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Thursday, October 31, 2013


We welcome all you ghouls and gobblins to 

Part 2 of
We thank everyone for scaring the living daylights
out of us with your ghostly stories

Warning before reading:

1. Go Potty 
2. Don't hold anything hot
3. Make sure your home is secure

Well I am going to tell you a ghost story that happened to my Lee.
Music Hall in Cincinnati has been described as experiencing strange events of the Paranormal in the facility.  Indeed, there are Music Hall ghosts. Erich Kunzel, late conductor for the Cincinnati Pops said,  "Sometimes when I was arranging, getting things together, I've worked here all night long. So I've met these people. They're not in the offices, but when you go out into the house they're there, they're upstairs. So I've met these people. The site was a pauper's cemetery during a cholera outbreak. Ohio's first insane asylum was on this site.  Excavations in and around Music Hall has yielded human bones.
My Lee went to a Peter Paul and Mary concerts years ago.  Lee was listening to the concert when she was tapped hard on the shoulder.  Lee turned around to see no one.  During intermission Peter Yarrow, in his purple shirt, came up to where Lee was seated and asked her what she felt and what she saw!
No Lee was not using any of Puff, The Magic Dragon stuff.  Music Hall has been featured on my haunted shows.
Sweet William The Scot AND Lee

The Tale of the Horrific Hound ...

One night Ashley was walking home down a country path, it was quiet and only the sound of Ashley's shoes could be heard.
In the distance she saw a dog and wondered why it was alone, she loved all animals so went to see the name on his collar to take him home, but as she came closer the dog disappeared.
The following night she saw the dog again, in the same place at the same time, she went to see him again but as soon as she got there the dog was gone.
The night after that Ashley was walking home down the country path when she heard footsteps and a man came up behind her with a knife, she saw the dog in the distance and it ran towards her, his teeth gnashing at her attacker, the man was terrified at the horrific hound and he ran away, leaving Ashley in shock, the dog snuggled up to her and licked her face, he had saved her, another man had seen the attack and ran over to help her. "Are you ok?" he asked. "Yes, I'm fine, the dog saved me" she said "What dog?" asked the man "The dog over there!" she pointed in the distance "There is no dog there, but there was a dog who used to live near here, he saved his owner from a vicious attack but died helping him" he said. Ashley smiled, she was thankful that the ghost dog had saved her life.
Hope you like my story, love Frank xxxx

                     by Frankie and Ernie   
 It was a DARK and SCARY night.    We had JUST gotten to sleep when we heard   a HORRIBLE SCREECH.     Our HACKLES WENT RIGHT UP...       Ernie Dribbled a little in the bed.   And I (Frankie Furter) GROWLED...  
     THEN we heard it AGAIN and we Both HOWLED..     
  After the SCREECH there were MOANS and GROANS and SOMETHINGY went SPLAT right on the Floor near the bed.   We were TERRIFIED...
    We were just about ready to call fur DAD butt .....
   "Darn you ERNIE!!   QUIT bringing your COLD Slimy WET STUFFIES to bed!   I just rolled over on one and it is ICKY!      YUCK !!!"

     WHEW... it was just MOM making all those noises.   Glad it wasn't a MONSTER.    OR maybe it was a MOMster.

It was a dark and stormy night.

Okay, so it wasn't stormy. And because of the full moon it wan't really that dark. We just like that line.

We were sitting in our favorite window watching for our friends the raccoons and possums. They come by almost every night and we like to watch them. But tonight the yard is still. No raccoons. No possums. In fact it was way too quiet.

Then suddenly we saw something move near the big chestnut tree. It was just a glimpse and we weren't sure if we really saw it so we kept watching. There it was again, a flash of white. After a while we saw it again, but this time it stayed longer before vanishing again. By now we were really curious as to what it could be.

When it finally showed itself again we saw it was a cat, a big white cat. That in itself is not strange but when this cat turned it's head in our direction we saw it had glowing red eyes. And it had seen us.

It started walking in the direction of our window. We couldn't decide if we should stay and see what it wanted or run and hide. Of course being cats our curiosity got the best of us and we stayed. When the big white cat was almost to our window something really strange happened. The cat began to float. It slowly floated right up to our window. It was a really big cat, bigger than any of us.

"Hello, little cats", it said. When it spoke it's red eyes got brighter. "Don't be afraid" it said. "Why don't you come outside and play with me?" We told the cat we weren't allowed outside because our Mama said it was dangerous for us. The big cat laughed and his eyes got even redder. "There is nothing to be afraid of out here." Then he smiled and we saw how big his teeth were and his fangs were huge. We were really getting scared.

"Just open the window and jump out, I want to play with you." he said. Georgia stepped forward and said "NO, we are not coming outside with you. We are too smart to fall for your tricks."

Then the cat growled at us, it was the most scary sound we have ever heard. He twirled around and around like a spinning top,  and then........he vanished in a puff of smoke.

We don't look out that window any more when there is a full moon. 

PSYCHO....take... 13
eye had been waked up frum a sound sleepz by a clap oh thunder that rumbled durin de wee mornin hourz. still dark out oh doorz...eye could see veree little.....but eye sensed a prezentz with me in de same room. Frank lee it made me furz stand on end.... yet eye couldna hizz, growl, mewve ore caterwaul.  Me heart wuz beetin sew loud... eye new me own heart wuz gonna give me a way.....N sudden lee de monsturr cackeled my name....TUNA....

eye could smell de rotten breath frum kleer cross de room N it be werst than 10 weekz old halibuttz. Me just NEW it had ta bee de devil hiz self. A sudden boltz oh lightnin streeked cross de sky; N mor thunder shook de pick surez on de walls.... now eye am freekin out coz de lightnin flashed just enuff for me ta catch a glimpse oh it

itz hairz bee standin on end and goin everee which way like branches ona deaded tree. it shuffled cross de floor makin a draggin sound N eye dinna noe if it bee on feetz, clawz, ore cloven hoovezs.  Findin sum strength ta get up N flee... eye dezprit lee sirched for a place ta hide....N in me terrroz eye ran inta de bathroomz

trapped like marion crane, de monsturr came clozer N clozer N clozer N another bolt
oh lightnin lit up de sky; then eye saw de creechure within inches oh bee me mom....butt azz nekked.....gettin reddy ta take a shower...N then eye pazzed out


Madi and Mom's Story is not in the judging....we just wanted to tell it
 Maco Light  Madi and Mom true story from the NC Coast.  First Mom pasted the background will be followed by her real life experience in red.

he Maco Light is one of North Carolina's great ghost stories. For over a century, mysterious lights were observed and even photographed bobbing up and down along the railroad tracks near Maco Station, a few miles west of Wilmington. When anyone approached the lights, they would disappear. It's even said that Grover Cleveland saw the lights while on whistle stop tour in 1889.The legend of the Maco Light dates back to a tragic night in 1867. A train was rolling along the tracks and the signalman, Joe Baldwin, was sleeping in the caboose. Joe was shocked awake by a violent jerk, and he immediately knew that the caboose had become detached from the rest of the train. Joe also knew that his wasn't the only train scheduled for those tracks that night.
Grabbing his lantern, Joe Baldwin stood on the back of the caboose as the sound of an oncoming passenger train rumbled closer. Joe frantically waved his warning light, but it was too late. The engineer of the oncoming train had too little time to stop the tons of speeding steel. The locomotive slammed into Joe's caboose, and brave Joe Baldwin was decapitated in the crash.
Joe's head was thrown by the force of the accident into the murky swamps that surrounded the tracks. It was never found. His headless body was buried a week later. Ever since that night, lights have been seen moving up and down the track around Maco. Sometimes it's only one light, sometimes it's two. People says that it's the ghost of Joe Baldwin, still searching for his missing head.

Mom here:  When I was 11 we had a family reunion at my paternal Grandmother's home at Wrightsville Beach, NC.  During the reunion the adults started talking about the Legend of the Maco Light.    My cousins and I begged and pleaded with our Dad's to take us to the train tracks at Maco Station which was no longer an active train track.   The station was very dark except for the moon.  Of course 4 children begging trumped 3 adult off we we went.  My 6 year old cousin and I were walking in the front with my Dad . The other two (4 and 3) were being carried by their Dads.  We had walked past the area the swamp embankment and where Joe Baldwin was said to appear with his lantern.  We walked on a little further but saw nothing.  Lo and behold as we turned around to head back to the car....there it was...a light swinging to and fro and a dark figure.  I thought it was a prank the Dad's had arranged until my Daddy reached down to grab our hands. I could feel the tight grip Daddy had on my hand and there was a tone to his voice as told us to stand very close. The figure and the light kept moving toward us.  As it advanced, the light became so bright you could see the colors of our shorts, shoes and socks....the closer it got to us you  the colors became brighter and you could see the shape of a lantern and a figure...We were literally frozen there. I, for one was afraid to breath.  Then all of a sudden just as the light and figure reached the trestle/swamp area it seem to fall or drop out of sight.  The light and figure were both gone but  3 grown men and 4 children had to some how muster the courage to walk back down the track over the trestle where the figure disappeared to get to the car.  My Daddy (who was 6'3") picked up me and my cousin. On the count of 3 the Dads took off running toward the car.  When we reached the car, all 7 got in nearly at one time never looking back, peeling out of the Maco station lot.  Not a word was uttered in the car.  My Daddy, my uncles and I were probably the only ones who truly realized we might have just seen a......
G H O S T!!
Over the years my Daddy and I talked about the experience; however, to this day I cannot explain what I saw but I know what I saw.  Many scientist went down there in the early 1970's looking for a scientific answer but never came up with one.





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    P.S. From our mom: I found a pattern for a crochet sweater for a cat online and used that as a basis for Millie & Walters crochet costumes.

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