Tuesday, August 21, 2012

IN THE CAR..Dog Days of Summer

I know, I know it says Dog Days of Summer and I know, I know I'm a cat but I am also quite social and love to pawticipate in everything 

We don't know any of the K9s who are hosting this but we hope they don't mind if a Feline joins in.
NorwoodsWorld, MissBails787, and TracieLynn308

Thank goodness I only have to go 
Once a year, in July, for my annual well Senior Kitty
check up. Mom puts me in a cage then puts a seat belt around me.
I guess she thinks I might try to escape.
To say I'm not thrilled would be an understatement. I make sure Mom knows exactly how I feel. All the way to the vet, I sing my best 2nd Soprano version of 

Oh Sole Mia
....and I manage to get through all the verses 87 million times during the 10 minute trip to my Vet. 


  1. Woof! i have only been to the vets once! woof! I have to go in the car a lot. Woof! I don't like the car. Echo.

  2. HaHaMeow! I understand, Madi. Me, being the very mancatly mancat that I am, will only transport in my Mommy's safe and loving arms. Not the best idea, but things get "out of hand" wif the carrier. That secret is between the two of us, dearest Madi. Happy Tuxie Tuesday from your favorite mancat, Prancer Pie. XOXO

  3. How sweet of you to serenade your mom on the way to the vet. Do you also repeat the chorus on the way home?


  4. BOL How sweet of you to serenade your mom!! I can hear ya already!!


  5. Your mommy is wise to put the seatbelt around your carrier. I was rear-ended when I had my beloved Sasha in the car for a trip to the vet. Her carrier hit the dashboard, but the airbag didn't deploy.

    Do you serenade both ways, Madi? I had one cat who only serenaded on the way to the vet.

  6. Madi, I am not much for the car either. I get to go pretty often, but I always fear I am going to the Vetlady and can't seem to relax. Many times I have gotten to go to the park or for ice cream, which is great, but I still get nervous every time I get in.

    Loveys Sasha

  7. Wow, that sounds like my trip. I keep saying "are we nearly there yet" though :)xx

  8. Aw, she is just trying to keep you safe. Finn can tell you her carrier flipped over our first week with her. Ooops. :) Have a great Tuesday!

  9. Madi you are so funny. We can just hear the endless rendition of Sole Mia! Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly.

  10. Hahahaha :D Some day we would like a video of your 'going to the vet' song!!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  11. Yes Madi thank goodness it is only once a year!!!! I put the seatbelt on my boys too when I have to drive them to the vet....precious cargo and all :-)

  12. My kitty brothers and sister don't like to go for rides either....they are quite the "choir" when they are all together.... Your mommy certainly takes great care of you....seatbelt! I am impressed!

  13. You and your Mom ALWAYS make me smile! *hugs* to you both!

  14. Now SEE... I was just STUNNED to learn that you are a See Eh Tea . I had NO Idea all that time. BUTT you are a SUPER CAT fur SURE. Even though it was a huge surprise to me.

  15. Any chance you could have a nibble at that seatbelt Madi.... they are REALLY tasty you know... Deccy x

  16. Hah, you sound just like my kitty siblings!! They HATE the car and wail the whole time. Momma is very grateful that our vet is only a 5-minute drive away. When she had to ride with them for two hours once when she was moving, she nearly went crazy!

  17. Hahahahahahahaha! Madi, you sing like my Bartolomeu... he´s a big tenor!!!!

  18. Oh we love to sing to Mom all the way to the vet too. Orange Boyz sings all the way there and then is very quiet on the way home. Madi, you look too cute all tucked in with your seat belt. No escaping for that girl. Have a great day..

  19. Mom loves you, Madi! She doesn't want your kennel to go flying
    if she has to stop shortly due to some clown's driving!
    Oh, I bet you sing all 87 million verses! LOL

  20. MOL, 87 million verses....you sure are tired when you get to the vet.

  21. Oh, SO not fun when your a kitteh, huh? Wells, at least it's only once a year! You keep your Moms in tune.



  22. I hear ya Madi!!! With our two, it's like a chorus of cellmates....if only I knew how to accompany them with a sad rendition on the harmonica.

    But, she loves ya....that I know you know.

    Loved your gazing ball post below.

  23. Loud... big volume is important too. Take it from a real pro at howling in the car.

    Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

    hugs, Max

  24. Madi, all us girls gotta do that annual check-up. My Trudy doesn't serenade me on the way, she starts at the door to the vet, puts on the brakes, and cries the saddest blues songs you ever heard. Like the way Mom takes care of you.

  25. Oh Madi, i am thinking your Mom is sooooo glad it is only 10 minutes there. our vet visit is 25 minutes and that would be a lot of MOL

  26. Madi

    WE all understand your pain!!
    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  27. Oh Madi....I's so sorry you don't like goin bye bye. It's one of my favorite tings to do!

  28. Madi, you look quite lovely in your coach on the way to the V.E.T. If it makes you feel any better, we mostly only go in the car to go to the vet or to the groomer or to the kennel. And they are all at the same place:(

    Thanks for playing along with Norwood's Dog Days of Summer. We hope you can find some more to do.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  29. That sounds like a fun challenge.
    Madi, we feel your pain about the trip to the vets office. It's not so much the office we don't like as the car ride. Riding in a box is one thing but being put inside a larger box on wheels that moves is really disturbing.


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