Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring is here and so is the EGDD

So Spring is here. Before long most of us will be dealing with allergies,
I thought Madi looked like she was about to sneeze in this picture.

Madi and I thought we'd share some interesting facts about sneezing....ahhh we hear a collective sigh coming from blog land..but please bear with us.

Technically speaking sneezing is called 'sternutation." People don't sneeze in their sleep because the nerves that control sneezing are also at rest. Most people sneeze through their mouth: Animals sneeze through their nose. One-third of people have a medical condition known as ACHOO (autosomal domnant compelling helio-ophthalmic outburst) syndrome, a genetic condition wherein sunlight stimulates the optic nerves, sending the sensory impuluses to the trigeminal nerve in the nose, which causes a tickle, resulting in a sneeze.
Some people sneeze while plucking their eyebrows since thiscauses the nerves in the face to fire and affect the nasal nerve.

And Finally,

Your heart does not stop when you sneeze, but a change in the presure in your chest changes your blood flow which may change the rhythm of your heart.
Probably the most heard of response after a sneeze is "Gesundheit"

After a sneeze Zulus say, "I am now blessed."

Greeks and Romans say, "Banish the Omen."

Hindus say, "Live" , with a response of " With you."

Madi and I say

Be gone with you, evil green dust of the devil, EGDD, aka pollen!!!
NC's worst pollen is from the native Pine tree and it is more green than yellow.

Mom and I found all these interesting nasal facts in
'The Essential Book of Useless Information", by Don Voorhees


  1. We always get an education when we visit with you, sweet, adorable Madi!!...Allergies are just starting up here in Louisiana...We hope you guys have a fun weekend, no sneezes allowed!!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. Hi Madi & Mom,

    Ewww, I had forgotten all about the evil green dust of the devil. Pine pollen is nasty stuff. I know it is useless to say stay away from it because it will be everywhere.

    We are getting some pollen here with more coming but I am armed with antihistamine.

    Have a great weekend,
    Diva Cindi

  3. We say Bless you! We sneeze quite a lot cos we sniff quite a lot!
    Have a great Saturday Caturday.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  4. Now that is some interesting stuff Madi! I thought Billy was sneezing through his nose! Now I know for sure!

  5. My grandma always said, "Scat" when she sneezed!
    We're waiting for the cloud of yellow to begin here in the gets ugly!
    Thanks for all the cool info Ms. Madi,

  6. Haha, Madi and Mom! I always learn such Most Interesting things from your bloggie. Did you know my momma never had allergies til she moved to Collie-rado? Right now it's snowing here, though, so we don't have to worries about it for a little while.

    OH! I tagged you for something really neat today on my bloggie!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  7. That's really way more than I wanted to know about sneezing, but I appreciate your efforts in educating dog and kitty bloggers. Let's face it, some (many?) of them are just not very bright... like us:)

  8. Oh Madi, my Mama and Daddy are already snoofling and sneezing....the only bad thing about spring here in Central Texas are the allergies!


  9. Gee Madi,

    You and your mommy are way too smart for us. Especially, our mommy! Thanks for more interesting facts.

    Riley and Star.

  10. Those are interesting facts. Our mum is allergic to tree pollens, but not grass or flowers.

  11. HI Madi!

    Well Momma learned a whole bunch she didn't know!
    And funny enough we get tons of that pollen from the pines and after all these years I did not realize that was where it was coming from! (We are surrounded by pines!!)

    Happy Saturday!

  12. That is a lot of interesting information! We think that Essential Book of Useless Information must be furry fun to read! My mom is always sneezing!

  13. Love all the information! You are going to make me be a smarty pants! Beth says I am already....ha ha! I hope you don't have the awful sneezes for fun....Have a fun weekend!

  14. I love all this trivia and "useful" information Madi. Better you get a collective sigh than a collective snot from us.

  15. interesting sneeze-y facts!
    sorry about the evil pine dust.

  16. Hi Madi! Very interesting facts....nice to know a little about that loud noise my mom makes this time of year. She was sick this past week and kept telling me it was her allergies. She said she likes calling it EGDD.
    I have to apologize for not being able to comment on your daily posts. You see, Momma works all day and sometimes during the week she doesn't have time to help me catch up with my furiends. We usually try to catch up on the is pretty normal for us to have around 400 posts to read over the weekend...eeek! We do read EVERY one of them and I love getting caught up on your week! I hope you aren't mad at me. It seems like I haven't seen you in a long time.

  17. Hey there Madi!
    I really enjoyed reading this post...most educative and interesting! Thank you!
    When you have a chance or you are around my blog, please tell me what "NC" stands for?...I'm an outsider!
    Sending lotsaluv and lotsalicks

  18. That look is the same one I give my husband at times!


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