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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tuesday Tale, French Mail , Blogville Event PSA

This is a close up of our mantel before the alleged crime 
The mantel is full of stuff and critters: birds, cats, fishes, and a collectible Seahorse..

Here is the rest of the story:
Last Thursday night at bedtime I was resting my senior diva tush here.
I have been falsely accused, I need a lawyer and possible bail money...
This is surely the face of pure snow white innocence. 

The next day Dad bellowed to mom...look how I found the seahorse this morning!
Can you believe my Dad who supposedly loves me unconditionally, 
threw me under the Mom bus.
He said, Madi has been on the mantel...

I gave Dad my best diva glare while defending myself.
I told him it was my humble opinion the seahorse was out 
gallivanting and prancing around with the mares,  probably at Ruby's Margarita Bar
where he drank too many of  the fancy umbrella drinks. 
Staggered home so tipsy he tipped over.

Full disclosure I must tell you...
In my youth, I was known to take evening strolls across the mantel. 
I would jump on the back of the chair and away I went.  
No way would a dignified senior Diva do that now. 

My friends at at Trout Talkin Tabbies will agree with me when I say one of the 
crazy birds, since there are several on the mantel, did it!

I need your help...please tell me in the comments what you think happened?!


OMCs I got mail yesterday from Da Phenny and
Staff.  They sent me the best French get well wishes.
I wash busy chowing down on FF Savory Salmon topped
with White Albacore no time to smile for the flashy beast but my tail was wagging.
Mom says it makes her heart soar to great heights to see 
me enjoying my food. OH and note my black dish is for my kibble and that too is
 G O N E!!
Thank you Da Phenny I have never had a photo over my food station!!

Did you hear Mayor Arty and his huggy puggy Mabel
are hosting a grand event...

Click here for details

Mom here:
Stay tuned for Breaking News tomorrow...I have documented proof...good thing we moved the collectibles off the mantel.


  1. It might be time for Ernie to come off his extended vacation to defend you, Madi. We certainly feel that you are completely innocent. It is usually the person that throws you under the bus that is the guilty party...just sayin'. *wink wink That is very nice of Da Phenny to send you a get well surprise.

  2. Maybe there was a teensy earthquake and it fell over. If you lived in California, that would for sure be the truth!

  3. We Beaglebratz Ladiez haf come 2 the concluzion that like u sed, the seahorse had bin out gallivantin'butt just gotz tired an'came bak 2 lay down an'take a nap.
    Lady Shasta'n Miss Maizie

  4. Oh we fergotz 2 add that DaPhenny iz a nice pup 2 send that sweet get well wish. An'we r really happee 2 hear that u r eatin'better.
    LS'n MM

  5. glad the post snail was fast enough... maybe that sea horse helped the la poste snail to bring the card over the pond? and after that it was eggs-hausted and it landed on his nose.. or trunk... do seahorses have a nose or a trunk?

  6. Hari OM
    Oh yes I too think this a case for the court of common fleas... where's a good pawyer when ya need one eh? As for dat hoss (is it Lladro?), well it just shows a fancy name doesn't mean fancy behaviour, right?! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  7. Awww, Phenny and his peeps are soooo lovely and kindhearted aren't they, you just haf to luffs them
    Oh and I totally agree....that seahorse has definitely drunk far too much...if you got up there and sniffed his breath you'd nose fur sure Madi!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  8. No way! You've been under the weather lately, Madi and there is no way you did this!
    Phenny is the bestest♥

  9. Oh Madi, first of all we are so excited that you are doing so much better. Second, you couldn't possible have knocked the sea horse over. You have been too busy recovering. Even if you did, Mom and Dad should be thrilled that you got up there. You all have a great day and Madi, you keep on eating.

  10. Madi I'm so happy you felt like taking a mantel cruise! That means you were feeling extra perky and thought you'd do a little "high wire act" and I'm proud of you. Even if your Mom and Dad were a bit put out by your adventure, WE are all happy you felt good enough to have some FUN! Happy to hear you're eating like a horse (oops - I mean a cat) and we think it's wonderful that Phenny and his Mom sent you a little A'MORE d'FRANCAIS (not sure but I think that means French love) to help you STAY better.

    Hugs, Teddy

  11. Maybe it was one of those house elves that sneak around moving things. They knock stuff off the shelves in my pantry all the time.

    I'm so very happy to see you being a piggy Madi!

  12. They think YOU did it? I don't believe it. You cannot trust two-leggers at all! They will just think of anything to blame us poor pussycats. And we are always innocent. Tsk tsk. I bet they had a fancy notion of cleaning in the dark or some such nonsense...

    Miss Oswin from Norway (very angry on your behalf)

  13. Now I can say I know and am friends with a 3 bowl Diva Cat... you go girl.. so glad you are eating. About the mantle episode... I think, during the night a mini tornado flew through the living room and as big tornado's do, just went across the mantle tipping the seahorse onto its nose. does a seahorse have a nose? and I am soooooooo happy for you the seahorse did not fall to the floor and into pieces because I can really imagine what dad would have done. glad you are SAFE

  14. It's amazing how dad did it and blames you!
    Lily & Edward

  15. OMD, you were wrongly accused!!!! I'll donate a few milky bones for your bail fund!

  16. Oh Madi, I'm sorry you got blamed for the seahorse going off to the races!

  17. Sheesh! You'd think if your Mom and Dad really suspected you were responsible for the re-decoration, they'd be grateful that you were feeling good enough to do it! You do look completely innocent ...
    ps - Yay on feeling well enough to eat all your food ... we're so happy you're feeling better!

  18. Well, she 'says' she has proof, but I'm not buying it. If it wasn't caught on camera, then it's all hogwash. Even if she snaps a pic of you going up on the mantle TODAY, that is still not proof that you were up there when the seahorse flopped over. I rest my case.

  19. I blame the bird that appears just to have landed on the mantelpiece...
    Toodle pip!

  20. Well, it could have been a ghost. I mean REALLY. Or a squirrel broke in and did it. Or the wind. From the AC vents. Seriously.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  21. Hmmm...we do know that Ruby's famous rubyritas are known for making one a bit wobbly...we think the seahorse just had one too many!!
    yeaaahhhhh, that' it!
    Jakey & Arty

  22. I think your Dad bumped it on his way to bed and then framed you-or possible a bat flew down the chimney and did it then left It most certainly was not you. I can't wait to hear more about this event. :) XO

  23. We can't believe your dad would accuse you of such a thing. It will be interesting to see what kind of "proof" your mom has to show us tomorrow.

  24. BOL - we are going to plead the fifth on this "tale" since we already know the rest of the story:) Madi, we are sure you will fill everyone in with the details. Is this an example of "fake news" ? BOLOLOL

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  25. madi.......faaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...if itza a tern knee ya kneed; we got de best de crime famillee can buy :) AND....we haz PROOF de sea horse....FELL OUTTA DE FOTO THATZ RITE A BOVE HIZ HEAD....LOOK HOW CHOPPEE THOZ WATERZ R ♥♥♥♥♥

  26. Madi! we are just so happy to know you are eating and doing all the things kitties should be (like climbing!)
    Hazel & Mabel

  27. Of course you didn't do this! And clearly it's time for your attorney at claw, Katie Isabella, to take your case against this heinous accusation.

  28. We think the people who live in the lighthouse, on the mantel
    came out for walk on the shore. They must have scared the seahorse
    as he was getting a sun tan, When your dad found him.
    Or the evil squirrel came in the cat door?
    xo Astro

  29. Dear Madi,
    Queen Penelope tells me that mantle knick knacks or chachkies always tries to jump off the mantle and that I should remember that as the ones my new Mommy have have been known to do that. So I, Marvelous do believe you! And Phenny sounds like a wonderful dog (unlike my new hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon who scares me to death!). He has send you a most lovely card.
    Many Purrs

  30. I think it wuz da phantom cat NotME who visits our house and duz naughty things.

  31. Madi, it was the infamous Not Me that knocked over the sea horse. He's been known to do all the bad stuff.

  32. I can never understand why the humans put breakable stuff on the highest shelf. But surely you did NOT knock anything down! (Glad you're feeling better!)


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