Friday, August 14, 2009

Guests bloggers today....Harley and Taz

Hi, we are Harley (cat) and Taz (bird). We belong to Madi's human sis and brother in law.We don't have a blog so Madi is letting us post on her blog. Today, 8/15/09, is our peeps 11th Anniversary. We want to wish them a great big happy day and tell them how much we love them and say thanks for taking such good care of us. I (Harley) am a Cornish Rex and Taz is a Quaker Parrot. We have the best home in the world with the best humans!!! Thanks Madi for letting us wish our humans a wonderful day. NOTE: Yes Harley is in a pillow case with the pillow in it. Rexs are heat seekers...we don't know how he got in there...


  1. WHOA! What a minute-a Cat AND a bird live under the same roof?? How does THAT happen?? I've never met a Cornish Rex kitty before--I like your face-glad Madi let you script today!

  2. Hi Harley! I hope your humans have a happy anniversary.

  3. So glad you posted on my blog, because now I have found your wonderful blog. We certainly have the same interests!!
    Can't wait to look at your older posts in the near future!

  4. Happy Anniversary to your peoples. 11 is a long time! I hope they have many more 11s to celebrate!

  5. Hi, Harley and Taz!
    Nice to meet you!
    Happy Anniversary to your humans!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. I've heard that it's not easy being green... is that true Taz?? Happy Anniversary to your peeps!

  7. Tell Mom and Dad "Happy Anniversary". I'm glad Madi the diva shared with you today.

    Grrrrrrs from Giz

  8. Hi, We just noticed your great blog and your locaton caught our eye. Our human uncle and aunt own an organic farm in Moncure, N.C. and they have a wonderful cat named Sky.

    Drop by and see us at our blog sometime.
    Riley and Star.

  9. My, what great big eyes you have! I don't think I have ever seen a cat like you. At first I thought you might be an Ayssinian, but they look hairless!
    Happy Anniversary to your peeps!
    Amazing, a cat and a parrot are siblings?!

  10. Hi Madi,

    It was so nice to hear from you. My mommy just sent you a comment but she posted it on our blog by mistake. SHE DOES THIS ALL THE TIME!!! She's so used to replying to emails, that she just automatically starts typing and then sends it. It's so embarracing! If she DOES IT ONE MORE TIME, WE ARE GOING TO GET A NEW MOMMY!

    If you don't mind, please check it out on our blog cause it's rather long.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Hiding our heads under our blankies,
    Riley and Star.

  11. Madi, You are so kind to share your blog w/ Harley and Taz....
    Happy happy anniversary to their peeps...and get that poor kitty a sweater!
    Kit and Crew

  12. Nice looking cat and bird. Happy aniversary to their peeps! Madi, your a good kitty to share your blog! Have a nice weekend!

  13. Interesting combo..........and Happy Anniversary!!!

  14. What a wonderful way to wish your humans Happy Anniversary!!


  15. Nice to meet you, Harley and Taz. I hope your Mom and Dad have an extra special day. You are both beautiful pets!

  16. That was super nice of you to share your blog! They are really cute...and a BIG Happy Anniversary to your servants!!!


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