Monday, December 5, 2011

This time of year....

Means the white lazy boy recliner gets moved into the dining room...right smack dab in the middle
of the best sunpuddles.  Happy Days are here again.  This is my 10th Christmas and I've learned the best place to snoopervise the peeps as put our tree in the place where the chair normally sits.
So I did a lot of this

 While they DID A lot of this...The tree has lights on it and as Mom says each year
thank goodness they all work.  MOL  Mom and Dad spent 2.5 hours putting the tree up,
and decorating it...then cleaning up all the boxes.  We didn't do much blog visiting today
and you can blame the tall green thing for that.
While they decorated and re-decorated and discuseed placements, I got bored.  Finally I decided to do some sunpuddle surfing.
Finally I heard a collective...IT IS DONE...from the peeps so I headed over to
give it the Madi seal of approval!!
 I must say once again the peeps did a fine job with very little snoopervision from me!!
WELL DONE!!  Now Mom get cracking and wrap some more packages...that are
to ME!!
Before long, Mom we'll probably have a photo shoot under the tree.  I love sitting on this very lovely tree skirt that my G-grandpeep crocheted many years ago.  Every year Mom quietly says...Madi is very good with the tree...she never bothers it. So paws crossed she says that again this year. 
Hugs Madi
Several of you sharped eyed folks spotted Mom's hand reflection in the picture!!
Your prize is a great big.....


  1. We can't wait fur that photo shoot under the tree! The tree looks great, as do you, sweet Madi.

  2. You haves a lovely tree Madi! My mom hasn't got around to Christmas yet! I thinks she is going to miss it!

  3. What a beautiful tree, very pretty. You have taught them well over the years. Obviously putting that effort in a long time ago means they know what they are doing and you can enjoy the sunpuddles. Me and Simba love to snooze under our tree. Hopefully it will make an appearance now the decorating is almost done :)xx

  4. The tree looks great Madi, your peeps did a great job (with your expert snoopervision of course). After all that hard work we can see why you needed to soak up the sun's rays and have a good nap.

    Miss Sissi Cat sees and especially interesting ball hanging on your tree. She is offering to examine it for you if you like.

    Purrs & Hugs,
    Cindi Lou and The Kitty Krew
    and J

  5. Bootiful Christmas Tree !!!!
    And Hey, Madi ! Look up !!!! Chicken on Top ; )

  6. That looks like a fantastic sun puddle and very comfy throne for you, Miss Madi.

    The tree is beautiful! I just love the tree topper! So unique and cute!

  7. Madi, what a great sun puddle! I wish Gracie were as happy as you are about having your chair moved. Gracie has the blues..
    You're Christmas tree is lovely. Our Christmas 'village' took us about 5 hours to put together completely...
    Enjoy your sun puddling.. you look beautiful as always!

  8. Madi, your tree looks lovely. Great job snoopervising. :-)

    We've been good about the tree too this year...mostly. So far.

    Happy Monday!

  9. Wow ... that's a beautiful tree. I love it. and the boys would love to climb it....

    pawhugs, Max

  10. Madi....don't tell your Mom I suggested this....butt go ahead and hide in the tree somewhere. They'll never find you since you didn't do that before! Just sayin'


  11. A beautiful tree!

    Madi, you look so happy on the recliner.

  12. That is the cushiest sun puddle spot ever!Enjoy!
    And such a pretty tree being set up while you snoopervised!
    Your peeps were very busy on Sunday!

  13. Best location ever!!!! Tell mom we escaped the last winds, but the new ones are back!!!! Noooooo!

  14. You never told us which one was your favorite ornament!

  15. Madi, you have such a difficult life.
    You'd not be happy at my house today as there are no sun puddles to be found as it's rainy and gray here. Enjoy the tree that Mom put up just for you!

  16. Madi, we don't get a tree!!! Can we come over and bother yours? Please?

  17. Madi
    You have great taste!
    We just love what you helped your Mom and Dad do.
    Such a beautiful tree!!


  18. Madi,

    Max was soakin' up da sun in his post today too! Your peeps did a great job on da tree again. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  19. So pretty - our two have already been checking out the tree and swatted a few things off! Silly kitties!

  20. Madi, your tree is lovely. And we loved that pic of you in your sunpuddle. No tree here, don't think we are going to see one this year so that makes seeing yours extra special.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  21. Your tree looks lovely Madi! And so does your new sun puddle place!

  22. Madi, you look really happy on that chair, and we can see why!

    Your tree is very pretty!! Our mom put our tree up but she hasn't decorated it yet. She waits a few days thinking we'll get used to having the tree in the house and won't play with it. Well, she's wrong!! As usual!! Haha!!

  23. What a pretty tree! I must say, Madi, I thought for sure that you have only had two Christmases at the most!

  24. Dear Madi, We love your sunpuddle surfing and you did such a great job snoopervising! The tree looks lovely!
    Bronson, Pepper, and Mum

  25. Your tree looks lovely Madi, and we can see you have given it the paw of approval.


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