Friday, July 20, 2012

FRIDAY Friends Day 7

Golly geez in just 7 days the Opening ceremony and Parade of Athletes will be here.....
I take my sun bonnet off to all the hundreds of pawticipants.
Click here for an updated list of all the events

I know, I know you came by to see today's sneak peek of some more gymnasts....

Floor Exercise
Willow says:  I'm limbering up by touching my paw to my ear...
 before I start rolling.  I believe that it important to do this as to build momentum for a full tumble or else I could get stuck mid-roll.
Madi says:  OMCs Willow you are most certainly Mistress of you offer classes?

Sibling Snychronized Balance Beam

Mayzie says: This is me and Brudder Ranger performing the Synchronized Balance Beam. You have NO idea how long we had to practice this!
Madi says:  Mayzie my BFFF, I think you and Ranger need to ask your Dad to take you to Mrs. Field's Cookie store.  You Mom deserves a box Chocolate chip biscuits.

Balance Beam
Siblings Bugsy and Knuckles have their own styles

Bugsy says: I just completed a 2 1/2 twirls in the air with a half twist stunt and landing on the edge of the balance beam
Madi says: You and Knuckles are most agile and I expect you both keep your Mom off balance. MOL

Balance Beam
Siblings Bugsy and Knuckles have their own styles

Knuckles says: I am attempting a never before dismount that consists of 52 1/2 back flips.
Madi says:  Knuckles you are concentrating very hard I'm confident
you will be land on your feet!! MOL

I entered in 27 Olympic wonder I'm tired
Opening Ceremony, Parade of Athletes
Balance Beam
Camera Avoidance
Competitive Napping
Couch Potato Peeling
Counter Surfing
Crazy Sleeping Singles
Critter Stalking
Dicus and Frisbee
Extreme Weather Sports...Since I'm indoor only, I'm sponsoring a backyard critter
Fierceful Yawning
High Jump
Keep Away
Red Dot-a-thon
Roaching and Rolling
Snack Sack Race
Snoopendous sniff-a-thon
Singles stick carry
Synchronized Snoozing
Tongue Curling-Raspberry
Tuneful Farting
Turbo track
Window Nose Art


  1. More great entries, Madi! We love your pic with the dainty paw tracks across the bedspread! Our hats are off to you! MOL! XOXOXO from Prancer Pie.

  2. Can't wait to see all the competition. I love the way you tried to hide the word "farting" in you list by making it smaller ;-)


  3. Madi, I am so impressed with the agility of our pals. Wow, how do they keep from falling. Great job on your wonderful event and I can't wait for the games to begin.

    Loveys Sasha

  4. Yous has showed us some rocking entries!

  5. Wow, look at all those wonderful entries. Its certainly going to be a very exciting catolympics :)xx

  6. WE too have 27 events; I'm knackered! Deccy x

  7. We entered them all because we loved the way all our hosts put in such an effort to take part. Now having a well earned rest. Madi loving your previews. Have a happy Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Wow... we're flying through the air on your blog today. Have a super weekend.

    hugs, Max, Bugsy, and Knuckles

  9. Nice hat theres Madi, you looks like a most dignified southern belle.
    Dang, you kittehs are so limber and flexible. Does ya'll even have bones?

    Don't Mayzie looks most beautifuls in dat foto? And Ranger looks very dapper.


  10. You entered a lot!!! I am so impressed! This is gonna be great!

  11. Hi Madi

    Thank you for dropping by to visit us - we are still trying to drop in on friends when we can but life is kinda busy right now.
    We just adored your sun bonnet - just pawfect!
    Good luck with the Pawlympics!!

    Martha & Bailey xx

  12. More great athletes!!!! We are so excited about the Olympics, it's going to be so much fun :-)

    Enjoy the weekend friends!

  13. Madi, you look lovely in your sun bonnet. Love all of the great pictures today. Going to be awesome events!

  14. Grrrrrreat TEASER PREVIEW.. I am sooooooo excited I can hardly STAND it.

  15. I can't believe we had so many entries in the different categories! I just can't wait for the 27th!!

  16. I'm loving these Cat Olympics!
    We prefer not to participate but we watch everything and cheer for the cat-athletes.
    Kisses and a good weekend dear BFF!

  17. Amazing test of agility from all of the pawticipants!
    Good luck to all of you!

  18. WOW! I am so excited! These participants are really cool!
    Lovies to my BFFF, Miss Mindy

  19. Such fun seeing all the entries. We bet Ranger and Mayzie put in a lot of hard work to get that balance beam pose just right.

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  20. Oh look at Ranger and Mayzie. They look terrific. They are two of our very favorite doggies. Wow, Madi, you need to nap for many moons now after entering that many events. Hope you win them all. Take care.

  21. Wow I am impressed thats some entries.. No wonder you are tired.. Have a good weekend.. Hugs J xx

  22. Woof! hi Madi! Kate edited our blogger profile! Read the intrests part, past" Kate likes! Woof! Echo!

  23. 27?????

    No wonder, NO WONDER you're tired dear Madi!!!
    Happy Friday (and get some rest girl!)


  24. Madi wow you are a super athlete to enter 27 events as well as sponsoring your own event. Including this one I entered 10 as well as 3 for opening closing ceremonies. You are a hero Mew.
    Hugs From your BFFF

  25. We cannot believe how much training is taking place for all the events. Madi, you must be exhausted enterinh 27 events. You are a true all rounder.

  26. Wow, Madi! You entered all those events?? You are quite the athlete! You may win more gold medals than Michael Phelps!

  27. Wowzers Madi! You must be exhausted training for all of those events. We knew you were athletic but had no idea you were a super athlete. We can't wait to see you in each event.

  28. I agree Ranger and Mayzie's mom should get special kudos for snapping the photo. It is hard. I too aimed my camera at piggies and positioned myself for an hour straight waiting for something to happen. Love these athletes. And Madi, so many events that you entered? You must be a super cat.


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