Saturday, May 26, 2012


 It is Saturday so it must be time for Saturday Photo Hunt.
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Today's word is


I'm pretty certain you will think the next picture shows just how creative Mom and Dad's steward on the Dawn Princess was when he made an elephant out of a towel. The peeps LOL'd when they found him on their bed wearing Dad's glasses.


  1. That is excellent! Mum says she had a similar experience in India. The lady that cleaned her room was so good at "towel modelling" that in the end Mum would leave her a note each morning saying please can I have a dolphin / seahorse etc etc! Deccy x

  2. That is so cute, it's the glasses that make it really special. Definitely creative.
    Madi, you look like you are watching something very interesting. Or maybe just napping!

    Happy Weekend!

  3. Pawsome! We knew immediately it was Caturday by your "relaxed pose" fur this post! OR mebbe it's a "you may kiss the paw" pose! Either way, we luf it. Happy Caturday sweet Madi. XOXOXOXO

  4. That was very creative towel folding for sure, we also liked your creative paw placement Madi.

  5. Now that is creative. Love the elephant. Good thing Dad loaned him his glasses so he could see better. Take care.

  6. I love those towel animals. Flat Max has encountered those on his cruises... Very creative indeed.

    pawhugs, Max

  7. most definitely creative. and what a lovely paw pose you have in that chair....

  8. We sure loved ours on our cruise! Hope Miss Mindy doesn't want hers folded like that though! lol

  9. I've never been on a cruise, but I've seen pictures of these clever creations from friends.


  10. MOL, that elephant towel is very creative. I've only been on one cruise, a long time ago, but they made towel animals too.

  11. My goodness, Madi, Mom and Dad had a very talented steward!
    That is so cute, I hope he's moved on to something where he could be so creative!
    I wanted to adopt our steward on our Princess Cruise! I couldn't convince
    him to come home with me, no matter how much I tipped him! LOL

  12. Thanks for the support re the renovation - yes our muscles are aching! The house is not even that old, it is around 60 yrs old - a bungalow but just very run down!!
    Right now it feels like it will take forever but hopefully we will see a big difference in the months ahead.
    I only put it on the blog as I would like some sort of record of the work and couldn't be bothered with another blog!
    Right now it looks worse than it did at the beginning as we have few floors so Martha & Bailey are mainly in the garden although at the moment it is far too hot, would you believe!
    They both now permanently smell of wild garlic which is growing madly on the hill at the back of the house.
    Take care
    Vanessa x

  13. How fun is that!!! When Mom and Dad went with all the big kids on a cruise, it was always exciting to get back to the cabin to see what new "creative" idea they would find. Love the elephant with his specs:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. Madi, you look as if you might fall off that chair...take it easy there!I love the elephant, particularly the glasses :)

  15. Isn't that just adorable?!!! I love these, and so often wondered just how they do it. Creative indeed. And TALENTED.

    Happy Holiday Weekend M&M!!!

  16. He's not nearly as cute as you, Madi, but he is adorable and he wears really neat glasses!! Be glad that Mom left him on the ship - you don't want that kind of competition!

  17. Squeeeee that elephant is fantastic!!!!


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