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Wednesday, July 17, 2013



Yesterday several of you expressed an interest in printing your blogs.
Being helpful creatures we thought we'd share some tips and a picture of
a few pages out of one of our books.
Each of the volumes are about $35.00 a piece. Which isn't bad considering all the work I put in them. If I wanted I could spend over $100. on each. I keep the cost down by doing the following:
1.  I don't print comments..which is a bummer but it can add hundreds of pages to the book
2. I don't print page breaks, they just flow page to page.  Having each post on separate pages adds up too
3. I print the book in black and white rather than color and I order laminated paper covers.
4. Blog2Print can only load 1500 photos at a time.  When I printed volume 1, I was going to print over a year.  I got a warning we can only print 1500 pictures at a time.  Blew my mind...then I decreased the dates by about 4 months.

One thing I do print extra is a content that helps when you are looking up a particular post.


  1. You're quite the helper, Madi. We just think those blog2print books are pawsome!
    Have a happy Wednesday. XOXO from your bestest mancat, Prancer Pie.

  2. Madi, you are one good looking helper.
    The Blog2Print books are wonderful. Mama has been looking at them but hesitated because of the cost. Thanks for the tips in keeping the costs down.

    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew
    Georgia and Adam
    PS, Mama has a cat event tomorrow so you might not see her tomorrow night.

  3. You are a good helper, Madi. You should ask for a raise...just sayin'


  4. Thanks for the information.

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

  5. Madi, are your humans as tough to supervise as mine is?

  6. Madi...Glad you have things under control. That is super interesting about the books. Very reasonably priced, thanks to your tips. I am going to check it out, especially because I use my blog like a diary, so I love the idea of having it for future generations.

  7. That is really helpful Madi. Thank you for sharing this information and your tips with us. We think $35 is a very good price.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  8. Thanks for the tips. I did a hardback colour book using BLog2Print for Hamish's blog, and it was a lot more expensive than the figure you quote, but lovely to have. It sits on my bookshelf alongside my hardbound copy of my PhD thesis, both were written over more or less the same time period! One was a lot more fun to write than the other...
    Cheers, Gail.

  9. Thank you for sharing the information with us, Madi. We'll have to ask Mommy to check it out! :)

  10. We think it is a great idea. We must check it out too. Have a wonderful Wednesday and stay cool.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. That is so terrific to do that. I bet it is great fun to look back over the past posts. Too bad you couldn't put the comments in but still, it is a super idea.
    Hope you have a terrific day.

  12. Peeps need SO much help that it cuts into Napping Time. Your Peeps are really LUCKY that you are willing to give up so much fur them.
    That is very much GOOD info about how you went about doing your Blog Books.

  13. THat is a terrific idea. Imagine printing all the comments! That would triple the length of the book!!

  14. Not only do you manage the affairs of Blogville, but looks like you help keep things in order at your house.

  15. Very little happens around here without kitty assistance - LOL!!!

  16. I tried Blogs2Print and found I would prefer Office Depot. I like their binding choices and dollars cheaper. I did about 400 pages in my genealogy book, with color photos on some and black and white on others...each page is ONE photo [that way they're quite readable and larger than Blog2Print] and laminated covers....Office Depot gives me more choices like I said. Each page printed is only 4 cents a page when more than 100. Of course you can go for the more expensive paper, etc. But my 428 pages with laminated cover and spiral binding was $30!!!

    By the way, the image storage for your header is acting very erratic, and I'm thinking it's time to move them. Email me when you have time!!! Por Favor!!

  17. looks like you are learning to use a calculator, or is that a cell phone, whichever it is i bet you can use it now... thanks for all the info on the books.... do you ever read your story to your mom?

  18. I bet you were adding those figures up quicker than the've always had an air of financial wizardry about you mate....! Deccy x

  19. Your dad is lucky to have you help him balance his check book or pay the bills. We may have to think about doing one of those books sometime too.

    Millie & Walter

  20. Madi, you are such a cute "helper cat", helping Dad with his numbers!
    Great points, Mom, on how to do Blog 2 Print and keep the costs down.
    Hugs and nose taps,
    Kathy and Molly
    PS Molly here, my Dad calls me his "helper dog", I need a job to keep out of mischief. :)

  21. Thank you so much for these great tips! I really appreciate it.

  22. Good ideas. It actually looks good in black and white
    Benny & Lily

  23. You sure are helpful pretty Madi!

  24. I like the black and white pictures...we thinks its a great idea!
    stella rose

  25. I can't imagine how you're Dad would get everything done without your help Madi...Thank you for all the good info on printing the blog...Momz has thought about this and you've been a big help to her too

  26. Wow Madi, that's such a great idea! One day when your bloggie is all finished, Mom and Dad will probably have a super time re-reading all of your stories!
    Good work helping Dad!
    Pippa :)

  27. Madi, I think you may be the one who shared this information last year and I am so glad you did because I ordered my book at the end of the year and it is so nice. I am looking forward to getting another one this year because I have come to see my blog as a scrapbook with lots of pics of our family. Thanks a bunch!

  28. Thanks for the good tips! It would be a great way to have a nice remembrance of all the hard work that goes into our blogs.
    Thanks Madi & Mom
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  29. madi...manee thanx mews for pointin uz in de direct shun oh thiz book...R mom sayz we iz gonna go two print for Christmas...we wuz like Christmas in july... !!!! N her wuz like noe...regular Christmas...when we due we will let ewe noe sew ewe can get sum credit pointz.....thanx all sew for de tipz !!! XOXO

  30. Ya know Madi, I just don't know how your peeps could get out of beds in the mornin' without you!!! BOL
    You are one helpful kitteh! Thanks for the tips gurl!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: I just LOVES that furst pic!!

  31. Them are so nice, we gots copies of ours, but we just load them to word with all the comments and then we can print them off!

    The Mad scots

  32. Me and my mom-person have never heard of Blog2print , maybe because we live in Sweden :)

  33. Wow Madi that was some great information.
    Momma said we are coming up on our 8th year of nearly everyday publishing.
    I think Momma should have considered doing this earlier.

    *time to break out the plastic MOM!*
    loving purrs
    your BFF

  34. what a great idea, never heard of that before. My nanny prefers to print out my posts so might look into that, thanks

  35. OMD your blog looks amazing!!! It is really beautiful. Thanks for the info on bloggy books.

    Loveys Sasha

  36. Hey Madi!
    Wow, great job as the helper kitty! Did you get to use the calculator too? BOL/MOL
    BTW: Wooohoooo we're having a blast in the Twister Tourney! You are so very good at contorting and looking marvelous at the same time. I'm so glad you are playing along with us all today.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  37. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is great blog. A great read. 338A

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