Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dachshund Chronicles: Toto's Great Escape

Toto was a mini dachshund with 9 lives of a cat, and our first family pet. He lived with us from 1974 to 1984. These stories will be in no particular order...just as I remember them. He had the heart of a Great Dane in a dachshund body. His favorite dog food was Mighty Dog. He lived the life of a Mighty Dog too. Once we were on our way out of town to the beach. Toto and our daughter were in the back seat. He was in her lap sniffing the air, through what we thought, was a small crack in the window. We were in the middle of the city at a stop light. On the left side of the car there was a park (thankfully by the curb). Toto spotted a squirrel running in the park. In a flash his badger hunting genes kicked in, he wiggled out of our daughter's arms. By the time I realized what was happening, the time the tip of his tail cleared the window. We were all in a momentary state of total shock. He should not have been able to move after jumping out of a car window onto concrete 3' below. He landed on his feet like a cat. He was off in a flash chasing a squirrel across the park. The next instant I was out of the car telling my husband to meet me on the other side of the park. I took off like a banshee running after that squirrel crazed dog. I really and truly did not think I would catch him before the reached the other side of the park and the busy street. About midway through the park, Toto stopped in his tracks. I expect the squirrel scurried up a tree to get away from Mighty Dog. Toto saw me approaching, stood perfectly still waiting for me. I bent down to pick up 10 lbs of pure dog, gave him a stern 'don't ever do that again' talk and a big hug. He was so pleased with himself. He was wagging that tail so hard his entire body was moving. The look on his face said,"Mom did you see me? Did you know I could jump that far and run that fast?" Often when he slept he would involuntarily move in his sleep. I'm sure he was reliving his first and last great escape. I have many more Dachshund Chronicles to share. Mom


  1. Re: Jack's Mosquito Beans!

    There are millions of mesquite trees out here that have seed pods. A lot of the puppies seem to LOVE eating them, very often to the point that they get sick. They grow really fast, so that's why everyone plants them (including the dog parks) so you have to keep a watch to make sure that too many of the beans don't get eaten!

  2. You were so lucky to retrieve him!

  3. I can't believe what Toto did!
    I imagine the whole episode!
    Thanks for sharing the story!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. I had to chuckle while reading this, as I'm sure your Toto and my childhood doxie Brunie were related...she was always getting out of our fenced in yard, like a greased piggy!

  5. Wow...I bet he was a bundle of fun....I also bet he gave you many a gray hair...:-).

    Beth (and Dory)

  6. We were worried that the story would end out bad! We are glad your mom caught Toto! He was one lucky boy that nothing bad happened!

  7. I loved Toto's story! I sure hope there will be more stories of him on your blog!!
    We saw a sweet mini weiner dog yesterday!Her name was Duchess,a perfect name for because she was a great pup to say Hi to!
    Keep 'em coming!!
    Sorry Madi!

  8. We LOVED hearing about Toto! Sounds like a Super B~I~G dog in a teensie body! Maybe he ran into the park also, because he thought it was Kansas???

  9. Ahhh, dachshunds.....amazing little creatures!


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