Sunday, August 2, 2009

Monday Ahhhhhhhh Moment

This afternoon Mom was pitching a hissy fit (definition: a sudden outburst of temper, often used to describe female anger at somethimg trivial, and fyi hissy fits are always pitched not had). Seems she couldn't find something very important. There was lots of drama. I felt the need to help, so I pussy footed my way up to Mom, purred a little and head butted her elbow in an effort to persuade her to rub my head. Presto she calms down and says 'hey sweet cakes'. I'm looking for a picture of you. I asked if she looked in the flashy box or the 'puter? No she says it isn't in either of those. All of a sudden she does that Mom it is. Yikes, I shrunk. Mom said you must have weighed about 3 were so adorable. Just for a minute I thought her eyes were going to leak. Newsflash Mom now there is more of me to be adorable!!! Madi and Mom


  1. Blue and grey go really well together!!

  2. Oh Madi..I see Mom's taught you that very essential secret of southern womanhood...a hissy fit is ALWAYS pitched!

  3. Just got caught up on your weekend...
    Sorry y'all had the 3H's too! Here we are in August, which means it only gets worse!
    Sweet picture of Ms. Madi.

  4. HAHA yep and we women always pitch them! I just might try and find some of Billy's "little" pics up soon. Head rubs to you Madi!

  5. are such a good kitty for settling down your Mommy settle down and find the picture....I know the feeling' my Mommy also pitches hissy fits at times!!


  6. Hay Madi and Mom.
    Cute picture!
    Yes Mom I like Ronnie Milsap very much, well not as much as I Love Roy. He had such a wonderful voice!! I like Brooks and Dunn and George Chesney too. My all time favorite tho is Roy Orbison!
    Thanks for your visit to my blog, love it when
    you visit. Hugs Bambi and Fern

  7. What a cute kitty pic, Madi! No wonder you look so regal now!

  8. Look at all that little sweetness. We love kitty pictures.

  9. That Madi is one diverse cat..........I didn't know divas would take the time to calm someone else............

  10. That sure is a cutesie picture of you!!! Glad your mom's hissy fit was short lived...

  11. Thank you for catching the comments problem on the blog. I don't know if it's just mine or others - there seems to be a lot of the blogs I read without any comments.

    They may have it fixed, since I got your last comments! Thank you!!!

  12. Oh Madi you look so cute and tiny in that picture! AWWW! Glad your mom found it!


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