Thursday, March 25, 2010

What Madi likes the most about warmer weather

Oh happy life is complete...
the weather is nice and Mom opened the window,
moved my perch to just the right place and......

I can sit here all day watching and listening to the
sounds of Spring. The birds are singing, the trees have
tiny buds on them....there are little critters moving about
just below the window....

....and when I'm very, very still and crouch very low I can watch them scurry by without a clue that a great game hunter is lurking just above them...but today this hunter is too happy to
give them a second thought.


  1. And of course, you can see dogs coming a mile away. :)

  2. Hi, Madi!
    Sure that is a great spot!
    Glad you had a nice and warm day!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Hi there... You have found a good spot Madi ;)

    Happy day :)

  4. Soounds of Spring is one of the most beautiful sounds!!
    And you can never be bored watching critters.
    I'm glad that the hunter is too happy today!

  5. Hi my sweety Madi
    It looks so wonderful spring!!
    I enjoy also the whole day....
    I sit by my sister on her room
    (there is the whole day SUN :-)
    I sleep there and look also to all birds...
    its my fulltime job ;)
    Enjoy Madi, I will think on you !!!
    Love your photo's today ...

    HUgs Love Kareltje =^.^=

  6. Good morning Madi, we know your cats are great hunters - a bit like us except you can keep quiet!
    Mouschi used to sit and watch the birds but she would make angry noises!!
    You look very sweet sitting by the window watching your world go by.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  7. Our kittehs sit by the open windows like that. They LUVS it. But be careful you don't fall through the screen! My mom had a kitteh that did that and it skeered the kitteh to death (and my mom, too). My mom figured it was a little like if a human suddenly fell through the tv screen and found themselves as part of the show. BOL!

    So enjoy the "show" but be safe!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  8. Oh Madi, my fur babies luv to do the same thing!

  9. Why that just looks like a very fun time Madi!

  10. Nice perch for the mighty hunter/observer!

  11. We love having the windows open also.......but most of all we love you, dear Madi. xxxxxxxxxxx

  12. hay hay, I ran across your critter blog while reading a friends,,, love critter blogs,

    the best is yet to come!

  13. YAY for open windows!!! Too bad you can't catch one of them little critters!

  14. It's good that you don't live in a dusty area! Just the amount of dust that comes in through the dog door is about to drive me crazy! :)

  15. That's a great spot for Bird TV, Madi; you look very interested and happy to have all the sights and smells at your disposal...Happy Happy Spring!!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  16. hay hay Madi,

    Nice to meet you thru Ramona's blog!
    Mila looks lab and I used to have only purebred labs, but MilaMonster is Lab/Rhodesian ridgback,she sports a ridge down her back like a mohawk. Really a great personality and the biggest soulful eyes ever. She wants to talk soooooooo bad! She's really not a monster, somehow it just popped out of my mouth one day and it stuck.

    LOL, i could talk horses/dogs/cats forever, I suppose that's why i do the blog! SO i want bore all my non pet buds with talk of my fur babes.
    OH, I adopted the MilaMonster from a Lady on the Gulf Coast about 3 weeks before Katrina hit, I've not been able to touch base with her since, I heard she lost her place, from the little I talked to her she trained search and rescue dogs. I found MilaMonster thru Petfinder and I continue to watch for another when my fence building is complete.

    seeya and again, thanxxxxxxxxxxx for visiting,
    the best is yet to come!

  17. Whoa! You must be extremely happy to get distracted, you, the great hunter, from the birds and the critters. Our kitties spend a lot of their time on the tree too.

  18. Hi Madi! I like your little window perch, it looks comfy.
    Boomer loves to lay in an open window too. I guess it's a cat thing???


  19. Great spot for you to see it all! My brothers have a tower like that too -- just a different color.

  20. There must be a screen on that window, otherwise surely you'd be in the next county by now... well, I would be anyway. I like to travel:)

  21. Madi you are so lucky you have the nice weather - tell the weather that we could use some too! We haven't really gotten to have any open windows yet (well, ok, maybe one). It looks like you have a lot of fun watching everything going on out there!!

  22. Madi, you look so happy peering out that window. We have Spring here too. Trees are budding, and flowers are blooming. It is just great. Our windows and doors are open too.
    Hope you have a great evening.

  23. That looks like a great spot to watch Spring.

  24. HI Madi!
    We know what you mean.
    We have a back porch which is screened in off the den, and Mom will leave the door ajar for us when the days are nice and we can go in and out as we please. My brother Ping and Jinx beg Mom to open the door every morning.We can watch lizards, squirrels and lots of birdies -- and of course every once in a while we see snakes.


  25. Oh Madi you have a lots of fans!!!! You are a very popular diva!!!!!!!!!!
    Love the pictures of you watching all things outside. Very cute!!
    Happy is right beside me and she said to say hi !!
    Bambi sends you a head but and I send you kisses,

  26. Aaaah Madi,

    Don't you just luv it when the windows are open? There' so much to see and hear out there!

    You are so sweet not to gobble up the birdies, we're proud of you!

    Riley and Star.

  27. Madi, can you send some of that nice weather our way?? It got real cold here today...and tomorrow isn't going to be any better!!

  28. Madi, Is there anything better than fresh air in your cute little snooter?
    Sorry I've been MIA...the green paint under my nails tells the tale!!!

  29. Hi Madi,

    Aren't open windows just the bestest? We can feel the sun and sniff all those interesting smells. Ah, true kitty happiness.

    Cindi Lou

  30. What a great Spring spot! Do you talk to the birdies Madi?? Addie, my kitty sister that went over the bridge used to talk to the birdies whenever she saw them outside!



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