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Friday, February 3, 2023

Nature and Feline Friday Flashback

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Someone at Logan's has a very good eye and skilled hands.  Look at this beautiful arrangement of houseplants by the entrance to Seaboard Cafe

Amaryllises my brother-in-law potted on Dec 4th are blooming. Samba-red and white and Apple Blossom-pink and white.
Our daffodils sprouts popped up thru the gravel  about 2 weeks ago
Now they are blooming.  Crazy weather has them fooled too.

While I am on the subject of planting, I should point out that Angel Diva Madi planted herself all over the house.  The dining room table was her late morning to early afternoon spot. 

Today My Mind's Eye sees 

Diva Angel Madi and the original 

LLB gang, Arty, Bilbo, Dory and Jakey romping and playing.

 I'm sure Dory and Madi are keeping the boys in line. I will always be thankful I met Dory and Arty in the furs in 2016 and OMDs Dory sat in my lap...while Arty watched me with eagle eyes


  1. Daffodils? Already? Wow!
    The Amaryllis flowers are pretty colours - a change from the usual deep red.

  2. oooh that is super... we still wait for the amaryllis... it looks like leek stick...

  3. Hari OM
    Note to self; get some flowers into your life!!! YAM xx

  4. love Madi and the reflections in your window and that display is Stunning!!! the weather seems to be on a giant see saw these days and we are waiting to see what happens here, we woke up to 72 degree for a low and a few days ago I wore a sweater to walk and now will be sleeveless and our weather is beautiful but not what it used to be. its like Nature caught covid and is not over it yet. beautiful daffodils

  5. That is a beautiful display of plants at Logan's. I would like a corner of our yard close to the house to look like that! We are in the process of replacing bushes and landscape that Hurricane Ian wiped out. Don't blame Angel Madi for the dining room table choice, it has sun and a very nice view.

  6. I love that display of plants! When I first moved here, almost 27 years ago, we had a great plant (indoor/outdoor/accessories/etc) store called White Rose. Sadly, it went out of business a couple of years later. It's where I got most of my houseplants at the time; I really miss it.

    Daffodils! Sigh. I mean, Canada's a pretty decent country to live in, and other than the UK, I can't think of anywhere else I'd want to be, but I so wish we, too, had daffodils blooming in February. We won't see that here until April, possibly May, depending on how late Spring is this year.

    Angel Madi was smart to follow the sun! ♥

  7. The flowers are just so beautiful and cheerful for this time of year! Hi Madi☺

  8. Those amaryllis are so beautiful. We can't believe you have daffodils blooming already.

  9. Lovely floral and fauna shots ~ arrangement almost looks like a Xmas tree ~ sweet ~ And the kitty is so beautiful!

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  10. Beautiful arrangement. And I love seeing angel Madi. XO

  11. Mom told me our daffodil blades are up out of the ground. It'll be just a little bit longer- and they will have buds. They have been blooming like that the past four January's. Which Mom really did not want to see as she worried about them. This year they seem to be waiting till February. Used to be no daffodil blades mom call 'em, came out of the ground till March and then, mid March, mom was waiting on the buds to bloom. Angel Madi, please come back again next bloggie as well. You have the table...and I take up behind the couch where the sunpuddle is strong for as many hours as you were on the table. XXX

  12. The display is lovely. Our daffodils are coming up, but when we were out for lunch a couple of days ago we saw a whole load in full flower!

  13. The picture of you and Angel Dory is one of my favorites...thanks for the wonderful memory! I bet our "first pack", along with Madi and the rest of the Blogville Angels, have found each other

    I think Logan's must have a ton of so very talented employees..their displays are always beautiful!!!
    Beth(Rosy and Sunny too!)

  14. Altho, pretty flowers...the best house 'plant' is the beautiful Madi.

  15. Logan's really has their act together. That is such a lovely Angel Madi memory!

  16. Those blooms are most beautiful.

    The dining room table is a great place to be, usually you can snoopervise well from there.

    Thanks for joining Feline Friday!

  17. What gorgeous flowers! I am so sick of the snow, I shall have to drive to the big city and take a walk through a garden center and remember what spring should beI loved your Angel Madi Story (and seeing her dancing with Raz on Friends Furever). She was one special lady cat! Keep being awesome. Purrs Marvelous Marv and Barb

  18. A gorgeous arrangement of plans at Logan's......absolutely wonderfully created. Also the amaryllis plants are beyond gorgeous - I've had many of them through the years - one that I managed to get to come back after a rest for five years in a row before it went to "plant heaven". I just love watching them grow.

    Hugs, Pam

  19. Your post is making Mom dream of the Spring. She is really tired of winter.

    We bet all those Angel pals had a grand party when Jakey arrived.

    Did you get to see the big balloon? It flew over our area, but not close enough for us to see it.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber


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