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Monday, December 2, 2013

Funny story and update

Mom and I cannot tell you how much we appreciate all 
your prayers and comments over the last week while
we were MIA.  My sweet bro-in-law made steady 
progress all week.  His speech is 100% back...
as you will be able to tell from the following *story.
A menu selection for the next day's meals comes with every lunch tray at the hospital.  However, over the week due to shift change sitting with my bro-in-law(BIL)the selection was not made on Saturday.
Saturday night when BIL's tray arrived the aroma was enough to make your nose do a dance.  My sis (is a germ-a phobic) insisted BIL wash his hands again even though he had just done it.  Finally BIL was able to take the lid off the plate....
staring him in the face was a lovely plate of spaghetti................
but on the side of the plated was a pile of GREEN FOOD
(not green eggs). BIL looks up at Sissy to find her eyes about to pop out of her head. 
 BIL finally says
Sissy said when BIL said that she LOL'd so hard her eyes started leaking then BIL started LOL'ing
Sissy bravely volunteered to give the GREEN FOOD a taste test.
Yep it was exactly what the thought is was.
Pureed (baby poopie green)

My BIL is nearly a gourmet cook he often makes up his
own recipes......loves tasting new things but never ever
will he eat GREEN peas whole or pureed.  The nurse heard the commotion coming from BIL's.  When she came in to check it out
the first word out of her mouth was

So Mom and I have a question:
1. Do you have veggies with your Spaghetti?
2. If so, would  you have green peas with spaghetti 

My BIL has one more hurdle to jump tomorrow.
He will have a stent put in his carotid artery tomorrow.
We'll keep you posted as we have news.


  1. We are thinking that BIL was given what we would call 'mushy peas' in the UK. A common accompaniment to fish and chips (but not spaghetti).
    Toodle pip!
    PS Gail and I have fingers and paws crossed that the stent operation goes smoothly.

  2. We are so so glad that BIL is doing so well. That is great news. No thank you to the darn green peas with spaghetti. Yuck. Take care and we send lots of purrs for the surgery tomorrow.

  3. That is great news and onwards and upwards. No green veggies with our spaghetti that would be a crime. Have marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Blegh! We don't blame BIL, the only green stuff we would eat with spaghetti is salad.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  5. We have never tried peas but I myself love green beans with everything....we hope his stent goes well! Sounds like he is making great progress....also wesa gots your card today!
    stella rose

  6. Ewww! My human hates peas in any shape or form. A friend of hers used to add big hunks of red and green peppers to her spaghetti sauce and that was actually quite good, according to her! I'm glad your son-in-law is doing so much better, and I'm sending purrs his way for his stent procedure.

  7. Actually Mommy has eaten spaghetti with green peas, carrots, corn and sausages. Whole peas, not pureed. Heh heh.
    We're happy to hear BIL is doing so well and we'll be purring the insertion of the stent goes smoothly. :)

  8. You never know what those places will serve. Don't ask just eat it. Paws are still crossed for a quick recovery

  9. So sorry we have been absent this past long weekend but we did think of you lots. We are really glad to hear of the steady recovery and will keep thinking of you even if we aren't around to comment! xo

  10. Green peas are evil. I will not eat them nor touch them with a ten foot pole.

  11. If I were to have green peas, they would not be pureed.

    We usually have bread....plenty of it and sliced cheese with our spaghetti. After all tomato sauce is already a veggie, right?

  12. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA...who da hell eats peas withs 'ketti? You suppose to has GARLIC BREAD!!!!!! I not cares if or ifn't a menu selection was sent OR even if it was due to a shift change...dat is just WRONG on so many levels! Kinda like havin' tea with Cheetos...WRONG!


  13. We don't ever ever go near peas in our house. Ick! Keeping our paws crossed!

  14. Pureed Peas! Nasty!! we will keep paws crossed the procedure goes will tomorrow.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  15. SHE usually grates carrot and zucchini to put in the sauce. So there are no side vegetables. Certainly not baby poo peas.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  16. Green Peas with this...YUCK!!! We don't blame Bil... Many Prayes and Purrs your way Madi...Take care...Miss Kitty
    We are also sending out Prayers & Purrs to Brian's Home that all get well soon!

  17. Green peas with spaghetti? Any vegetable with spaghetti...well, maybe a side caesar salad but honestly...PEAS? The Italian in Ma is about to explode. BOL
    *Cairn cuddles*

  18. Catching up on your blog and reading about the health crisis your son in law had. Thank God that he got the care he needed in time to avert long term repercussions. They always say when you can complain you are on the road to recovery. Green Pureed Peas is definitely hospital food!.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  19. de best oh fishes two BIL two morrow madi...we hope him iz on de road ta ree coveree ree sew quik him gets a speedin tickit N noe thanx ta veggies with R sghetti we will take donuts pleez !!!

  20. Madi, Lesueur peas are my mom's favorite. She says they are the best peas! However, she doesn't eat them with spaghetti. Usually she has salad with spaghetti. So glad BIL is doing much better! We got your card today. Thanks!

  21. We are so glad to hear of the great progress BIL is making!! That is fantastic!!! Mom says she like to eat spaghetti squash with spaghetti sauce. It's healthier and tastes just about the same as pasta.

  22. Oh Barharhar, baby food, OMD hope he didn't through it across the room. WE hate peas, we had them once, and they wound up all over the kitchen floor!

    The Mad Scots

  23. Cussing is a good sign of recovery! Me and Stanley have never had spaghetti.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  24. So there is some little toddler out there who missed out on his smashed peas for dinner that night? The only veggies our mama serves with spaghetti is a nice salad.

    Even the nurse couldn't figure that one out. We are thinking that maybe the cafeteria staff got some kidding about that combination.

    Sending healing purrs and good wishes for the stent operation tomorrow.

    Kitty Kisses,
    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew
    Georgia, Adam and Gloria

  25. It's great to hear that your son in law is making such great progress! When our grandpeep was in the rehab center at the beginning of this year, we saw some of the most unlikely combinations of food showing up on platters. Usually they were intended to look appetizing, though. Maybe they thought that he needed only soft things and nothing more than a certain diameter?

  26. Madi, we don't eat spaghetti. But the mom does. And she says the only veggies in her spaghetti is in the sauce and no way would she put peas in there!! We're so glad your BIL is doing better and we purr that he continues to improve.

    BTW, we got your Christmas card today...thank you!!! We haven't sent ours out yet.

  27. Mom loves peas, whole, not pureed, but not with he pasta. Give her a good piece of garlic bread and a salad, perfect.

    All paws crossed for tomorrow's procedure.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning and Mom

  28. I am NOT a pea fan at ALL! I like broc or kale salad with my sketties. Good to hear that ALL his language skills have returned...LOL.

    I'll be thinking of your SIL tomorrow.

    xx Trish

  29. OMD that is one funny story about your BIL...Mama was laughing and laughing.

    We are keeping our paws together for your BIL's operation!!


  30. That's a wonderful sign! If he can complain, he's on the upswing! We're keeping BIL and whole family in our purrayers.
    XOXOXO from your main mancat, Prancer Pie.

  31. It is SO GOOD he is getting better, hope it continues!

  32. I'm back from my holiday hiatus and came to catch blobs are only good when rolled up and wrapped in a rubber band...all $20s, or even better...ALL $50s. I'm not picky.

  33. My Mommy said she'd eat peas with ice cream if she could! She loves peas.

    We're so glad to hear that BIL is doing so much better. We will continue to pray for him.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  34. Got your Christmas card Madi ~ Thank You for the card.
    Sweet William The Scot

  35. Nham nham!!!! Can I go to eat with you?

  36. Poor Greg, pureed green peas with Spaghetti?! Maybe a salad, but not peas! The cook has a funny sense of humor, they both needed a good laugh after a stressful week! Wow, he's a brilliant scientist, an incredible wood carver and now you say he's a gourmet cook?! Praying all goes well today so he can recover!
    Hugs and Nose taps,
    Kathy and Molly

  37. We're glad your s-i-l is doing better. That had to be quite a scare for all of you. We hope the stent surgery goes smoothly and helps. Hugs, purrs and pawtaps.

    Oh, Jan likes peas with anything but not pureed!

    Your Christmas blog decoration is lovely.

  38. Oh, I am sorry to hear about your BIL - but sounds like he is improving.

    There should be some sort of law on the books about how peas and spaghetti do NOT go together. Ever. No matter what. While I will occasionally put broccoli in my spaghetti - peas in spaghetti are an abomination. I could go on and on. That's just wrong for so many reasons. And pureed peas? That's beyond an abomination.

    Praying the surgery for your BIL goes well today.

  39. We're glad to hear the good report on your BIL! The only thing I like with spaghetti is salad and garlic toast!

  40. FABulous news abouts your BIL!!!! YEA!! Now abouts that mushed up peas...yuk!!!! I don't know NOTHIN' abouts that!! There should be NO GREEN THINGIES with your spaghetti!!! Period!! yuks.
    Anyhu, keepin' my paws crossed Miss Madi for you whole family!!
    Ruby ♥

  41. Peas and spaghetti? YUK! Glad your BIL is doing well and I will continue my purrs.

  42. Lady loves peas (even mushy ones) but wouldn't have them with spaghetti. If she wants more veggies than the sauce has, she makes a salad. Lee and Phod

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