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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday Duck Tale and Hug PSA

Today day I'd like to tell you a tale about 
these two ducks....

They aren't just any old ducks...they
are special ducks...

The are made from golf clubs...
see mom is holding each of them 

so you can see their duck bellies..
We think they are quite clever
so when you see them coming be sure to 
The end

An assignment:

OK  friends grab your human give him/her
a great big sloppy kiss and hug around the neck....
and be sure there is someone there to take a picture...
So you can join Lily and Edward for their hugfest
on September memory of everyone's
B E N N Y who was a lover and a FIGHTER!!


  1. Those ducks are adorable and what a great idea for used clubs!
    We're ready for all that hugging on September 6. Can we send virtual hugs, too?
    XOXO from all your besties at Angel Prancer Pie.

  2. Wow those ducks are super cool and creative. Mommy loves them. I am all set for some hugs and kisses for Angel Benny. Don't forget about cheese pizza day on Friday!

    Love Sasha

  3. Those ducks are cool! I can hug my human but there is no one here right now to take a photo!

  4. Does it have to be sloppy? Becuz my kissies are usually pretty neat.

  5. What a fab idea they are Madi :) and they look so sweet ! there are some clever ideas out there in the world for sure :) and we will get all snuggly for the 6th too!! hugs and loves Fozziemum xx

  6. Those ducks are amazing.
    I'm in practice with the....
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. Hi there ducky. Hugs sounds good to us. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. We'll check out that hugfest. Have a lovely day.

  9. We have never heard of ducks made of golf clubs. What a wonderful idea!

    The hugfest sounds like a great idea, too. Thanks for letting us know it's coming up.

  10. Did you give your ducks NAMES? Sarge lives very close to a golf course and we SOMETIMES hear the golfers SCREAM... FOUR ... so you could name your duckies FOUR and FOR... They are really REALLY cute.
    We are ready fur Hugs and Kisses X's and O's day. BUTT we could use some PRACTICE so we will send YOU some XOXOXOXOXOXO

  11. Those golf clubs are great. That was such a good idea. That sounds like a fun idea to do the hugging deal. Happy Thursday to all of you.

  12. I will duck for the duck of course. that's a super idea, I like it to create things from totally different things ( hahaha my mom, huh? she only can create trash from treasures lol) My hug-picture is ready for saturday!

  13. i thought those ducks were small decoys. what a clever idea... i like the one on the right best, in the first pic.... oh goody a hug fest... Duck, no hugs allowed.. MOL

  14. How very clever!! We are negotiating terms with regard to the hugfest!!! MOL

  15. Hehe that is very interesting! Thank you for the reminder of the hugfest. We will try to remember to do this after school today! Hope you have been well!

  16. That is so cool that they are golf clubs. What a most excellent gift to give to such a golf fanatic. I'll have to remember that! XOXO - Bacon

  17. Now that is a very clever idea - we see lots of golf clubs just sitting in the garage - maybe we could get a flock of ducks here too:)

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  18. um, Putter Jean has a problem using my camera....LOL

    Those are such a creative way to remake something out of the golf clubs.

  19. That's a grreat idea to make those ducks out of golf clubs. After all, golf is silly and everybody likes ducks, right?!

  20. Very clever way to "recycle" old golf club heads!
    Where did Mom get them?!
    Kathy and Molly

  21. BOL...Oh Madi, you are so very funny!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

    PeeEss...We are going to make sure and have Mama take pictures of us with Daddy tonight!!

  22. WEll those were cool ducks....thanks for reminding us about the hug pictures.
    stella rose

  23. madi....ya noe how manee times ya used de burd werd in thiz post.....TWO MANEE !!! ♥♥♥

  24. That is a very clever duck idea pretty Madi!

  25. Gotta love those ducks! They pack a punch too!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  26. What a clever idea!!!

    your guy Raz and The Florida Furkids

  27. Those are FABulous duckies!!! How clever of the peeps to recycle...butts they don't look like they taste very good. Now, i don't do the huggin' thing..I don't knows how Ma is gonna gets me to take a pic of that!!!
    Ruby ♥

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. That is a very cute idea for the golf clubs.

  30. Ducks from clubs! Cool. Thank you for mentioning us
    Lily & Edward

  31. That is SO clever!! Our grandpa used to play golf and mom calls our Oumie "duck" *BOL* just thought we'd share.
    Wally & Sammy

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