Sunday, April 23, 2017

EASY SUNDAY and interesting factiods

Mom here:  I've been subscribing to Reader's Digest for longer than I can remember.
I love that it fits in my pocketbook, has great stories and I learn things that I can share such as:

Surprising Singulars and Plurals

The plural of beef is beeves
One strand of spaghetti is a spaghetto
The plural of opus is opera
One piece of confetti is confetto
The plural of sphinx is sphinges

Did I hear thank yous?

You are very welcomed!
I'm informed, so I can inform!

Yesterday we rec'd a call.  Caller identified himself
as David Markam with UPS calling about a sweepstakes I won.  I hung up.  I knew it was fake. He called again asking why I hung up didn't I remember entering a sweepstakes with UPS?  I hung up again.  
Googled UPS scam  click here for info.


  1. My human likes to mess with the painfully obvious scammers. It's a good thing that "UPS" human didn't call here - my human would not have been happy until she'd gotten him to curse at her!

  2. Crikey ..... lucky you are informed, aye?? OR you might have fallen for that scam thingoe. Mum really liked those singular and plural things. She reckons she didn't know any of those. Especially the thank yous and the You are very welcomed ones. She likes Readers digest too. She doesn't subscribe any more but she reads them in Doctors surgeries. They always seem to be there.

  3. Hari OM
    The key to life is knowledge, Madi's mum... and we can never stop learning!!! Hugs to you (and whiskeries to Madi, if she's reading) YAM xx

  4. I am so sick of scammers and they are even in email these days.. thanks for the reminder. love your sunny spot today Madi... and now I am smarter than I was when I came here.... hope it helps my senior moments... who would ever eat a spagetto???? MOL BOL LOL

  5. I got a call from England a while ago asking for Mr J. They pronounced the name right and all. When I said there wasn't a Mr J, only a Ms J (ie me), they didn't want to know and hung up. I think they want to get all my data from my telephone, but they are not in luck. I have one of those ones that can only do calls and texts and nothing else. No internet on my phone!

    Speaking several languages I do get them mixed-up sometimes. Especially with plurals and such. Or I all of a sudden say hello in Spanish, a language I don't speak at all! Language is a funny thing!

  6. Thank you on the Singular and Plurals... I have learned new things today! I never answer my phone unless I know the caller. If they know me they can leave a voice mail. Different for you, I am thinking you got that call on your home phone. Madi, you have sun... I almost didn't recognize what it was... hoping for sun today and warmer temps! Good Morning!

  7. Mom used to love Reader's Digest. She hasn't seen it in ages but it sounds like it's just as good.

    your guy Raz and The Florida Furkids

  8. Wow, he was persistent, wasn't he? Mom luffs Readers' Digest too.

  9. Thank you pretty Madi! The plural of snoozy is normal!

  10. It's calls like those that keep our mom from answering any calls where she doesn't recognize the number, especially out of state ones. Sadly some of the scammers use local numbers too but she just hangs up right away as soon as they start trying to give their talk.

  11. Well those are interesting too :) Thanks Miss Madi!!!!

  12. You found the perfect sunpuddle today, Madi! You and your mom and too smart! We are learning all sorts of cool things today - first Chester and now you! Thank you!

  13. We are now feeling so much better informed.
    Thank you Madi!

  14. Mom loves the Readers Digest although she no longer gets it, she always reads it when waiting for Dad at the chiropractor
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  15. Ghostwriter and I decided to see if we could make sentences out of those words:
    Beeves are what we're having for dinner.
    One spaghetto is never enough.
    If an opus is a piece of work, then an opera is a 16-hour shift.
    A confetto is annoying if it sticks to my nose.
    And how many sphinges do we need in this world anyway?

    Oh, and we hate those scammers too! Thanks for the warning.

  16. Oh my a scammer that calls back and asks why you hung up! OH MY Madi!!

  17. My mum knew the Italian singular ends in O and plural in I, also in antipasti and antipasto. She didn't know the plural of beef is beeves though. That sounds weird!

  18. Madi good for your Mom setting that scammer straight! BRAVO! As for the singulars and plurals - I am AMAZED....never EVER would have known any of those if you hadn't told me!!! Love things like that......

    Hugs, Teddy

  19. Just recently ran into 'beeves' in a book. I was very surprised. Hadn't heard the rest. Good for you for hanging up on the Sweepstakes guy. You should report it to the police so they know it's happening in your area.

  20. You mean we didn't win he UPS sweepstakes. Oh darn!

  21. Oh, we like those singulars and plurals!!! Very fun info!

  22. Oh dat are interesting!! Hope you had a nice Easy and your pawrents didn't get anymore of those pesky phone calls.

  23. Those are very interesting. Glad you didn't gt scammed, I have seen a lot of that on the news.

  24. I love your sunbeam pose. ♥ Reader's Digest have always been one of my favorite magazines. My mom got them forever and as an adult, we subscribed to them at the school library where I worked. I miss them now that you reminded me how fun they were! Phone scams are so scary. I received the "Can you hear me?" scam on my cell but had read about it so I hung up. The UPS one is new to me so thanks for the warning.

  25. Oh, I didn't not knows most of those! You knows that Ma had a guy call her a couple of months ago and tell her he was from Microsoft, and that he was letting her know that her computer had a security breach and that is why it was running so slow. She said, there was nothing wrong with her puter. He said there was. She said, no. You are not from Microsoft. He said, yes I am. She said, this is a scam. He said, no it is not. She said, you send her a registered letter from Microsoft, THEN she will talk to you. Then she said, Goodbye. and hung up. when she Googled Microsoft calls, she found this same one has been goin' on foreverrrrrs! they just think of new ways to try and get us off guard. This is where Google is a lifesaver! ☺
    Ruby ♥

  26. Reader's Digest is awesome! So sick of scams! Thank you for making us aware of this one. :)

  27. The Hubby loves having caller id, and he refuses to answer any calls that don't have a number he recognizes. So much for the 'Do Not Call' list; that stopped working years ago.

  28. I have said some really ugly things to those callers. I don't know if it is humanly possible to do a couple of the things I told them to do :)


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