Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How Mom spends her 'spare' time! MOL

Happy Tuesday to every 4 legger and their 2 leggers.
Inquiring minds have asked, what Mom is doing with her time now that she is retired.  Well if you asked her, she'd say
Madi is a slave driver...she makes me work on her blog 24/7....
and that would be an untruth!!!  When she is not upstairs slaving over lovingly working on my blog, she reads and crochets.
She is currently reading 'Curiosity Thrilled the Cat'
by Sopie Kelly. Rem's mom suggested this one.  Mom is currently crocheting a curly scarf for my Sister...no it isn't a surprise...Sis picked out the yarn for her scarf.

She still has this stack to read, well she already read
Jack's. She will make a several baby afgans out of this large
skein of baby yarn.  They will be donated to a local hospital for
their premmie nursery.

She and Dad take a walk every morning.  Sometimes they
walk on trails and sometimes in the mall
Mom was trying to be artsy here....she says she didn't see
the bird poop when she took it. MOL
 Mom correct me if I'm wrong, BUT I believe when your
honey is standing under mistletoe you should be doing something
other than taking pictures......
I'm just sayin'.....MOL

So you see Mom is staying really busy and doesn't know how in the world she ever had time to work at N. C. State University.
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  1. Oh Madi, I'm sure your mom spends a lot of her time just trying to stay one step ahead of you!! Did you HAVE to pointo out the bird poop?? BOL!!

  2. I really like that last picture! You have a good eye!

  3. We love that scarf, the color is our favorite. Your sister has great taste Madi.

    Between blogging, crocheting, reading and walking your Mom had to retire Madi, there are no more hours left in the day. Do you take your naps while mom and dad are out for walks?

    Hugs & Lots of purrs,
    J and Cindi Lou
    and The Krew

  4. Madi,

    My Mom love reading too. But now she just read any books about cats to increase the value of crazy cat lady I guess : )
    She just finished read Cleo by Helen Brown, It's pretty good too
    She said Thanks to your mom for suggest 'Curiosity Thrilled the Cat' ..Sound good !!!

  5. Time well spent...and the bird poop ads texture to the picture...lol

  6. So my mom is now GREEN with envy reading this post. She is looking forward to retirement. I have told her she has a long ways to go and she better toughen up!!

    Love that curly scarf - they are very fashionable right now!

    Your pal, Pip

  7. Madi, we're glad you're mom is enjoying retirement and is keeping busy. Our mom says it's usually easier for the woman to retire because her identity and self-worth aren't all tied up in a job/career, the way it often is with so many (but not all) men.

    -Fuzzy Tales

  8. My Mom just got a call from work, to see if she wanted the day off! Cool! Now we can do things together today, YAY! Glad your Mom is staying busy Madi!

  9. Hi Madi, it sounds like your mum is having a great retirement!!! The trail they walk looks just beautiful and we didn't mind the bird poop at all - LOL!!!

    I am so behind on my reading too...my bookclub meets this Friday and I haven't finished our book yet, I have to get cracking :-)

  10. When does her find da time to attend to your every whim and need, Madi??? I thinks that should be da main goal of her retirements. Heehee

  11. There should also be a slotted time to rub your belly and say over and over again..." Madi, you are Queen...I am here at your beckon call". Maybe her should retire from reading to add dat to da list.


  12. Hey Madi, the mistletoe part was probably censored!

  13. Your mommy will find SO many things to do that she won't know where to start! I hear Beth say all the time -- there just isn't enough time to do all she wants....

  14. Well, Madi, your Mom is making good use of her retirement. Da Golden years are supposed to be.....golden?????

  15. Madi and Mom, I read your comments and see what others say to you and wish I had the time to just let your post load. That would take 2 or 3 hours!! I am afraid I don't have that kind of time so I don't get to see your pictures.... I still love to come and say Hi tho!! There is never enough time!!!!
    xx, Happy & Fern

  16. Wow - she certainly sounds busy!

  17. Our mama has been retired for several years and has never wished she hadn't retired!!!!!!!! And if she gets bored, which seldom happens, she has the three of us to entertain her!!!!!!!

    Mads, we know you and your mom will have more wonderful times together now that she's home.

    We love you!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Oh Madi...if you had been with her she wouldn't have seen the bird poop!
    Edward says Hi!

  19. Looks like your mum has more than plenty to keep her occupied. While mum is off on the sick she said she doesn't know how she finds time to work. MOL . Hugs GJ x

  20. BOL! The bird poop pictures was too hilarious!!

  21. Madi, it sounds like your mom is having a wonderful time in retirement! That's a very great thing too...lots of things to do and having the time to do them!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  22. Madi
    My Mom says 'ditto'.
    She doesn't know how she ever had time to work either!

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  23. We all warned her the day would come where she wouldn't know how she held down a full time job, took care of you and Dad and the house, plus write your blog, because she's so busy now! LOL

    At least she isn't bored! :)

  24. Madi, we were thinking the same thing...after reading all the stuff your mom has been doing, how did she ever have time to work???

  25. Whew! I got tired just READING abouts all the stuff your mom is doing. Maybe she should learn to relax a little bit.

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. I think the bird poop really adds a nice touch to that artsy picture.

  26. Catching up.....ohhhhhhhhhhh, isn't the life of no scheduling, no stress and filled with walks and crocheting and reading [oh, and working on your blog] just super!?!!!

  27. And the time goes by so quickly, huh?
    I didn't know Anne Rivers Siddons had a new one...gotta get it!


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