Tuesday, January 10, 2017

PSA and Tuesday Tale

PSA  from Christmas and Robin

Hello, Blogville friends. This is Robin Whiskers, Christmas the Dachshund's mom. Many of you probably know that Jamison, the sweet chocolate colored kitty over at Noodle's blog (https://noodle4president.wordpress.com/) passed away from his injuries today (Monday).

On Friday I will be hosting "Purrs 4 Jamison Day". If you could, on that day post a tribute to Jamison, how he impacted Blogville, etc. Anything honoring Jamison will do! I'm sure Jamison's mom, Samantha, will appreciate all the support from Blogville.

Here is a badge I created if you want to spread the word.

Thank you so much!

This was taken in 2014...I'm still quick as greased lightning!!

And this is the first time in about 3 years that the kitchen windows have been opened.  We just got new
screens on them in the Fall 2016 so now I hope to have lots more sniffs!!

Mom here:  On Friday January 6, 2 days after the 64 degree day we had snow and single digit temperatures!!  Crazy crazy weather.  If you don't like NC weather wait, 5 minutes/2 days and it will change!!


  1. Wow, you are having crazy weather, Madi! Well, I guess those open windows were nice while they lasted.

    P.S. We were so sad when we heard that Jamison didn't make it. :-(

  2. That was a powerful leap! We are not allowed on the cabinets, except when Mom is not looking! We have been having crazy weather here too. It dropped 30 degrees one day and today it went up 30!

  3. your leaps are legend... and if we have the next owlympigs I know who will win all that gold medals in leaping events :o) I will be there on friday....it's so sad that noodle and his furmily have to say farewell to a beloved furmily member...

  4. You are quite the acrobatic jumper, Madi!

  5. The weather is certainly giving the peeps sumthingy to talk about isn't it!
    Oh and Madi, all that cat yoga is certainly paying off, you are very agile!!!!
    Do you want me to ring Chester on the moon phone and ask him to come over and sort out the Squirrel Cartel in your garden? He really is very good!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  6. You are mighty good at that leaping Madi. Looks like you had a very busy day. You all take care. The warm temps are coming back for a minute anyway.

  7. We are happy to trade you weather - amazing jumper Madi!

  8. Wow, it's always fun to have an adventure. Open windows are pawsome.

  9. i love all your action shots today, leaping across and leaping down. now you have smell vision with your tv to outside..

  10. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Poor Jamison.

    Wow, Madi. You should be in the long jump at the Olympics.

    lol.....come live in MS and it's worse about changing.

  11. ABLE TO LEAP HOOOGE Caverns In a Single bound.... it's SUPER MADI....
    OMD girrrrrl.... you got to sniff the Outdoors in JANUARY... Before the Big Freeze hit... THAT must have been VERY MUCH Refreshing fur sure.
    Wait until SPRING comes... and those windows are open OFTEN ...

  12. Pigeon is 15 and still jumps all over the counters!

  13. Weather is misbehaving almost everywhere! You are a gifted leaper, Madi... and such effortless grace!

  14. Thanks so much for spreading the word about Purrs 4 Jamison day! Jamison will be furever missed.

  15. Fantastic leap! I have to climb on the bench then climb onto the counter. Mom calls me kitty kat
    Lily (& Edward)

  16. We did not know Jamison but we stopped by there with hugs earlier today.

  17. Weather is wonky everywhere! I visited Angel Jamison's blog; he seemed like a nice kitty. Madi, you be careful!

  18. We gave Jamison's two-leggers a hug and a purr today. So sad.

    But you: look at you go! How easy you make it all look!

    Mara, Brom and Miss Oswin from Norway

  19. You are so athletic, Madi!!! That was an amazing leap!!! Great pictures of you:)

  20. Great leaping there, Madi!!! Crazy weather indeed. It was 58 when we got up this morning at 5:30 and now it is down to 49 - that's not supposed to happen - we have cold, then warm, then cold again and maybe an ice storm for the weekend. Why can't MOther Nature behave and just bring us some good snow???

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  21. Mother Nature is causing serious havok at our house too. First it was so frigid cold now we have warmed up but the rain turned everything to ice and now it is snowing again. Poor Mr B is having a hard time getting around and Mom is hating her drives to work
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  22. So sorry about Jamison. Maybe I can borrow some purrs from my kitty cat cousins Maddie and Tibie.

    We had some very cold weather, but now it's warming up and raining. We hope it doesn't turn to ice!

  23. madi....we say de same heer in de state oh trout.....if ewe due knot like
    whatz on de grill, stand bye coz de men ewe will change in like 5.......♥♥♥

  24. What a fun window adventure, Madi!! Weather has been really screwy this year!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  25. You can do it, Madi! You can DO IT!!!!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    M. Thatcher

  26. Our mom was a bit worried cuz you were leaping to and from such slipper surfaces! We told her you had it in 4 paw drive.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  27. You are still very spry. We will definitely participate in Jamison's day.

  28. Raz fainted when he saw your leap...we'll be reviving him soon!

    your (unconscious) guy Raz and The Florida Furkids

  29. You are still quite an agile gal Miss Madi.

  30. Hey, that's the same thing we say here in Michigan. If you don't like the weather, just wait 10 mins, it will change. :)

  31. Oh gurl, I do loves the fresh Aire too! Ma says she's addicted to it, and I thinks she's right. Our neighbor has been insisting on burning 'green wood' in their fireplace the entire winter, so it's been like a forest fire everyday in our backyard! yuck. Anyhu, I hopes it warms up for you guys soon....that sounds like no funs at all! Plus, the peeps tend to fall on their hinnies in the ice and cold...though it's funny to watch, it can mean injured peeps, which means less foodables! yikes! Better watch over your peeps, keep them safe and upright! ☺
    Ruby ♥


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