Friday, January 13, 2012


Happy Friday the 13th 
to all 4 leggers and 2 leggers.
We hope you enjoy this week's Plates...and FYI
Mom has at least this many more for the next post.
1. FECK, No Clue
2. AGADAWG, A Georgia Dog from U. GA
3. DUNE, Maybe a last name?
4. MATYIKO, No Clue
5. CH20S, No Clue but maybe something to do with water
7. JADEFLWR, Jade Flower
8. JROSEBUD, something Rose Bud
9. HURRIDNZ, another version of Hurricanes, NC NHL team
10. NOXOXIS, No Clue
11. RYSIU, No Clue
12. MRSHORNE, Wife of Mr. Horne
13. 01EDC11, No Clue
14. N2DEEPI, In too Deep 1
15. 3GUAPAS,No Coue
16.MAKOFFR, Make Offer
17.ANML, Animal on an Speciality plate for Animals
18. 80FLT, on Motorcycle, I think it might be a kind of cycle
19.AM-PM3, No Clue
20.ELONBUGS, Elon is a NC Univeristy not sure about the bugs
21. LUVMATTI, Love Matti
22. HURLEYRX, Maybe a pharmacist
23. AM-MOMMY, I'm Mommy
24. ACTIVEHC, No Clue
26. WOO, Maybe a woofie lover
27.DUCKLIFE, Duck as in squat down?? Life??
28.ERLYARVL, Early Arrival
29. DINHOGGS, Dinner Hoggs??
30. STJOESCI, St. Joseph Science?
31. BUFFET5, There must be 4 others
32. SKLANDBNS, Skull and Bones??
33. UICU.EDU,some university??
34. 5FOOS, Either 5 fools or Foos is a last name
35. DOCO, No Clue
36. X-ANTS, ???
39. RIFLEMAN, Old tv show
40. MARLA & CO. 

LET ME JUST SAY MOM HAS HAD A BEAR OF A TIME WITH OUR BLOG THURSDAY. She got lots of message about Blogger not being supported by our browser told us to change to Google Chrome which we did and now we have the upgraded blogger interface which is 200% different from what we were used to.  After all of that she finally got on our blog and can read comments.  The only problem is she isn't sure how she got here. MOL.  At one point she thought this would be the end of blogging.  Mom is not at  all technical.
SO, here is hoping everything is hunky-dory but we have to learn all the new ins and outs of the blogger upgraded interface.
Hugs Madi and Mom


  1. Hee-hee, sounds just like our Mommy. Your Mommy is really smart to be able to figure out those plates. We are astonished at what people come up with. The collage is beautiful. There's nothing like the crinkle of a new bag. xoxo

  2. Hee he. Mummy thinks that number 1 is what Irish people say instead of another rude word!!! Me and Simba don't know any rude words what so ever so have no idea what she is on about :)xx

  3. There are few cat toys better than a bag or box. You look like you are having fun Madi!

    I am once again amazed at all the plates you find out there C. #5, if it was CH2OS2 it would be be carbon disulfide, I think CH202 is something like formic acid (chem major in college), why would someone put that on a vanity plate?

    I'm glad you got it straightened out no matter what you did. Hopefully you will have no more blogger problems. So far I have been sliding by with the old blogger and Firefox but I guess it's just a matter of time.


  4. OK, we did switch to Google Chrome........YUCK! But, changes happen unfortunately! At least now we can see your beautiful face Madi!
    Lovies, to mu BFFF, Miss Mindy

  5. Madi, are you thinking of sneaking away for a shopping spree?
    Peek a boo, I see you!
    Oh my goodness, 40 new license plates to figure out?!
    And there's more?!
    I think people in Raleigh have a competition going as to who
    can come up with the best plate! LOL
    I hope you can get through all of the changes!
    Your fans can't go without a Madi fix! :)

  6. Yup, #1 is what the Irish say in place of the American "F" word.

    We wish you and your peeps a most wonderful weekend, lovely Mads.


  7. Woof! Woof! Happy 13th Friday!

    Oh No don't stop blogging ... main reason we moved to WP caused Blogger got lots of issues and requirements. I am lucky that mom knows computer language. She did customized my Wp blog. If you need help just let us know. Hope you did subsbribe to our blog feed. Blogger is not allowing WP blog to use their Google Friend ...

    Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  8. The blog looks just fine, Madi. We hope Mom likes Google Chrome. Blogger needs to stop being so annoying.

    Don't you just wish you could stop all those cars and ask what their plates mean?

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. Typically I stay home on Friday the 13ths.... I let this one slip up on me.

    Hope it's not a big mistake.

  10. Cats with bags...a great combination.


  11. We've had a hard time with Blogger too and couldn't even open up your blog yesterday. Mom took Frankie's advice and downloaded Firefox so now we can get to the blogs again with Firefox. Bad Blogger!

    (Firefox blows up the pictures on my bloggy)

  12. Hi Madi! I sure do like your hiding place! I wish I could get in a bag, too, cuz it looks fun! But I don't think I'd fit.

    Those are lots of great plates but I couldn't figure out a one of 'em (that you hadn't already figured out.)

    Gosh, there were SO many furends who were having BIG, HUGE problems with Blogger this week. I'm SO glad your mom got it all straightened out cuz I don't know WHAT I woulda done if you'd stopped blogging. That would made me sad right down to my little white toes.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  13. My kitty brothers and sister like to play in bags too....I don't seem to fit....

  14. Madi
    We just read over at Puddles she can't get to your blog, so then we read where YOU couldn't either.
    So far we've never had any problem with Firefox, but we know that we've read where google was saying you had to have the most current browser update so Mom has been diligent about keeping everything updated. I didn't think they were making us switch to the new interface and we understand that there are differences. I think you can undo the interface still if you want to ... well at least in FF, I don't know about Chrome. I like Chrome a lot and use it too, but I am most familiar with FF so I generally stick with that. Hope you don't have any more problems.

  15. You are a sneaky cat! Were you playing hide-and-seek with your mommy? If so, I bet it took her a while to find you with such a good hiding spot! :) I'm sorry that your mommy was having trouble getting her blog up yesterday! I hope that the new interface works well and that you're good to go for a while!

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  16. I had Google Chrome and couldn't put pictures on my Blogger posts, like the auctions. So I switched to Firefox and I can. This is all totally nuts. Why do all the people that are technical have to make so darn hard for all of us that don't have a clue about the technical sh. Oh sorry, Madi, didn't mean to offend your ears.Sh is stuff. Madi, we like your collage. We also just love bags. In fact our Mom is nothing but an old bag lady. Take care

  17. Hopefully they won't recycle the bag with Madi in it! :)

  18. My guys just love to play in shopping bags too, I usually cut the handles because invariably somebody gets stuck through one of them - LOL! I think that a variation on #21 could be your new plate LUVMADI :-)

  19. Bags are the best fun! Hope mom downloaded Firefox ... it works just fine .. I like it better than Chrome!

  20. Madi! I can read this post just fine! I use firefox and never have any problems! I am sure your mom will get the hang of the new interface.

    Your pal, Pip

  21. We haven't used IE for a long time as we periodically had problems with it. We have used Firefox for 3 or 4 years and don't seem to be getting any problems. We did try Chrome a while back but were not keen on it. We agree with Princess Jasmine about #1. The Irish use it as the f*** word. There is a programme called Father Ted where it is used a lot.

  22. Madi, we can say with 100% certainty that we have never met a bag we didn't like!

    We still use IE but sometimes we have problems with it when we wanna leave comments on right now, we've been having problems IE and trying to leave comments. So our mom switched to Chrome and she's gotten used to it so she doesn't mind it.

  23. Madi,
    Mom wants to move us to Wordpress cuz blogger is nutty. OoH a 80FLT is not just a motorcycle, it's a Harley!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae


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