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Friday, March 9, 2012


Last week we won a random drawing hosted by Jack and TG  from Daily Dose of Jack.  They were to celebrating the first year anniversary of Jack's book, 
Jack, A book about a dog who doesn't die at the end.
If you haven't read it, click on the Daily Dose of Jack link above to find out how to get your very own copy.

Mom  also ordered a very special handmade 'project bag' for her crochet projects, from Ms. Cindy and Nina, from  
Bird Brains and Dog Tales
Ms. Cindy is one of  the very talented quilters who made the 
Fearless Five Quilt for the Pittie Pack click here to see the quilt.
LO AND BEHOLD both packages arrived yesterday.
We know you all want to read all about both packages .....
Grab your fav beverage and a power  bar. This will be a long post. 
I was napping in my upstairs sun puddle when I was rudely when I heard boxes being torn and paper rattling.
Of course I had to investigate

Let me just say right now my peeps are addicted to the PBS Series
DOWNTON ABBEY.  To say Mom was happy when she found out she won the Downton Abbey book from Jack...would be an understatement.  I just hope  she takes a break from reading it at my din-din time.
I wanted to find out what all the hype is about so I examined the book from front
 to back
 I was caught with my head in the book reading a chapter

 until I heard more commotion so I turned my attention back to 
She was admiring the project bag and the cute gray kitty with the pink nose holding a crochet hook
 The inside of the bag is lined with kitties playing with yarn 
 OH MY STARS Ms. Cindy did you know there was a mouse in the
 Don't worry I took charge by popping him with my left hook.
 When he feel to the floor, I realized he was full of nip.
Mom tried to pick him up until she saw my
'don't even think about touching it, back away from the cat look"

I put the bitey face on him so he could not get away
 then I gave him my a few bunny kicks with my powerful
back feet until he hollered "uncle"!!
 I paused for a moment to give mom my best nip induced smile for the flashy beast.
When all of a sudden he tried to escape again.
I had to use my head to wrestle him into submission.  
I'm happy to report  he is now behaving like a mouse in a cat house should behave....submissive!!
Mom and I thank Jack and TG and Ms. Cindy and Nina
for making our Thursday afternoon fun and exciting
Hugs Madi and Mom

Everyone is invited my 10th birthday party here on Sunday
There will be posies, snacks and baby pictures of galore of me 
not Mom!!MOL


  1. I'm smiling from ear to ear seeing Madi have so much fun with her mouse. I love the nip induced smile and the head stand pictures. So glad you like your bag too. I would love to see a picture of the bag in action too. Happy crocheting.


  2. What a busy day you had, Madi! We luf that project bag! We got a toy from Teri at Curlz n Swirlz today too! (Princeton took it ofur.) You didn't say, but I hope you got to check out the boxes efurrything came in. We will definitely be here fur your pawty. Happy Friday! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. OMD&C!!! SCORE! Madi! Love your mouse and bag. They (and you) are SO cute. We gotta get the Pub to start watching Downtown Abby...

    -Bart and Ruby

  4. How lucky are you to get a mousie treat. Looks like you had a lot of fun with your new friend. Mummy has never seen Downtown Abbey, but its very popular. Maybe one day she will sit still long enough to watch an episode :)xx

  5. Looks like the postman had a load to deliver to your house today. It's lucky you were around when the mouse popped out of the bag, someone had to show him how to behave in a kitty house. Our mom hasn't seen Downtown Abbey but maybe she will check it out.

    We will definitely be at your party Madi, we wouldn't miss it for anything.

    Cindi Lou and The Kitty Krew

  6. THat mouse is certainly being given what for by you! Deccy x

  7. OMD what a day for you Miss Madi. I love all the pictures of you. My favorite is "back away from the cat" and "cat nip", but I love them all and happy for you that you got cool stuff. I am so excited about your birthday that I am doing a happy dance, I know you can't see it but really I am. Is there anything special I can bring to the party. My Mom bakes really good treats with salmon in them . Just let us know and I will be there on my best behavior.

    Loveys Sasha

  8. Oh goodness...what a wonderful day! Our mum and dad are also addicted to the series Downton Abbey and just bought both seasons to be able to watch them again and again! And we are glad you showed that mouse who was boss!
    Bronson, Pepper, and Mum

  9. Madi, you do looks kinda drunk in dat foto...bwhahahaha, yes I knows i is funny. I looks likes dat sometimes too...hehehe.
    Dat was a super cool bag your mom gots from Ms. Cindy. I seen them bags on her blog. Her talent is just beyond words. Of course your mom is purt darn talented too and I has some f work to prove it.

    We has nevers seen Downtown Abbey cuz if it ain't on da Disney Channel then we sees nuttin...if you gets my drift.

    i will so be heres to celebrate your special day. I wouldn't miss it fur da world girlfuriend. I'll bring da Cheetos.


  10. Love your new presents!! :)
    Wish I could be there for your Birthday!!

    Hugs and kisses!!!!
    miz liz

  11. Madi, I love this post, so full of presents for you and Mom!
    Action shots of you & the catnip mouse make you appear 9 1/2 years younger!
    I know Mom will really enjoy the Downton Abbey book!
    Chin scratches to you
    Hugs to Mom

  12. You sure showed that mouse who's boss! And birthday pawty? I'm THERE!

  13. Are you hungover today...from your Nip-a-thon??? BOL! We cracked up at your bunny-kick move.....

    Love that bag!!! The kittehs with yarn are too cute!!!

  14. Oh Madi, all those goodies! What fun for you and Mom! See ya Sunday!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  15. So much good stuffs in one could you ever stand all the joy and fun? Sheeesh!

  16. Those are awesome! Beth just ordered that book and should be here any day now.... The bag is SO cute! What a talent to make that! Great job, Cindy! And a catnip mouse too -- how cool! I can't wait to come to your party....I mailed you a card, I hope you got it and the mail monster didn't lose it....or EAT it! Have a fun weekend -- do you get an ice cream cake too?

  17. is OKAYS! I din't has da song, I just changed da lyrics to Free Fallin. You hasn't lost your mind.


  18. I love love love watching cats with catnip. My brother has an actual catnip garden planted in his backyard. His wife's cat is always loopy.

  19. Cute, cute bag! The mouse was a perfect bonus for you Madi but I would NOT get between the two of you! Your face says it all...IT'S MINE! ALL MINE! :)

  20. You have a mean left hook there, Madi! Quite the little boxer. Note to self, do not make Madi mad!

    And but of course, I will be there for your birthday!!! I will bring the fancy feast and my glasses so I can see your baby pictures. Can't wait!

    Your pal, Pip

  21. AHhahaahahhahaha! I´m In love about you Madi!!!

  22. Madi, normally I no is a huge fan of kitties, since I has an orange one who lives in MY house and thinks he came here before I did (that may be true, but still, it is MY house). But clearly you is a brave and fearless kind of kitty, and those is important things to be! If you lived in my house, maybe I no would even bark at you! Maybe.

    Also, I lives in the NC piedmont too! Maybe we has even met before. If that is the case, I apologizes belatedly for chasing you, for I no had a knowledge for how dignified you is.

  23. What a great mouser you are! A big early HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  24. Cynthia's bags are to die for! Vera Bradley and Kate Spade are trembling in their Manolo Blanick's!

  25. Oh you are so BRAVE and take charge! I loved seeing you fight that mousie and put the nbitey on him. I'll see you Sunday sweetheart. xoxo

  26. Goodness, that sure was a fun and terrific Thurs. for you two. That book looks so good. We will need a review MOm. Now that little bag is the cutest darn thing we have seen. And it had a mouse in it too. What a thoughtful mouse to hide away in the bag so he could come visit you Madi. Sure looks like you took care of that stowaway mouse. Loved the pictures. Take care.

  27. Madi
    We think you hit the jackpot!
    Nothing like those rustling packages!!!

  28. I love to crochet! I just am not very good at it. My parent really like Downton Abbey. Happy tenth B-Day! My cats wish they were ten not 12, 13, or 15! BK

  29. That is a cool project bag, Madi! But even better was that mousie that was hiding in it!!

    (pssssst! It's Ernie's gotcha day on Sunday...two fun things to celebrate!!)

  30. Madi, I am so worried about our Remington. Please let me know if you hear anything as I am sure Beth is too busy to contact everyone. I know that you have known my sweet boy for a long time. Mommy is saying prayers and I am crossing paws and going on an emergency magic bubble trip.

    Loveys and nervous


  31. Wowzers, Madi and Mom, great items. The bag is so very nice, handmade items are always so much nicer. Nina's mom does beautiful work. And Madi, that little mouse looks like so much fun for you - a little nip inside maybe?

    Have a delightful weekend.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  32. Wow so many cool things you got. I love the way you showed the mouse who's the boss.

    My name is Oskar & I have a blog that I'd love for you to check out, It's a great place for pet bloggers to find each other and be featured. If you're interested you can e-mail me at PBU at comcast dot net.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  33. That is a cute little bag, and Madi, how exciting to find the mousie in it. That really was the icing on the cake.

  34. Thanks for the update Madi, I will keep checking back. I wish we were there snuggling with him and helping him feel better.

    Loveys Sasha

  35. Sounds like Mom is familiar with that look Madi.

    I luv the project bag.

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