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My 16th Birthday Header
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Friday, December 10, 2010

Mom's favorite ornaments

Mom wanted to show you are few of her very favorite ornaments.
(never fear Madi is below)

The bride's ornament was given to Mom at her wedding shower  in December 1969.
It is on the tree every year...
 This wasn't really a Christmas ornament.  It was on a baby shower
gift Mom received in 1971 just before the first family 'DIVA' was born. That is correct I'm not the first DIVA
 It is also on our tree every year
Mom says this isn't really an ornament...but she caught me
in the 'act'!! So of course it has been documented!!!
Is this for me Mom?

I bet it is a new Diva throne

What it isn't for me????
It is for my sis and her hubby....What is it???
 Well fine I'll just sit here until the cows come home
Forget the cows, I have a better idea.
 I think I'll turn on my laser eyes...maybe I can see what is
in the box!!!


  1. What wonderful ornaments, those are the special ones that bring back memories each time we see them on the tree.

    Madi, it looks like the box itself is the diva throne. Have your laser eyes figured out what's inside the package yet?

    I didn't know that Alabama had broken up but I'm not surprised, I was listening to them in the seventies. They were around for a long time.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    J and Cindi Lou

  2. I sure Madi was just making sure it was wrapped properly....better check all the presents!!

  3. LOL It's a Nice throne already Madi! Those are wonderful special ornaments too!

  4. Madi,

    Your new throne is just beootiful and very festive! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Mom says thanks fur da addy!

  5. Madi--You just sit on your throne and protect it with all your might. You might not have been the first Diva, but I'll bet you have the prettiest coat to wear!

  6. What precious ornaments!!!!!!!!!!

    Dear, sweet Madi, we know that you are THE diva, even if your mom doesn't!!!!!!!!!

    We love ya so much gorgeous Madi.

  7. Oh I just loves to see everybuddy elses ornaments. I loves da ones dat has special meanings. We has some of them. Well, our decorations are many cuz we do our tree pink every other year and then red on da other years. Don't ask me why I just lives heres.
    Shake da box Madi!


  8. Beautiful ornaments and memories on the tree!
    Madi, you're not shaking any of those presents are you?! 15 more days until Christmas!

  9. Oh, we luved looking at your ornaments, Madi! Mom always luvs decorating the tree cuz almost every ornament has a memory attached to it. But of course, YOU are the most beautifulest and special decoration of them all.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  10. Oh yah Madi
    Looks like a Diva throne fur sure!! I bet it is fur you, thy are just foolin you!!


  11. Mommy loved the ornaments!

    Madi, use those Diva claws and open up the box! We bet your Mom is fibbing and what's in there IS for you.

  12. Does the baby ornament close its eyes? I seem to remember when most dolls had eyes like that!

  13. miss madi,

    i think it's cool for you to use that pressie as a diva throne until your big sis and her hubby come and get it. heehee.
    i like your mama's special ornaments very much! my mama got married in december, and at one of her bridal showers, they all made christmas ornaments.

    the booker man

  14. Wow! Your mom has some pretty ornaments! Maybe I can gets my mom to post her favorite ornament! ??? She is lazy though!

    Hey! Madi! You make a wonderful ornament!

  15. Love the bride and the little baby [in swaddling clothes?] ornaments, but you my dear, ARE THE Diva. Don't let mom say different. It's funny, just yesterday Tahoe and Winston were under the tree having a hay-day. You cats....gotta love you dearies!!!! Oh, and as with your mom....T*W's mom got photos too.

  16. Madi
    Those are some beautiful ornaments. WE love taking out the ornaments each year because they always remind of us of a special memory.


  17. Speaking of cows, I saw a cow dressed like Santa at Chick-fil-A today!!!

  18. Those laser eyes should do it, but if that fails - shake the box!

    Your pal, Pip

  19. Ooooh....I loved seeing your mom's special ornaments. They are wonderful!

    and I think you need to hold out for a new Throne fur real, Madi!

  20. We love those ornaments, Madi! So much that if they were on our tree, we wouldn't whap them off!!

  21. Hi sweet Madi
    our queen from blogging world :-)
    Nice to see you sweetie
    after such a long time ......
    Lovely ornaments you have at home
    my Mommy loves the first one very much !!!
    Did you jumped into the tree
    you must try it
    itsssss soooooo great to do that....
    your Mom will be very proud of you ;-)

    Have a wonderful weekend
    Hugs and Love
    from Kareltje =^.^= and Anya

  22. Those ornaments are lovely, but of course you are the loveliest.


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