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Monday, July 15, 2013

Meet my Cabinet: Gizmo

GizmoGeodog  Outdoor/Woodsman Guide

First of all Mayor Madi let me tell you that I’m all happy ears and tail today.I was so honored to be named your official Outdoor/Woodsman Guide and absolutely jumping out of my furs to be interviewed by you.

1. Please introduce yourself(selves), tell us your age and a very special trait.
I’m Gizmo Geodog, and I’m a 5 year old Border Terrier. I’m unstripped, so most people don’t know what  breed I am, but Momz and I both think that my “scruffy” style expresses my personality. My “Gotcha Day” is October 11, but my Barkday is some time in July.

My “thing” is being a geodog and showing all my furriends how much fun they can have geocaching. Momz last dog Bruno was her first geodog and I got to visit my first cache the day after Momz brought me home. I love to write about my geocaching adventures on my blog and encourage all my friends to give it a try.  

Geocaching is a a great sport where you get to go out on walks and trails and find containers that other folks have hidden using a GPS. Momz handles all the technical stuff and I use my nose. Furriends who want to learn more can visit
2. If you had and alter ego, who would you like to be and why
I am so happy being myself that I can’t imagine being another fur…I have a great home and Momz and me have wonderful adventures and I always have fun
3. What do you like best/least about where you live
What I like most is that we have lots of wild places nearby with great trails that I can explore…That’s what makes me the perfect choice to be your   Outdoor/Woodmans Guide. What I like least is that it gets very hot in the Summertime so we have to limit our outdoors time.
4. Who are some peeps/furiends you'd like to meet and why
I’ve been lucky enough to share sniffs and nose-taps with my pal Oz from Oz the Terrier PepperPom from Pepper’s Paws, Lulu from Life with Beagle and Flea from Jones Natural Chews. Of course it would be super special to have an in-furson date with my sweet gurldawg Misaki. I’d love to meet my Park Day partner FinnSugar the Golden Retriever, Emma the GBGV and the two Mollies, Mollie the Blonde and Molly the Wally. Oh gosh, there’s so many more I’d like to meet like the two Weims Easy and Goose, Frankie & Ernest…heck I want to meet efurryone! I like cats a lot and would love to meet you Mayor Madi and a bunch of my kitteh pals. I’m going to Barkworld in August and hope I get to meet a lot more of my furriends there.
5. If you could give one piece of random advice what would it be?
Always have fun! That’s my motto and what I live by…I find fun in everything I do…
6. What do you do for fun
Everything! I make everything fun…I’m a very happy dog and love meeting new people and going places with my Momz and I wake up every morning just knowing that my day will be fun. Geocaching and hiking are my favorite things to do.
7. What is the first thing you do each morning
First I give Momz a quick face-cleaning then it’s outside to pee, then we go for a morning walk
8. What is the first thing you notice about a new furiend
First I notice their scent…It is very impawtant that they smell like a furriend…Next I check to see if their tail is wagging and if they want to play
9. Tell us how you came to live in your family and how you got your name.
My Momz adopted me from the Polk county Animal Control Shelter about a month after her Bruno went over the Rainbow Bridge. You can read the whole story here and see a picture of me on the first day I came to my furever home. When we got home from the shelter Momz wasn’t sure what to call me…The baddies who left me at the Shelter had called me Lance (?!?) but Momz knew that wouldn’t do at all. I was kind of curled up and scared. She started saying different words and when she said the word Gizmo I liked it and lifted my head and perked up my ears…That did it…I became Gizmo and then I earned my official Geodog title.
10. What is your absolute favorite food
Uh, my favorite food is…food! BOL! Really, I’m pretty much an omnivore…I like meats and veggies and even some fruits and of course cheeses and yogurt. But I guess that salmon and alligator are my very favorites.

BONUS:  GIZMO Mom and I never heard of GeoCaching until we met you.  It is most interesting hobby and certainly one you excel at...please explain it to us, how you got started and how often you pawticipate and well anything you want to tell us about it.

There’s a geocache right across the street from our house so Momz took me over there the day after she brought me home and I found it. Now I have my very own cache at our house, so folks can come by and meet me. If they can’t find the cache I can show them where it is. I have my own travel bug tag so my new pals can log that they’ve met me. Momz and I have gone on geocaching trips all over Florida. We’ve gone to lots of events where I get to make new friends. My favorite trips were the ones to the Ocala and Osceola National Forests. We get to go Jeeping there and I get to be a real wild dog in the woods and find lots of caches. My real claim to fame is that I’ve found a 5/5 cache which is the very hardest kind, and requires a boat to complete. It took two whole days and we had to bushwhack for over 15 miles through swamps and cow pastures with no trails at all, just our GPS. At the end of the second day we had to take a boat ride to an island to find the cache. It wa my first boat trip and I did great. Lately Momz & I have been going out night caching to get in some extra walks after the sun goes down. I think the very best thing that geocaching has done for me is that I hosted my very own event and raffle and raised over $500.00 for the Polk County Animal Control Shelter where Momz found me.

If you haven't met Gizmo, click here to visit this handsome dude!!


  1. Oh how I would love to met Gizmo and go on a Geo thingy with him. Perfect fit for for your cabinet.

  2. Oh wow, we love an adventurous outdoors man. Gizmo, you sound like a lot of fun, we know we would have a good time with you. Another great choice for your cabinet Madi.

    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew
    Adam and Georgia

  3. Gizmo, Blogville is so lucky to have such a superb Outdoor/Woodsman guide. We are in good hands. I too love all outdoor activities (well, except swimming I guess) and am hoping that one day Gail will get around to finding out if we can go geocaching in Scotland.
    Toodle pip!

  4. You certainly have the right pup for the job Madi, Gizmo is wonderful and we love'z him. xxooxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  5. Another great interview. We think you've chosen the best pup for your cabninet! Gizmo is fantastic.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. Thanks for this great interview! I love Gizmo and I would love to meet him - we could find our fist cache together, because my staff is lazy and they are slow starter. Have a wonderful monday!

  7. Wow great interview with Gizmo. We love G and nice to see him here Madi. We agree fav food is FOOD. LOL! Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. We too have never heard of geocaching until we got to know Gizmo through Park Day. :)

  9. Ooh, geocaching sounds interesting, and so does Gizmo! Looks like you've got yourself a great Outdoor/Woodsman Guide there!
    What a great interview,
    Have a great week,
    Pippa :)

  10. Oh Gizmo, it is so good to meet you. You sound like such a fun dog and we have heard about the geocaching but never met anyone that actually does it. Sounds like a fun thing to do. You sure are a handsome boy too. We love your natural look. Take care.

  11. OMD Gizmo dude I love your interview! Thanks for the shoutout too! You are living the good life with your Momma. You know, now that you mention it, I just love food, all kinds of food, too!!!

  12. We love learning about your cabinet members and Gizmo is a cool dog.

    Millie & Walter

  13. WE know GIZMO.... he is SUPER... and we would LOVE to meet him in the FURS also. Gizmo did an amazing job with his interview. We are fascinated by the Geo Caching thingy that he does.

  14. this is the first time i have heard of GeoCaching and it sounds fun to me.. we like FOOD in this house to...
    Gizmo lives close to us, a couple of counties away... nice to meet a Florida dog

  15. Nice to meet you Gizmo. I also have never heard of GeoCaching.

  16. You are definitely a professional and well trained outdoorsman
    Benny & Lily

  17. I love your cabinet posts. Gizmo is a good interviewer and an interesting dude! I told Mom about your cabinet...she explained that it is not the same thing as where she keeps my food. Still sounds neat!

  18. What a great interesting furriend and cabinet member Gizmo is! We loved learning about geocaching and think it would be lots of fun.

    We hope you have a great Monday, Madi. Mommy said to say that we finally got a few rain showers today. It lowered our temps and it is wonderful. Stay cool! XOXO from your bestest mancat, Prancer Pie.

  19. Nice to meet Gizmo. Sounds like the perfect outdoorsman guy!

    Jazzi and Addi

  20. Very nice to meet Gizmo the Geocache Dog!
    We have tried geocaching and it is fun, gets you to places you would never have seen before!
    Perfect for an outdoor dog!
    Hugs and sniffs,
    Kathy and Molly

  21. Oh Madi I am so honored to be interviewed here today...You have done such a wonderful job of telling folks about me and I love being a part of your cabinet! Thank You!!! <3 <3 <3

  22. Wow, Gizmo, geocaching sounds like fun! Thanks for telling us all about it.

  23. We enjoyed Gizmo's interview. Scruffiness = cuteness as far as we are concerned!
    We had never heard of geocaching before.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  24. Hey, Gizmo! Great interview! Have a good sniffing day! Purrs...

  25. Gizmo is such a fun one! I had not heard of geo-caching before either...just house trashing!

  26. What a great interview! I haven't heard of geo-caching either!

    Nice to learn more about Gizmo!

  27. we noez gizmo dood...him iz one total lee rockin pupz !!! any dawg that iz inta salmon bee R kinda dawg tho dood, seer ee iz lee, we is still tryin ta get de gatorz thing outta R mindz ...ya noe !!!

  28. So nice to meet you Gizmo, we love your name!
    Madi another stupendous interview!!

    lovin purrs
    your BFF

  29. We think Gizmo should be renamed as the Resident Cutest Dog ever!


  30. Gizmo, you are pawsome!! That was a great interview and I love the story of your name and the whole geo thing. I have never heard of that before. Thanks for explaining it. You are very cool.
    Loveys Sasha

  31. What a fun woofie Gizmo is! Thanks for introducing him to all of us, Madi!


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