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Monday, September 13, 2010

My Life as I see it....BY MADI

I, Madi, am an only cat...gasp...I know...nearly all the kitties I know
have at least one bro/sis. Quite frankly, it is all about ME and that is fine. All the cat food is for me, all the beds are for me, all the sun spots are for me and all the LOVING is for me; however,
this in lies the problem....There is one of me to put up with enjoy all the aggravation
loving from the two leggers I let live here live with. Evidently everything I do is
PRECIOUS and requires both of them to be present to watch and one of them has the flashy box permanently attached to her hip.
Take the other day...Dad was reading the paper, mom was MIA...whoopee nobody is looking
so I start to dig through my toy basket. I found this adorable little brown mouse that had been
missing for at least 100 years a few days. I start to toss it about, tote it to and fro, chase it across the floor. I'm having a grand old time when lo and behold Dad's head pops up out of the paper, he jumps up and bellows "Ceal (that is what he calls Mom) come see what Madi is doing.
Good grief I'm just being a cat. Of course, by the time Ceal arrives with the flashy box drawn from it's holster and aimed I refuse to look at her.
BECAUSE I was having a Madi moment with my imaginary playmates, me, myself and I and the two leggers spoiled the moment.

They begged and pleaded for me to do it again...but I reminded them that I, Madi, am a cat
I DO NOT DO ANYTHING ON COMMAND. I gave Mom aka Ceal this very blank,
nonchalant stare, did not blink either one of my peepers until she left the room.
Soooooo friends and foes my life as an only cat is very demanding, very stressful, there are no private moments just for me.... BUTT when it is all said and done...
I have two very devoted two leggers at my beckon call 24/7/365,
MY LIFE, AS I SEE IT, IS CAT-tastic!!!


  1. What a joyful life!!! You are one beautiful, fun, and awesome cat!

    Brodie say he agrees but don't tell the fellows!


  2. Madsters, Honey, do have the good life...I envy you...I am constantly battling with Tiny for the best spots (that she finds), and I have to hog my face in the dish to get all the food and I have to sit on her sometimes if she is already on Mom's are sooo lucky you don't have to do all these things. And, your beans are there 24/7/365...I'm sure that mine aren't...I'll have to check those figures and see what is up. You go girl and suffer the good stuff for all us multiple-cat families and we will cross our fingers that your beans will stop torturing you with petty things just because you are their only play toy. Geez!! Tell em to get a life! Purrs, Lautrec

  3. Oh Madi you have a Wonderful Life and your 2 leggers are marvelous :)

  4. Aw Madi, I know what you mean. Being an only cat has it highs and lows. We don't have to share the attention with any other cat and all the treats and toys are for us alone. But as you said, there is that downside ..... the flashy beast and no privacy. Oh well, we will have to make the best of it I suppose. MOL!

    Cindi Lou

  5. Well I fur one had NO iDEA your mom was a Seal!
    What up with da flashy mum ALWAYS has hers round her neck. But, I in a different situation...mum has to bust be doing bad things. At least your mom tries to catch you doing fun acts.


  6. Your mom and dad can't help it, you are just too precious not to photograph!!

  7. Oh and I should prolly apologize on Lucy's behalf bout Avon products...bwhahahahahaha!


  8. Madi,

    What a wunderful life you have...and you deserved it!

    WOofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  9. Me and Billy are singing "It's a Wonderful Life" for you and for him! hehe You sweet thang you!

  10. Haha, Madi! That same stuff happens around our house all the time and there are three of us for those humans to focus on!! One of us is always doing something that deserves flashy box attention. Madi, you are lucky, though, you don't hafta share your humans with another bro/sis. Like pets and get them all. You don't hafta wait. You got it good!!

    pee ess. we laughed that your mom calls me and Wally the Odd Couple, because that's what our mom calls us too! Here's a post we did awhile back where we talk about being the odd couple.

    Have a good day, Madi!!


  11. Your life is definitely catastic.

  12. Hi Madi! That was great! Good story of your life... Blogger gave me a hard time uploading pictures too. They kept on deleting them on me!!
    Have a great day!

  13. Oh Madi! The before and after pictures Puddles posted of you... Are you going to be all right? You should sue that company for causing so many wrinkles!


  14. HA! We think that you, Madi, single Diva of the House and Everything in it, are a hoot! We like to do the same thing...drives Mommy nuts. Which is the whole point, isn't it?

  15. Don't you wish they could see you when they aren't home! Whooooo!!! Don't they ever wonder why you nap so much when they are home?

  16. Hi Madi and Mom,
    Life is hard for an only cat Madi!! If you had a friend (another cat) you would not be the only only one for Mom to take pictures of!!!! Think about it Madi!!! Mom would be leaving you alone some times!!
    XXOO, Bambi & Fern
    PS, I have never known a cat that was not self-absorbed!!!! lol

  17. I don't do much on command either. I guess I have been living with cats too long!

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: Rosie says hi!

  18. We are so glad you can keep those humans of yours in line Madi!!

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Bilbo and Jacob

    PS - My Mama doesn't know what is going on with blogger lately...but has been messing with lots of stuff. One of those things must be the comment pictures...hopefully they will fis it soon!

  19. Whew, Madi!!!!!!!!! We were just over at Puddles and saw that you had used some wrinkle cream and it seemed to make you disappear.....we were beside ourselves because our sweet Madi had disappeared.....we're really happy to the cream must have worn off as we see you here in the flesh. :)


  20. You seem like a very level headed puss to me, sometime you just need some me time.
    See Yea George xxx
    PS Mom says shes put up some of her project photos on her blog, well I had to put them on for her lol

  21. Hi Ceal,
    May I call you Ceal too?? I like the nick name!!
    I have always wanted to write too but spelling, and my weird personalities, get in the way, not to mention being dyslexic!! Not to mention being on dial up that doesn't help either!!
    Anyway thank you for your input and I'll try not to worry about being entertaining or funny . Just blog for myself and what I do know about!! Thank you dear friend. After Tom's surgery I will get one of thos calendars. Right now we don't spend a penny that we don't HAVE to. Every extra penny gos for his surgery. I wish he would hurry up and get it. He keeps trying to do another job for an extra $ in the surgery kitty!!!! It is an out of pocket surgery. We don't ever know exactly how much it will be only about that much!!
    XXOO, Happy & Fern

  22. Love this, love this!!!!
    Y' kitties [my persian and you] are two of a kind. The other night, Winston was sound asleep on the floor...I was laying in the other room ON the floor. Couldn't sleep...the house was dark...IN RUNS Winston, playing in his toy basket and howling and havin' a good ol' time. I could see him racing through the room jumping up on the couch, etc. Then.........I turned the light on, smiling and enjoying the ruckus. Dang!!! That was el wrongo!!! He went off and fell asleep.

  23. We have something in common Madi... I rarely do anything on command either.

  24. Hi Madi! Oh, goodness, I missed you bunches! And so did Brudder Cap'n Ripley cuz mom hid the computer and the phone from him while we were gone. (He has a history of ordering what mom calls "unnecessary" catnip items off the internets while we're not around.) Anyways, you're a very clever girl to pretend that you weren't doing anything when mom ran in with her flashy beast. Heehee...isn't it fun to kinda mess with 'em sometimes?

    Cap'n Ripley says you may be a southern belle but "ye have the roguish spirit of a pirate, fer sure!" And then he went "yo ho" and "yar har" and stuff.

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. Oh, and Cap'n Ripley says that of course he knew abouts Talk Like a Pirate Day. He invented it, after all!

  25. Madi
    YOU do not know how wonderful it is to be an 'only' cat.

    I have a coupla of sisters I'd like to sell.


  26. Yaaaaaaaaay, you can sees 'em!!!!!
    Yep, way more funnier on da blog...hehehehe!
    Oooooh me, I really cracks myself up sometimes.


  27. We get the same problem Madi. We are trying to quietly nap or do some mutual grooming, then dad whispers to mum to come in and bring the camera. Of course we stop what we are doing too.

  28. we hate having to share our toy mouse or box with the other cats you sure are lucky Madi.
    Wills gang

  29. Madi!

    You looks GOOD in your pikturs.....did your furs all grow back already~
    You cracked my momma up this morning, when her reading Puddles blog, and you couldn't see THOSE pikturs of yourself! Poor had no ideas what Puddles had done to you! BOL!!!!!


  30. Madi!
    That is something we both have in common.
    All the eyes in this house are always over me.
    If I do something interesting they want to capture it.. but I refuse to replay it most of the time!
    Kisses and hugs

  31. Way to go Madi!! These humans tend to think that we can just do stuff whenever!! I understand being the only one cuz I am too and I just LOVE it. It is all about ME here too!! WOW!! We have stuff in common huh Diva??


  32. You are just an adorable Diva, Madi=we love your cattitude, sweetie!...Happy week, beautiful girl...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  33. My mom is always saying: Dogs lead a life of Riley!
    But I think you got me beat, Madi!
    I have to do tricks, I have to go for walks, I have to smile for the flashy box and I have to protect my humans!
    Live it up, Diva!!!


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