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Friday, March 25, 2022

Final Fiction and Nature and Feline Friday

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Morning all,
Many of you know I retired (2011) from the best JOB ever in the Physics Department at N C State University.
I worked with delightful grad students, PhD's and professors from all over.  One of my favorite PhD's was Marco,  young man from Italy.   He arrived at NCSU in 2000 with his family.  
The first thing he said to me when we met was: "I am going to work very hard to pronounce your name correctly."  I didn't know that  'Ce', is pronounced 'Ch' in Italian.  He only called me "Ch"cilia a few times.  That was ok though...anything said with an Italian accent comes out poetically!!
After his two year post doc, he was asked to join the NCSU Physics Faculty.  That is how good he was!! 
He was 100% a delightful person as was his wife and two children.  Marco and his family lived about two blocks from Seaboard Café.  About two times a month he took the boys to Seaboard for lunch.
The oldest boy always ordered 'steak', as he called it.  It was actually one of Rick's famous hamburgers.  Each encounter with Marco left me smiling.  He had the most unusual expressions.   No matter where I saw him, if I  called his name, he stopped, smile said Buongiorno, Cecilia 'tell me'.  
I truly loved that greeting from him.  It made me happy and made me giggle.
At first he was puzzled when I giggled.  I explained how much I loved his greeting.  It became 'our thing'.
I don't exactly know what it meant when he said: 'tell me'.
However, I came to realize it was his version of yes, may I help you

Now you are surely wondering what this house has to do with my Final Fiction Friday.  As soon as I saw the house, the phrase 'tell me' popped in to my mind's eye. 'Tell Me' what you think of this house.  


The landscaping is my Nature Friday

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Normally it would be too modern for my taste. However, for some reason I like it.
I especially like the 'real' tree that is the center piece of the front yard.  
Here is a close up of the tree.  I can hardly wait for it to sprout leaves!!
I'll take another photo of it then.

To be continued.....

Feline Friday Flashback with Madi


  1. Marco and his family sound really lovely. I guess all nations have their nice people and no so nice people, but I found most of the Italians I worked with to be delightful colleagues. The symmetry of the house is pleasing to my eyes, but I'm not so sure about the landscaping.
    Cheers, Gail (a bit bleary eyed this morning...)

  2. I will come visit you in the house, but I couldn't call it home...looks like a doctor's office.

    With your Italian co-worker, I can see why you enjoyed his demeanor.

  3. Hi Madi... we love to see ya.... and we love the story, that has something totally sweet and we can hear the italian accent of this man in our minds.... the tell me will be in our mind now too... like the bumble bee sweater adventure....

  4. Hari OM
    Such fond memories are worth sharing around - thanks for that! As for the house... definitely a Saturday Symmetry subject and I strongly suspect it of being a 'semi' - two homes built together. Maybe a two wings to permit a large family to live as one but separately? YAM xx

  5. Marco sounds a lovely person. I remember when you retired, can it really be 11 years! The house is not to my taste, too regimented even down to the matching topiary.

  6. As with others, I immediately reacted to the symmetry of the home (liking it a lot) and also thought it might be a two family residence ... the tree in front "almost" seems to be a large bonsai tree, tho of course, am not sure about that at all ...
    great post in total, thanks.

  7. I'm not crazy about the house but I love the tree!

  8. Interesting house and interesting tree. It's always great to see Angel Madi.

  9. Hi Angel Madi, we miss you still. I love the name Chceila, and am trying to think how to say Ceil with a ch sound. just reading his greeting makes me smile, so can imagine how it sounded to you. I love to hear Men with accents, Scot, Irish, English, Italian and French. about the house. Not my taste but i am thinking it has great views out of those big picture windows. there is a one story house on our walk each morning that is my least favorite of the houses we pass and i never took a photo. if i can remember I will take care of that to show you. it looks like an H to me. so does this house, I like some modern homes but not all. my OCD doesn't like the windows on the corners or the H shape

  10. What a lovely tale about Marco. That is an interesting looking house, and we like the tree, but the sculptured shrubs are a bit too fussy for our taste. Such sweet memories of Angel Madi to end the post, too.

  11. Fun post! Have a great day and a perfect weekend!

  12. What a lovely post about Marco and his family. I wouldn't mind having a steak that made me smile.

    I don't care for the house. It's boxy and needs more windows. I do love the tree though and will await a picture of it all dressed up for spring/summer.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. Big hugs. ♥

  13. Marco sounds like a wonderful friend!!

    I'm not sure about the may be a bit to modern for my taste, the sculpted shrubbery is interesting tho!

  14. I definitely like the house... would love to see the inside. I also enjoyed your lovely story/memory about Marco. How nice he took the boys to Seaboard for "steak." A good burger is my idea of steak!

  15. That is a good memory. Very unique house.

  16. look at ewe N yur gorgeouz self madi !!! ♥♥♥

    CH :) this is a great story & I enjoyed reading it;
    tell me; the house is too big and has to much "glass"
    for me !!!

  17. Marco sounds nice. I love seeing Angel Madi. And the house makes me think it would be good for a divorced couple -each a side and the kids' rooms in the middle. :) XO

  18. Marco sounds like such a cool dude! I like that house lots except it's too close to the neighbors!

  19. I wish you were our realtor because you find the best houses.

  20. Great article..I am looking so forward to your blogcomment and
    I love your page on your post.. That is so pretty

  21. That house is interesting - symmetry for sure - almost looks like it's two SEPARATE homes with a meeting in the middle spot. It looks a little "lonely" on its' lot though.....

    Hugs, Pam

  22. I think the way that house is built makes it look like a very expensive duplex. It would certainly fit in your symmetry posts. Hi, Angel Madi, precious girl.


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