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My 16th Birthday Header
Spring in NC

Thursday, August 22, 2013


 I guess I could be called a Tuxie even though, technically,
I'm (charcoal) gray and white.

Today I'd like to share a tale about Biggie the Panda.
In all my 11 years I had never laid eyes on Biggie until
August 16, 2013.  You see Biggie is nearly 38 years old
and he has been tucked way for safe keeping.
Biggie belongs to my human sis. He was 
her very favorite stuffie in the world.
She got him for Christmas when she was 4 years old.

 Mom told me Biggie was my sissy's constant 
companion.  No matter where my sis was Biggie was there too.
 Then my Sis got big(gie), went off to school(ie),
finished school(ie) and moved into her own place(ie) then
she got married(ie) (15 years ago) moved to another cit(ie).  All the while Mom made sure Biggie was safe because she knew one day my Sis would ask about him. 

Mom says to be sure to notice the  black and white braided (friendship) necklace on Biggie...
My sis made that for him way back 38 years ago.   As you can see, Mom took good care of Biggie

Lo and behold, in a recent conversation Biggie came sis said YOU STILL HAVE BIGGIE...Mom said of course(ie)!! Sis was surprised but as Mom told her never, ever would she send Biggie away. When Mom found out my sis and her hubby were visiting here Aug 16-18, 2013, she decided to put Biggie on the bed to welcome them into their bedroom.  The reunion was beautiful. 
Good friends like Biggie are the best!!

Mom wasn't sure how I'd react to Biggie.  This is the very first picture of me with Biggie taken just before my Sis arrived.  

 (Mom says to tell you  that is a sheet on top of the bedspread so that my furs stay here...I don't like to share them). 


  1. Madi-
    That is very nice of you to share the bed with Biggie, since he is special to your sissy!


  2. Biggie the panda it's like Madi but in panda!!!! So cool!!!!!! Lots of kisses

  3. Well done to Mom for keeping Biggie in such good shape. I would say you don't look as thrilled to be sharing a bed with him as I'm sure Sis(ie) will be.
    Toodle pip!
    Ps. We are all very excited in Scotland because Edinburgh zookeepers believe that the female of the two real live pandas on loan from China is expecting a wee baby some time soon. But apparently it is hard to tell for sure if a panda really is pregnant!

  4. How fun! But honestly - Madi, you look like you think YOU should have the pillows instead of of Biggie!

  5. PAWSOME!! Mom has her own "Biggie"...but actually he is a Pound Puppy named Pongo...he also went everywhere with her, including to Grahamstown when she went away to university. She still has him too!

  6. Madi we can see you and Biggie hit it off from the first. How cool. We have Woodstock. Peter the bear and Leo the lion. I am not allowed to play with them. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Hi Madi,
    I'm glad to hear that he reunion was a beautiful one, I'm sure that your Sister was thrilled to see Biggie, it looks like you two could be from the same family as I agree you do look like a Tuxi cat! You have very beautiful furs!
    Did you end up playing with Biggie???
    Love and licks from your furiend Frank xxxxxxx

  8. Awwww. Such sweet memories. Biggie sure has been well looked after, by both your sis and Mom.

  9. Biggie, will make a nice friend for you Madi. You almost have the same colors. What fun. Take care.

  10. It looks like you and Biggie were fast friends. He seems like a nice guy!

  11. I love the story of Biggie and how you kept him safe all these years!!! I have a bear and a bunny from when I was a tot, packed away in a box but still very precious to me :-)

  12. Great story of Biggie. Remember Madi tuxedo's come in all colors.

  13. Biggie looks fantastic for his age. Your mom did a great job preserving him for your sissie. The will have tons of fun reminiscing while she visits.

    Millie & Walter

  14. Oh Madi this story made my mom's eyes water! What a great Momma you do have! My Mom has a ratty little bear that Dad got her 15 years ago and he sleeps on their bed. We try to shake him and break his head but Dad always rescues him and puts him back on the bed.
    He got him for mom when she was in the hospital for comfort, now that she has me, I tell him she can put him away cos I am comfort enuf.
    stella rose

  15. Madi[e] and Biggie!! What a sweet[ie] stor[ie]!!! Makes me feel all gush[ie] inside! Loved this.

  16. I hope you two have a Biggie old time pretty Madi!

  17. Your Mom did a great job of taking care of Biggie, just like she takes care of you. He is very handsome. Just like you are very pretty.

    Happy Thursday.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  18. Biggie is GRRRRREAT. We give your HuSister and your mom BOTH an
    A+ fur taking such super care of him. He is a true TREASURE.

  19. I thought Biggie was another Mini Madi, but a bigger mini madi... looks like you on Steroids... BOL MOL LOL i know your sissy was happy to see her toy...

  20. Madi, you and biggie need to be best furiends, cause you you so much alike, all Black & White.

    The Mad Scots

  21. Are you related to biggie?
    Benny & Lily

  22. Wow...your Mom is just like my Mom and saves everything. She has had my hooman brudder's teddy bear, BaBa, for 44 years. And get this....she even has her own stuffed dog, Wilbur, sitting on a shelf in her room. Wilbur is well over 60 years old.

  23. That was very nice, that Biggie can wait at your house till your sis need him. I think that's a wonderful thingy to place Biggie on the bed(ie) LOL

  24. Aww, I bet that was a grreat reunion!

  25. You and Biggie look so very good together!
    And he looks as good as new!
    Kathy and Molly

  26. You know, Madi, my LLS, I've often wondered too if I would be considered a tuxie. Guess we are!!! Biggie is adorable.

    Hugs, Laila, your LLS

  27. That is such a sweet story about Biggie. Madi we know your Sis was so glad to have a reunion with Biggie. I know it must have brought back lots of wonderful childhood memories.


  28. What a sweet story about Biggie !
    It´s furry nice of your mom to have kept him safe al these years !

  29. madi....we canna bee SURE...but we think thiz iz one oh thoze.... noe claws & shreddin.... things

  30. Biggie is looking very good Madi. I like the way your mum labelled you both in the first photo in case we got you mixed up.

  31. What a nice story about Biggie and your sis. We think Biggie is kinda cute and it would be fun to cuddle up with him. You should give it a try, Madi.

  32. Oh, I LOVES that story!!! Plus, Ma lOVES Pandas!!! they are like her second favorite animal in the whole worlds!! I have to say, I am very thankful that your Moms has taken such good care of Biggie. Pandas are endangered ya is VERY important to save every single one!!!
    I wouldn't mind sharin' your furs Madi...everyone get some of mine when they visit!! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  33. That is so cute!

    My peep has her Teddy sitting on a shelf here. She says I can NEVER, EVER chew him!

  34. My Mommy use to have one of those but over the years it got lost. Go give Biggie a cuddle Madi MOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie


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