Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Weekend Tale on Tuesday and PSA


Mona and Prissy's Mom, Miss Sarah 
Did have her surgery on Friday, however there was a small glitch and a bit more surgery was needed.    She wants folks to know that she IS out of the Hospital and staying with her Sister.    Mona and Prissy are staying with their furends..  
    Miss Sarah  says she   WILL  still be making the Smile Box fur Father's Day... it will just take Longer than anticipated.      SO if you have NOT sent her a pic of YOUR DAD...  you still have some time to get them in TO HER EMAIL:  redricca@sbcglobal.net

Saturday is linen day here at the homestead...
well unless I decide it is NOT
That is what I decided this past Saturday
I heard Mum mumbling she does that a lot
something about "Madi don't tell
me you are already napping".
My tail was tucked and I was in a 
purrfect napping circle yes woman
I'm taking another nap.

 My theory is mom like a gnat if you ignore her she will eventually move on....
 I won...she move on I didn't
at least not until I was ready.
Notice I gave her the raised eyebrow stinky eye.
That is my story and I'm sticking to it.
Hugs Madi

FYI:  For some reason Blogger
failed to recognize that we had a new post up 
yesterday so we hope it behaves today.


  1. Madi, we are kitties - we nap whenever we want!

    More purrs to Sarah!

  2. Yeah, we nap whenever and wherever we wants!

  3. Mom = GNAT

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Madi, I am told that my predecessor Hamish was the all time champion at not moving until he wanted to. Looks like you have some of the same characteristics.
    Toodle pip!

  5. You certainly showed HER a thingy or two about what is imPAWtant in life. She needs to Weigh the situation carefully... Madi's Need fur a morning siesta vs Clean Sheets Siesta or Sheets The Queen or the Quilt
    The Diva or the Duvet The Cougar Cat or the Covers The MAYORESS or the Matress Pad. Of course YOU would Win in each (Pillow) CASE.

  6. Mommy wonders why those annoying gnats won't leave HER alone when she ignores them?

  7. Mawahwhahhwha GNAT.. love your quilt Madi. Sorry wez been AWOL butt so busy this end xxxoxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  8. LOL Madi never move until it suits you. Mum = gnat ha ha. We likewise show the stinky eye and go back to napping. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Napping is what cats do best. Tell your Mom it's bad luck to disturb a napping cat.

  10. Madi, we have news for your Mom; It is our jobs to take as many naps as we can fit into the day, so what is the problem. So just nap on. And have a great day too.

  11. You should teach a class in da "raised eyebrow stinky eye". Yours is purfection.

  12. hahaha the old cat-wisdom says: let napping cats lie :o) I do that too, specially when the staff tries to change the bedding... they always wait till I leave the place... even for hours... they are well-trained :o)

  13. Mom won't touch the bed if we're sleeping on it! Raz says you have the cutest stinky eye he's ever seen!!

    your guy Raz and The Florida Furkids

  14. We guess the linen laundry day just had to wait a little while until you were done with that nap.

  15. blogger and feedly and windows live email are all having hiccups.. you do have such a beautiful sleep circle and good for you staying put. mom can do those linens any old day, like when you are not napping.. but then when is that?

  16. That looks like a cozy bed to nap on Madi!

  17. It must be very hard for Mom to change the sheets if Her Serene Highness decides to take a nap on the bed!!! That is a very Stinky Eyed look! BOL
    Your BFFF,

  18. Dietzy always wins that battle I finks my momma is as scared of him as we ares.
    stella rose

  19. Sending lots of good vibes your way
    Lily & Edward

    1. Mom pressed publish before we were finished talking. So...good vibes to the lady . And you keep getting as much beauty naps as possible

  20. I hope your friend gets well soon.

    Madi, you are a purrfect kitty cat. I've seen that look many times at my house.

  21. My thoughts and prayers go to your friend. You're adorable when napping! An AC man was just here and he loves animals, but especially kitties. :)
    You were so right about the heat here! lol Hope you're doing well. :)

  22. Blogger has been doing weird things! Thanks for the PSA Madi and you are right to stay put. You're needs are first! All of us cats feel that way. Keep enjoying your snoozes Madi.

  23. Napping is always the best option pretty Madi!

  24. best fishes two yur friend sarah....we hope her bee on de roadz health & ree coveree in a quik minit ore even faster ♥

  25. GNAT! MOL! We ignore our gnat, er mama, too sometimes. You are so beautiful Madi.

    Reason for Blogger not showing your post at the right time was because you had published, probably by accident like our mama does sometimes. It is then stuck in that time and won't show up at the top of the list unless you redo it even if you change the publish time.

    Kitty Kisses,
    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew
    Georgia, Adam and Gloria
    Daphne and Mindy
    Alice, Cooper and Vincent

  26. We just tried to comment and Blogger was acting like a turd! Madi, tell your mom a Diva needs her rest!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

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  27. Good job Madi, it is always best to hold out on them. It works for me everytime!

    Loveys Sasha

  28. I make my mum wait when I am napping too Madi.

  29. Hi Y'all!

    You look so cute all curled up there. Is there are sunbeam coming soon?

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  30. We like that stink eye, Madi. Purrs for Sarah.

  31. Yous so purretty Madi and yous look so comfy.

    Luv ya'



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