Monday, November 29, 2010

It's finally here.....


I've been saving my pennies to buy Mom and Dad just the right gift
I better check to make sure all the parts and pieces are here.... 

 I really hope they like it
 I think I'll sit right here so I can see the look on their faces when they walk in the door
 Yep they like it they squealed really loud...I had to remind Mom to use her inside voice
I knew they wanted a Bose Wave Music System and CD changer so
that is what I got them for Christmas.  It came on November 24, 2010.
I know I should have made them wait until December 25
but I WANTED THE BOX so I let them open it.
 Mom really I do not see any eggs.  What are these egg crate thingies? 
 Did I ever tell you I LOVE BOXES??!!
 This was a win win gift...I got my box and they got their box all set up in
their room.  Trust me when I tell you their box can be heard in every corner of the house.
What beautiful sounds it makes too.
Originally they wanted it on their night stand...BUT all the fancy instructions said
it would be best enjoyed several feet away and the cord should be as straight as possible
they put their box way up high...Not to worry though it came with a remote.
It is set to all their favorite radio stations.  The cd changer is loaded with Kenny G, Ottmar Liebert, a classical guitartist, and Mr. Bill Leslie a local musician.
I might not ever be able to get them up to feed me!!!
Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all??!!

PS today is the finale for X-paws over at Ruthie and Mr. Pip's.  We highly recommend you drop by for a visit.  Ruthie and Madi have had a whirlwind trip around the globe.


  1. Darn - that is what I was planning on getting Madi for the Christmas Exchange!!

    (The box - not the Bose!) LOL

  2. Madi, you are a shopper extraordinaire to have picked such an excellent give for your Mom and Dad. But the best part of course is that wonderful box that is now all yours. Way to go Madi!

    Happy Monday!

    Purrs & Hugs,
    Cindi Lou and J

  3. Madi!! That box is a purrfect fit for you.. ok what you need to do next is get some tape and then have your mom tape you in, write our address on the box and mail you off to us (you've got to ensure she pokes some holes in the box so that you can get some air and light)..

  4. What a great gift madi!!! I'm sure this will make Christmas much more fun for everyone and you will soon learn to run around the house to the new beat!!
    Enjoy your box!!

    Hi to Madi's mom - well, we cut Edwards nails. Right after he wakes up he doesn't seem to mind at all and my daughter just cuts them! I hope this lasts cause we just bought our new Christmas present too - new sofa's for the living room!! (I know - kind of dumb with an adolescent cat running around but... it was in the plans - Edward was the surprise who came 4 weeks ago Wednesday (one we just love!!) Thanks for the advice!

  5. Madi,
    Your such a thoughtful Diva.....want to come live me for a while *wink*

  6. What an awesome gift Madi! And your box........well that is!

  7. Madi,

    What a great gift! A win win situation fur all of you! Happy Monday my furiend. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  8. What a nice gift, Madi!!! We are still fighting off jet lag over here ...I guess life will return to normal soon.

    Your pal, Pip

  9. Wow Madi, you got them a really nice XMAS gift.

  10. Wonderful gift!
    You must get a good allowance...we only get dog biscuits.
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  11. Great gift, Madi! Congratulations on the new box!

  12. Madi, you are such a thoughtful girl!
    Now they will have wonderful music through out the house!

    It's not a coincidence that you got the box, too?!
    tee hee hee

  13. You are very generous Madi. Please call my Pawpa about this. I heard Mom trying to tell him how Bose makes speakers to plug her Iphone in to play the music she put on it. I know she'd like those but Pawpa is holding all my money.

    Grrrrrs from Gizzy

  14. Madi you are a savvy shopper. We bought Mommy a Keurig coffeemaker. Don't's a secret!

  15. Madi, what a wonderful kittydaughter you are!!!!!!! And your generosity so paid off when you ended up with a box!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. Awwwww that is so sweet of you to buy your pawrents something!! We like Kenny G too!

  17. Oh Madi, what a super gift - do you have your own credit card?
    We have been looking at getting one ourselves!
    That box is just a perfect fit for you too - so glad everyone is happy now.
    Martha and Bailey xxx
    (thank you for your kind thoughts for Bailey and mum - they are both exhausted! However we feel we are out of the woods...............!)

  18. Hi Madi! We have missed seeing you since mom can't get on to visit at work! We think that is an awesome gift you got for your mom and dad - and smart too since you got the boxes!! Our grandma and grandpa have one of those thingies and they love it - mom said it sounds really good. And mom says she totally remembers listening to Ottmar when she used to work at Natural Wonders - they had to play the cd's they sold and she always picked his! Tell your mom and dad Hi from us!

  19. Little do your mommy and daddy know but you got the BEST gift -- the box! They don't know what they are missing!

  20. What a wonderful gift you have given them, Madi! They will enjoy it just as much as you enjoy the box it came in. But, don't worry, I know that they love you much too much to ever forget to feed you. Besides, if they do, I bet you can yowl louder than the music can play,.

  21. Hi Madi! I gave you an award on my bloggie!!

  22. That is a lovely gift Madi, and how clever of you to get one with such a good box too.

  23. well, well, well, Madi
    You sure do know how to spoil your family!! getting them just what they wanted and you the boxes. You are way smart Diva!!


  24. What a nice gift, Madi!! But we know you did it all for the box, didn't you??

  25. Sure it was a fair deal.
    The music thing for them... the box for you!
    Kisses and hugs


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