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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thoroughly Thankful Poetic Thursday & Pic Part I

Thoroughly Thankful Poetic Thursday 
Angel Sammy has suggested one of these words:
car, camera, cookie, carpet.
Being an over achiever I have decided once again to use all of them.
Thoroughly Poetic Thursday with Teddy and Angel Sammy
Today's poem is factual/with embellishments by

While my peeps were away,
Bored I did stay
So I hopped on eBay.
To my surprise I found lots of goodies 
Including cookies.
To my delight, 
My order was sent overnight.
I ate and I ate til them I did toss
all over the new carpet.
Alas I had no car to take me far.
All I could do was face my fate
When my peeps arrived, very late in the night
we had a gleeful reunion. There were squeals of joy
and lots of hugs.  I was thrilled beyond belief
to hear mom's camera storage was over loaded.
So three cheers there is no evidence there
were cookies tossed about.

This photo was taken on Tuesday, June 27th,
the day after the aforementioned incident.
As you can see I had no worries.  Life is good
my peeps are home!!

Today we are participating in 

I Madison D. Cat am thankful for a loving home and understanding
peeps who love me unconditionally.  I am especially thankful for mom's handy
dandy Bissell Pet Shampooer which she 'happily' put to use at 10 pm on Monday night.
Woo Hoo Yay Mom you are the bestest!!

Thursday June 22, 2017
Today I' starting to features some pictures of our no particular order
Jet boat tour down the Colorado River through Canyonlands National park.
I was very thankful for the wonderful opportunity to take a trip in a covered boat.
 Normally this is the boat used for the Jet Boat tour.  We could have literally melted

w/o a top.

It was a scorching day (103F).  

This rock formation is called the Jar
look closely you see a handle on the left

From the boat we saw a family of Brown Desert Big Horn sheep.
As you can see they blend in with their surroundings.
This was one of the adults.  The baby was behind the rock

Sculptures of a big horn sheep
 and a lizard...I saw of few of these living and breathing too!!


  1. That was a fun poem! And wow, those amazing photos!

  2. Cookies are irresistible. We were discussing the importance of having a steam cleaner when you have a dog with my son earlier! LOL! I took a picture of the hole in the rock as we drove by it. (If that is the one in Utah on the side of the road)

  3. Bertie wants to learn how to order cookies on eBay.
    We both think the boat trip looks brilliant.
    Cheers, Gail.

  4. Madi that was a good idea to spend the time with shopping while your pawrents were not at home ;o) I love the boats tour, how great and different all things look when we watch it from a boat... love the jar-rock ... probably the handle was made for a giant :o)

  5. Hari OM
    sounds like you had a pawty at your place Madi, with none of the hassle usually incumbent!!! Lucky you to have such a mum and definitely something to be grateful for. Looks like that SD card was filled with lots of delightful stuffs and we look forward to seeing more as she empties it in order to start photographing your beautifurs self again. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Your poem is just the best, Madi, and we are loving the beautiful vaca photos!

  7. That was such a wonderful poem. Well done. The pictures are just the best. What fun to see all that. That was nice of you Madi to leave such a nice present for the mom. Got to get her back to work for you. Have a super day.

  8. I am thankful this Thursday that your assistant and dad are home and the only thing she had to do was clean the spot on the carpet. your poem shows you were ok with mom and dad.. thankful for your sitter to... wow on that open boat. glad they had one with a cover for you... gorgeous views from that boat

  9. Oh yes, glad there was a top on that boat. NEAT trip.

    Poor Madi, I'm glad Mom had the Bissell to help clean up your upset tum tum.

  10. Did that boat go super fast? It looks like fun. :)

  11. Excellent poem!!!! We're thankful your Mom and Dad are home! Raz says he's THANKFUL that he's your ManCat!!!

    your guy Raz and The Florida Furkids

  12. What an excellent poem Madi. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures from your trip. We can't wait to see more.

  13. Oh Madi you put ALL the prompt words in one poem! BRAVO FOR YOU!!! Sorry you felt the need to welcome your Mom and Dad home with a big pile of recycled food (!!) but she had the right tool to take care of it didn't she and I know she didn't mind one bit! Nice to have them home again though.........what SMASHING photos of the place they visited.....

    Love, Teddy

  14. Wow! We love seeing pictures like that. I wouldn't want to be out in that heat, though. Glad your peeps didn't melt and got home safely.

  15. Using all the C words made for a most excellent poem, Madi! I am thinking your hat came in very handy Madi's Mom! I would have jumped in the water... You were a trooper to do that in the heat! Enjoyed the pictures and the cool jar!

  16. Thanks for the tip about getting cookies on eBay, Madi. We are going to check that out since the Momster is stingy when she passes out the cookies here.

    Love the pics - nice to be able to see so much of nature's wonders from the comfort of a covered boat.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  17. Madi, glad you managed to remove all traces of those cookies! What a picturesque boat trip!

  18. Nice present for your peeps to come home to Madi! love the pictures
    Hazel & Mabel

  19. Ebay!! You go girl!! Wow what a fantastic trip
    Lily & Edward

  20. madi. we iz buzzed proud oh ewe!!!!!!! yur poem rocks yur tossed cookeez rock de fotoz mom N dad taked oh big rocks rocks N buyin stuff on eee bay rockz!! 984.. noe make 9984 pawz UP N tell de pot heads 10 pee emm iz earl lee;) ♥️♥️♥️

  21. We'd love to chase that Lizard! And we'd love the cookies....but using an apparatus at 10 p.m?!

  22. Cool poem and cool vacation times too pretty Madi. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  23. Great poem and what cool photos! We like that lizard!

  24. That was a great poem & great pictures. The Jar looks a bit like an elephant !

  25. You get an A+ for using all 4 words-bravo! Great photos, I like the Jar, but I think it is more of a mug :) XO

  26. What a pawsome poem! We love your Mama's pictures so far, what a great boat ride!
    Arty & Jakey

  27. We loved your poem, Madi! Now my kitties are wanting to go on eBay. :-O

    Those photos are amazing!

  28. Great pics. Love us some Canyonlands! You should have taken the lizard home for Madi!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  29. That was a great poem. Uggg about your tummy though. That's never fun. The pictures are great! That kind of heat is awful though.

  30. What a beautiful place! Your peeps are so lucky to be able to experience that. We can't wait to see more pics.

  31. hey gurl!!!! Wells, you knows that us doggies and kittehs always have to have SOMETHINGS on the carpet to welcome the peeps home! What would they do without us??! BORING! Butts, then again, lookie at your peeps vaca pics! WOWSA!!! That sure look like funs! BUTTS, it also looks HOT! I bets it was HOT, huh?! Sorry abouts that! Well, at least they are home in the comfy AC nows, and you can have your Cheerios, and life is good....
    Ruby ♥

  32. We like your poem, but are sorry you tossed your cookies! Great vacation pictures

  33. Oh my, what stunning scenery! I don't finks I'd want to mess win those she eps, not win those horns!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx


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