PhD student. I have had them since the late 1990's.
I was so happy to be able to incorporate them into this Memory quilt.
A dear friend of mine heard about my love of buttons. She found a package of assorted buttons on eBay sent them to me.
My quilting is decorative stitches built into my machine. 

The below square was a patch of free hand embroidery on a table cloth that Margie, my mother-in-law made. Unfortunately the cloth has some stains on it I had to cut around stains so it is a wee bit crooked.

Last but not least the entire quilt

Thank you all for indulging my quilting obsession 

We started blogging in June 2009.

My first February 26 post was a Friday in 2010.

Flashback Madi was all about posing.

February 26, 2010 was Levi Strauss Day, according to a Whimsical calendar.

I, Madi,  was MIA on yesterday's post because I was out shopping for Levis to model today. I could not find any Levi's with four leg holes so I'm content to just sit on Mom's Levi's in honor of the day.

After 87 years of rain, the last 5 days have been gorgeous
Look at our blue skies

3/4 moon at 6:13 pm this Tuesday night of this week


  1. WOW!!! Your memory quilt is awesome. What great items to incorporate into it. It turned out spectacular.

    Madi, you looked beautiful on those Levi jeans.

    Happy Friday.

  2. that is beautiful... and the brown button looks tasty to us... like a chocolate flower ;O) and we love the jeans-girl photo... david dundas was right, with the pawfect jeans, the day is a good one ;O)

  3. What a wonderful memory quilt. And what a clever machine you have, with all those decorative stitches.
    But Bertie does not quite approve of the all feline backing...
    Cheers! Gail.

  4. Hari Om
    Patchwork and quilting is intended to tell a story - and this one does it beautifully! How great to use those bits of fabric 'art' like that... and the stitiching is adorable. And of course there had to be cats... &*> YAM xx

  5. Those are lovely. You are very talented.

  6. Your memory quilt is just beautiful and we are loving your sky shots!

  7. I think your quilting is very neat!

  8. love those decoratrive stitches and sweet Madi atop your jeans. we are like you, the past eek has been perfect and what i would order year round if I were able to

  9. Your quilt is really, really pretty! Love the moon photo too!

  10. It is a beautiful quilt and the memories make it even more beautiful. Love Madi on the jeans... She is posing on my favorite clothing to wear but doesn't work too well in Florida-dee-da. Going out on a palm frond here but Good Morning, Buttons!

  11. What a lovely quilt filled with precious memories. We're enjoying some warmer days and have even seen the sun quite a bit the last couple of days. Your blue sky is gorgeous!

  12. I marvel at folks that are so crafty. I'm not one of them. Beautiful.

    I wish I had known you when Madi was around. She was such a beautiful kitty.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. Big hugs, honey. ♥

  13. I will sincerely tell you that quilt is fabulous. And everything you put in it is beautifully done and meaningful even to we readers who enjoy your blog and you. And boy do I ever know what it's like to have 87 years of rain. ME TOO!
    Katie isabella and Mommy

  14. Wonderful Memory quilt! I enjoy seeing your work! Have a lovely day!

  15. What a wonderful post! So full of memories - the quilt is awesome! And so is Madi for Levi's day! And I live the blue sky! It always makes me feel so much better! We have not had rain, but dismal skies and way too much snow! Have a marvellously happy day!

  16. OMD...what a truly beautiful quilt HiC!! Every square has such lovely stitching!

    Madi always looked good on Levis ;-)

    Gorgeous clear skies! We've had a couple of days of sun, but it's raining here in NorCal again today.

  17. You have been very busy - and that memory quilt is just beautiful!!! Nice work.

    Look at those gorgeous blue skies - such a vibrant shade of blue.

    Mom has two projects in the works, not started yet:) One will be a new Easter wreath for the front door. The other is a new scarf to be crocheted to go along with her new jacket. Now she has to get them started:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  18. Your quilts are amazing.

    Angle Madi was so beautiful.

    The Florida Furkids

  19. Sweet flashback of Angel Madi. And I LOVE the memory quilt. It is beautiful and a great way to display precious items that were gifted to you. XO

  20. Oh Angel Madi! Now they make custom jeans so I bet that you could get some with four legs!!!

  21. Ooooops....put my comment on the wrong postie....please see yesterday's post....hehehehe
    (yes, I needs a new ASSistant....)
    Ruby ♥

  22. Beautiful photos. I love seeing all the cool photos everywhere. Thank you for this smile today and enjoy a wonderful weekend.

  23. Gorgeous memory quilt. Those are always so very special - little bits of important moments of life sewn into a "forever" quilt full of meaning and love.



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