Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dachshund Chronicles: Pay attention

Lily pad sculpture, Fred Flecther Park

As mentioned in my first Dachshund Chronicle, Toto had 9 lives. These stories are in no particular order. Toto had been living with us about 4 months when this event happened.
It was a Sunday evening (I know this because the Vet's office was closed). I was busy getting supper on the table. Our daughter was in her booster seat at the table. She kept saying Mommy look at Toto. My reply was just a minute. Finally she said, Toto is asleep. I looked under the table to find him indeed asleep but he didn't look normal. I asked what he was doing she said he chewing on something. I crawled under the table to find that he had been chewing on an electrical cord that had been tied up to prevent such an accident. My husband immediately took him out of the kitchen to the mud room. All the while he was rubbing his chest gently. I was frantically trying to look up the Emergency Vet Clinic number. By the time, I had the Vet on the phone and was telling them what happened, my husband was walking back in the kitchen with a completely revived Toto. I told the Vet that he was awake and eating. The Vet told us to watch him for the rest of the day. He told me that by massaging Toto's chest my husband had saved Toto's life. The only noticeable effect from chewing on the electrical cord, was two of his teeth never came that area of his mouth.


  1. Oh, Sadie found out the hard way, not to chew power cords too.
    Thankfully she only got a small shock, that made her let out a really loud scream, but it scared her enough that she has never tried to chew a cord again.

  2. I hafta to tell on Momma bout electrikal cords. She wanted to move an ol fan but da cord wuz behind da bed. She coodn't git it to come out. So Momma juss cut da cord.


    She knoo dat wuz not gud.
    Daddy toll her she wuz luckee to be alive.

    She will nefur do nuffin like da again.


  3. Whew! I was expecting an unhappy ending! See, Tall Guys are good for something after all! :)

  4. Oh my goodness! I am so glad that Toto was alright! One of my dogs got a shock from chewing a cord once. He just yipped. Scary!

  5. Yikes Toto!!! So dogs have nine lives too?

  6. I can't believe it! You are so right! He had 9 lives.
    Once, I tried to chew the electrical cord of a lamp but my mom caught me in time!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Wow! What a story! We are glad Toto revived! Mom is always worried about cords and such!

  8. Very touching story !!!!
    Thanks for sharing it ...

  9. What a story!!!! Great ending!!!
    I was thinking........I don't want to read to the end .........but it was a good ending. Whew!
    Beautiful sculpture.

  10. Scary! I don't think I would of thought to do that! (Rem's mom) Glad for the happy ending!

  11. WOW! Our mom actually saved both Scooter(RIP) and I on different occasions. Mom was eating pizza bagels one night (about 11 years ago) and put her plate on the coffee table to get a drink and I swiped a piece! It was bigger than I thought and I wasn't able to swallow it. when mom came inthe room, my back was to her, and she saw my pawwing at my mouth. Then I collapsed. She picked me up, pryed my mouth open and used her nails which ar really long to pull the piece out. She then had to give me mouth to snout resucitation. It worked and here I am almost 13 years old! And as for Scooter, same thing...except she was playing in a Macy's bag and get caught up in the twine handle. Tried to "roll" her way out and it got tight around her neck and was suffocating. Mom did it to her too. She is our hero. Glad your dad was there and did some quick thinking!!!

  12. Oh that is the kind of thing I always worry about - especially with Barney. He loves cords. It sounds like Toto was very lucky that day!


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