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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Works of Art

Yet another picture of Madi in her new favorite spot...on the back of the big couch.
This enchanting picture of a beautiful snow scene is by Bob Timerberlake, a well known artist from NC. Below it, is the one and only living breathing work of art in the house

I think it would be a wise decision if Mr. Timberlake included
Madi in one of his paintings!!! Of course, we would suggest it be of
Madi sitting under a lovely tree in the spring...not outside in the snow.

Madi says she'll have to think long and hard about posing should Mr. Timberlake call.


  1. Hi there Madi Diva Cat and (now) artists muse,

    We agree, snow scenes are for terrier types like us. You Cat's prefer sunnier scenes - we know this cos Margaret the CAT who lives near-by likes to sun herself in the garden (rampant natural jungle) next door and we often erm... go to admire her there.

    Curiously, you Madi, are the only CAT that likes us.....

    Keep on Posing girl, you never know when Mr Timberlake will beckon!

    Wiggles and Waggles

  2. Hi Madi & Mom,

    There is of course no doubt that diva Madi would make the perfect artist model. The pose in the first photo would make a lovely painting. We can understand your hesitation dear Madi. Is this Mr. Timberlake a suitable artist to capture your true beauty?

    Purrs & hugs,
    Cindi Lou and Mom

  3. Yes, we think Madi would best be painted in a beautiful summer garden scene - perhaps in May with the Cherry Blossom beginning to drift down and surround her.
    We do think pink is her colour.
    Although the painting is lovely it is too cold and stark for our girl.
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxxx

  4. Good Morning Madi and Mom,
    Some artist are not good painting animals. Is Mr. Timberlake good at painting animals?? You have to be in love with them to really do a good job. Diva Madi deserves the best!!!!
    Have a good day!!
    XXOO, Bambi, Happy & Fern

  5. Back of the couch is a prime place for sure. Madi is decortive wherever she is.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  6. Oh yes, I think Madi needs to have her portrait painted! She is a true beauty.

    Your pal, Pip

  7. Madi would be perfect in a "Zone 3" setting! You know.....Remenginton's place? But....make sure this guy loves kitties first!

  8. Madi, You would be purrfect :)

  9. I be Rosie "da boss" Cat and I be making the rounds and meeting some of nice cats in blogland. I don't have me own blog YET, but I can make some comments now.

    Yours truly, Rosie "da boss" Cat

  10. Sometimes too much is expected of a Diva.
    To have to pose would be exhausting.
    You are deserving of a such an exquisite painting though.
    Terry Redlin is the local artist here that paints beautiful outdoor scenes.

  11. Madi, we think you should have your portrait painted.......and then send the painting to us!!!!!!!!!


  12. Madi would look beautiful in a painting. I could see her sitting next to pretty spring flowers!

  13. How about sitting on a mouse? There is a winning pose. :)

  14. Me dear Miss Madi. There be no way on this big blue planet that Mister Timberlake could ever capture the essence of you. Ye are a work of art unto yerself and 'twould be a travesty to even try. There just be no duplicatin' me darlin' Madi girl.

    Cap'n Ripley (at yer service)

  15. Lovely picture! I imagine the living breathing work of art displays herself wherever she pleases. Am I right?

  16. Hello beautiful Madi! We think you are the most STUNNING piece of art in your house! You would look lovely in a snowfall painting and ya know what??? Your REAL furs wouldn't get one bit wet!

  17. Madi, watch out for those painter-types. We heard they paint their subjects in the NOOD!

  18. Lovely painting but we think Madi is prettier! We lived in Linville for 10 years and loved to go to Blowing Rock. Our favorite place was Village Cafe to eat outdoors.

  19. Hi Madi and Mom! WE think that you are right - Madi would be a great model for a painting in the spring! We think that it would be a very popular painting if you did pose!

  20. Oh my, I hadn't thought of Bob Timberlake in quite some time. I used to love his work.

  21. Madi is truly a magnificent work of art...Happy day, gorgeous friend...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  22. Yes, Madi should be in one of his paintings!

  23. You knows Bob? I knows Bob too.
    No, I kid you...hehehehe!
    You could takes it down and hang yourself Madi.
    Ummmm...okays, dat so didn't sound right. It sounded much different in my head...hehehe!


  24. You would certainly make hims picshurs priceless art! You look gorgeous sweet girl!

  25. Miss Madi
    We think you would make a lovely portrait and it should be hung right over your favorite napping spot. Did I ever tell you that Momma did have a oil done of me? She really loves me!



  26. That is a lovely painting and it would make it lovelier with you in it Madi.

  27. Mr. Timberlake would be lucky to have you as a model, Madi.

  28. Madi!
    You have a pawesome spot there!
    I can imagine you in one of those paintings!
    Kisses and hugs


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