Thursday, February 26, 2015

Shopping around the World (a day early)

We are pawticipating in Bacon/Fozziemum’s 
“Shopping Around The World” 
We are posting it a Day Early for the USA but it is on time For Fozziemum's
Down Under in Oz
It’s a “RANDOM” day…….
1.  A Random Frozen Meal of your choice
Since Mom is retired, the peeps don't use frozen meals but their favorite
frozen dessert is Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream cake for their birthdays in January and April
~$20.00 USD for a 9"x 11" cake

2.  A Random Dessert you like:
This is a new dessert mom made for their 45th anniversary 
Mom calls it Death by Chocolate and is purrty sure it should come with a warning that it is controlled substance cause it is so sweet and has so much chocolate in it!
It is really called Triple Chocolate Buttermilk Pound Cake

As for the cost, we aren't exactly sure.  
The ingredients are what most folks have in their pantries.
Mom had to buy was a package of semisweet dark chocolate morsels
and 60% Cacao dark chocolate morsels
Cost of two bags of chocolate ~$5.00 USD

3.  Any Random Fruit:  
Granny Smith Apple (it matches my eyes)  Cost: ~$1.29 a lb USD

4.  A Random Item:
Folgers Coffee $5.29 USD for 12 oz
Fresh Market Christmas Blend (once a year) $10.99 USD for 12 oz
5.  A Random condiment of your choice
Mrs. Dash all flavors: ~$3.00 USD A Bottle
Emeril's Original Essence Jumbo spice: ~$5.00 USD a bottle
Cavenders salt free Greek Seasonings:$6.29 USD 

REMINDER 1 more shopping day

Be sure to go check out the auction. Lots and Lots of great Items. 


  1. Mom says she is moving in. Ice-cream birthday cakes and Death by chocolate anniversary cakes are right up her alley *BOL*
    Wally & Sammy

  2. Our Mama is right behind Waly and Sammy's you know they do not even HAVE a Baskin and Robbins in Northern California?!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  3. I like it that Mom chooses her apples to match your eyes Madi!
    Toodle pip!

  4. Tell your Mom her cake is gorgeous!
    Hope you have a great Thursday.
    XOXO from your besties at Angel PRancer Pie.

  5. You got us at the ice cream cake....since we're not allowed chocolate. Hey, you can just put it outside if it starts to melt...bwahaahaahaa!

  6. Ice Cream Cake, why haven't we got one of them Mum!!!!
    Gosh, I'm drooling on the keyboard over that!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. OMD ice cream cake????? We want. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. We thought at first the apple went into the death by chocolate cake, but you were just posing with it, right? (Then again, that might be tasty... for humans, anyhow.)

  9. Gimme anything with dark chocolate, and I'm all yours!!!

  10. Oh wowzers....that ice cream cake looks delish but so does the Death by Chocolate cake......decisions/decisions. You did well on your shopping adventure Madi my girl - my post will be tomorrow. It's fun seeing what everybody pays for stuff around the world isn't it?!?!?!?!?! WHERE IS THE SUN? HAS IT GONE AWAY FOREVER? I HATE SNOW!!!!

    Love, Sam

  11. Hari OM
    hmmmmm there is something of a theme going on here .. and I don't mean the shopping bit!!! I am about to take cakes form the oven - thanks for the reminder... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  12. I could melt away for this ice cream and the deadly chocolate would be the perfect dessert after the ice cream... maybe with some jumbo spice?
    I'm always impressed when I see how much condiments you can buy. We have pepper and salt and the one and only "herbes de provence" they use for everything :o)
    easy rider

  13. Wow, we sure want some of that deadly chocolate cake. That looks so darn good. The ice cream cake looks yummy too. That was a great food report. It all sounds good. You all have a Happy Thursday. Hope you didn't get too much snow. We lucked out and didn't get any.

  14. I noticed your NOSE in all but two of these, how did you like the birthday cake. we love Sara Lee frozen coconut cream pie.. yummm if mayo is a condiment that is my favorite, if it is not, i use garlic salt in everything.

  15. My hubby would eat a sandwich before eating any frozen meal. That cake looks divine. YUM-ME!!!

  16. Hey Everybuddy..... If we don't hear from Madi today.... it is probably beclaws she has lost either her Intermutts or her Power or BOTH... due to the HUGE snow that she is getting...

    OMD the I Scream Cake and the Chocolate Pound cake look FABULOUS to US...

  17. Now my mom is hungry and thirsty, she wants some of that pound cake with a cup of coffee, thank you. stella rose

  18. OMD, you've got us all drooling - especially Mum. Ice cream and cake are her to favourite things so combining them is her idea of heaven!
    Dip and Elliot x

  19. Madi ask your Mom if she will post the recipe for Death By Chocolate! YUM

  20. Great shopping pretty Madi, but for some reason I'm pretty hungry now!

  21. madi....did sum one menshunz cake !!! we will bee ther in 5....7....2......9.....1.....

    ~~~~ ding dong ding bee uz ringin de bell !! ♥♥♥

  22. That cake is about $25 here and moms favorite
    Lily & Edward

  23. Hope you get your power back soon!! Just came from Frankie and Ernie's! Good Luck!

  24. Madi, we know you probably cannot see this. BUTT if you look at the blog on your phone (which you can recharge on your car charger) then you will see my advice. You and your pawrents should all snuggle down under the covers to stay warm. Maybe take come chips with you too. Stay warm and hope your power is restored soon!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  25. Great random items, Madi - Mom is very interested in finding that Cavender's salt free spice jar.

    We think we might like to join you in licking that ice cream cake - we love all kinds of ice cream - except we aren't allowed to have chocolate.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  26. We've been alerted about your predicament and are praying power returns soon! Stay warm and safe and Blueberry is sending extra furs your way for extra warmth for all of you. Pretty generous of her, right? ;)

  27. It's always fun to see who much things cost in other places of the country!
    P.S. That cake your mom made looks DELICIOUS!!!

  28. We love seeing what stuff costs all over. We'll be pawticipating tomorrow.

  29. Those first two items are making mom's mouth water.

  30. OMD!!!! IScream cake???!!!! OMD, that is my favorite!!! Okays, maybe Mud Pie is my, um I mean, Ma's favorite! She will take it over almost any cake in the world!! To die for! (so I hear, with all her 'yummmmmms' and 'ooooooohs',,,I never gets any..pffft!)
    Anyhu, I heard you guys lost your powers from a terribles nasty winter storm!!! I hopes you guys got it back, and are nice and warm and able to use the puter!!
    Ruby ♥

  31. I'm so sorry you lost power! The phones were out at hubby's work on Thursday. Our power at home stayed on, I feel very lucky!
    I'm so glad to know about Fresh Market's Christmas coffee...yum! Maybe next year you can remind us all. Santa's White Christmas my favorite for years. That chocolate anniversary cake looks and sounds delicious!!! Hubby's bday is one week from today and mine is in April. I'm hoping it's warm by April. :) the photo of Madi & the apple. :) Her eyes are so expressive!
    Hope you enjoy your weekend!
    love & hugs,


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