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My 16th Birthday Header
Spring in NC

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It is beginning to look a lot....

at our house...  Mom and Dad fought with the tree put up the tree this past
SCORE: Tree 0 Mom and Dad WON!!!
My favorite part of the tree is the tree skirt.  Dad's Mom made it a long time ago.  It is very soft and as you can see I love sitting under my tree basking in all 600 lights.
Mom and Dad's favorite things are the ornaments.  They have been collecting
ornaments from Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn for several years.
This year 50% of the ornaments on the tree are from Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn.
We'd like to show you some of them.  You may biggfy any of the pictures by clicking on them.

Mom loves her Angel Tree Topper
BUTT she says I, M A D I, am her favorite ANGEL under the tree.
Thanks for visiting us today,
Madi and Mom


  1. What a gorgeous tree for you to lounge under. Now do us all proud and climb that thing! :)

  2. Laughing at above comment!
    The tree is beautiful, and you know I love the tree topper... I have the same one!

    ps..pls note, I am up late tonight! Can't sleep with all the wind and rain! ARG!

  3. Well, you sure would look funny stuck up on TOP of the tree, now wouldn't you? :)

  4. Madi
    What a pretty tree you have. You do look most majestic down under the tree with the glow of the lights against your pretty gray!! You are an angel anyways all year round huh??


  5. Hi Madi & Mom,

    We know how much of a fight those trees can put up so congratulations on winning the battle. The tree is beautiful as are all the ornaments. Madi you do look like a sweet angel lying on the tree skirt.

    We know you are a very good girl Madi but we have to ask if you ever play with the ornaments on the lower branches. We cannot hang nice ones that low or Miss Cindi will think they are her toys. We have found small ornaments in other rooms after they had been tossed into the air and chased all over. A couple of years ago we found some soft cat toys shaped like Christmas ornaments, those now go on the lower branches.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    J and Cindi Lou

  6. Madi,

    Your tree is so beootiful, just like you!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  7. Love your Tree!!! It's Beautiful!! :)

  8. Your tree looks beautiful. I especially LOVE that angel. I hear we are going to be putting up our tree this weekend!

    Your pal, Pip

  9. You look so pretty under the beautiful tree Madi! Your humans sure have some pretty ornaments too!

  10. Our tree went up this past weekend, too, and we're having a wonderful time lounging under it. So far mama hasn't gotten any pics of us, though.

    Love ya, Madi, sweetie.

  11. You are the prettiest Angel Madi. Mom must be very brave to have all those glass ornaments with such a snoopavisor on the premises!!!!

  12. Madi!

    All those beautiful Christmas twinkling lights certainly show your Diva-ness in all its glory!

    Wonderful tree......I am glad your mom and dad won!


  13. Beautiful tree!!!! What special ornaments too. I think the best thing about the tree skirt is how pretty Madi looks on it!

  14. Oh Madi, your tree looks just lovely with some of the prettiest ornaments.
    You just make the whole scene look perfect sitting on the pretty red tree skirt - we can see you are the angel at the bottom.
    Much love
    martha and bailey xxx

  15. Oh Madi! You are the best angel of all to your folks. Just as the fur people who grace our lives are our angels. Your tree is lovely. I'm glad that you shared it.

  16. What a wonderful place for your naps Madi. That is such a pretty tree. I kind of remember one of those in our house in Montana last year. I don't know if it will appear here in our new house by the sea. I will keep watching and post if one finally does appear.
    Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  17. Awww... you look purrfect under the Christmas tree:)

  18. Your tree is gorgeous and we like the fact your Mom & Dad have TWO angels!
    We are starting to think about being good.

  19. That tree is SOOOOO pretty, Madi! I luvs all your ornaments. Last year, mom was so worried abouts putting up a tree cuz she thought I might be skeered of it. But turns out, I LUVED it! I wish we had a tree up in the house all year long.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  20. Lovely tree Madi - we will go out to get ours this week. Do you like to climb into it - Sweetpea used to when she was a ktten1

  21. Awwwww you are the prettiest angel!!

  22. Gee Madsters!! Even though you Mom and Dad have a really neat collection of ornaments, I STILL think that you are the prettiest thing anywhere on or near that tree!!! Have you ever thought about climbing into the tree and being an ornament? haha!! I think your M&D would really (not) love that!! It could be fun though just to see what kind of reaction you get!! But better not dare break one of those special ornaments or you might just be banned from coming anywhere near the tree until it is gone. We don't often have a tree and when we do, it is usually small and our M&D put it on the table...we are not usually tempted to bother it, but I do have to admit that sometimes I would like to get up and play with the ribbons on the presents!! Purrs to you and your Momma!! Lautrec (and Tiny and the Wooddawg)

  23. Beuatiful! Just beautiful! Your mommy and daddy did a fantastic job decorating....but one would like to know how it would have turned out if you would not have been directing thier every move....I'm just sayin'....

  24. Hi Madi! We love your tree! And congrats to your mom and dad for winning that fight with it! Mom has a bunch of ornaments from Crate and Barrel too, but she stopped putting them up when Virgil moved in (kitten + glass ornaments = big crash). Maybe one year when all the kittens are grown up she can put them up again!

  25. What a beautiful tree! Ours isn't up. It's more the size of a small bush. Blog Mom and Daddy say they're too old to move furniture around for the tree and they have no place to put anything extra these days anyway, so they put up the exact kind they used to make fun of Daddy's Mom for. We don't know when it's going up. Next week maybe, or the week after.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  26. Your Christmas tree is lovely Madi. We hope mum puts ours up soon.

  27. That's such a pretty tree, Madi!! Now how does your mom stop you from whapping all those, we mean, ornaments on it?? Our mom won't put up the tree for another week or so because we always knock the ormanents off of it and bat them around the house.

  28. Madi, your Christmas Tree looks wonderful with all of the antique ornaments! You look pretty proud of your self all curled up on the skirt!

    Don't even think about trying to climb it! After all, you're a Diva and that is beneath you! MOL
    Chin scratches to you,
    Hugs to Mom & Dad for a super job

  29. Madi!
    Your tree is beautiful! I love all those ornaments!
    And sure you enjoy being there under it!
    Kisses and hugs

  30. miss madi!

    ooooo! your tree looks way pretty like! my mama and daddy are goin' to pick out a tree and wreath this weekend.
    i think you totally make the bestest ornament for the tree, but those other ornaments are pretty, too. heehee.

    the booker man

  31. Your tree looks purrfect, Madi! Just like you!



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