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Monday, November 16, 2009

Madi: What Mom thinks I'm thinking

Hi friends, I'm back.....
What does my picture below say to Mom (aka crazy lady).
Look carefully at this one. What does it say to you?
Look closely at my paw
Now scroll down to read what Mom thinks it says.


Madi is saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

Note from Mom: Madi has her right paw delicately placed over her heart...well over her left
Note from Madi: Mom might be crazy but she does know my heart is farther back.
What do you think?


  1. Maybe.......just maybe. If there is a flag in front of her. I think she is maybe patting herself for a job well done. But sure know Madi better than I do.

  2. Madi is saying, "My heart belongs to you Mom!"

  3. Madi
    We think you are sending your love to all of those love you!
    hugs and purrs

  4. Awwww! It does look like you are pledging allegiance. Very cute!

  5. Madi, You do look happy and very cute and very pretty!!!!!!!
    Mom I think you are right. WEll maybe she is just thinking sweet thoughts of you Mom!!!
    Love ya, Madi and Cecilia

  6. Hi, Madi!
    I am not sure what were you thinking but sure you look great in that picture!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Hi Madi and Mom.

    Cute picture! You know what you were doing and that's all that matters! But, what were you doing? We think your mommy is right! Sorry.

    Ashley is coming along slowing but surely. She is about half way through her recovery and starting to feel better.

    Jason and Haruka are coming home this weekend for Thanksgiving and they are going to take over for about a week so they will be a big help to her and me. Can't wait to see them.

    Luv ya,
    Riley and Star.

  8. Hi Madi!

    We are going to agree with your mom on this one, That is unless you left out a little kitty burp.

    Even though we enjoy your emails, we hope you don't have anymore problems posting comments on our blog any more,because we like your comments and wont to share them.

  9. I think you may be saying cross my heart Mama, I didn't do it....tee hee


  10. Hi My sweetie
    I think your heart is on the right place
    You have a heart from gold Madi !!!
    Hugs love from me
    Kareltje =^.^=

  11. We think your mom may be right on this on Madi... but well, whatever it was, you sure look really cute!! Our mom thinks that your little paw is the cutest!

  12. I agree with your mom! That is VERY good. I don't think I could do that....

  13. You are truly a Patriotic girl Madi! You are so super cute!!! And, we want to say thanks for coming to Skeeter's pawty today! We hope you had a blast and it was fun getting to meet effuryone!!!

  14. Hi Mom from madi :-)
    Sorry I am late
    you ask or we have snow
    NO its 14gr. and its high temp. for the time of the year :-)
    The sun is shining now !!
    My post from yesterday I have delete it :(
    I didn't like it,
    I love to much ducks :-)
    I didnt make that post from the ducks late in the evening and the first thing in the morning I had deleted it !!
    It was to touching !!
    Thanks for your lovely comments always :)

  15. Hi Madi, how nice that your mom always thinks nice things - we ourselves think you were about to whack her with your paw as you wanted some peace!!!
    We thought you just looked slightly annoyed!
    Still perhaps we should keep thinking nice thoughts .......... like your mom!!!
    love and kisses
    Martha & bailey xxxx
    ps sorry we are not keeping up - blame secretarial support!!!


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