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Monday, October 30, 2017

Happy Happy MeowOween

carved pumpkin art by Angel Nellie and Mom Barb

are thrilled to be pawticipating in 4 fun events!!

Here is my skeery Halloween story hosted by  

YaYa aka YAM Aunty

I, Madi, have agreed to let Angel Toto, the very first family pet be the narrator of this story since he was in charge of the house back in 1976

Boo friends, it is I, Toto, pictured above with my little human Sissy.
The little English bulldog pup figures into the story too...
This photo was taken on Sissy's 5th bday in August of 1976.  I was two and to quote mom, 'a force to be reckoned with too'.  I was described as a dachshund with a wolfhound attitude and fiercely loved my family

A little background for the story
 Sissy was in kindergarten in 1976
she met a very nice friend, Kim, in her class who also happened to live about 2 blocks from us.  Sissy was quite petite as you can see (and she is still just 5'2")
her friend Kim, who was 5 1/2 y.o., was about 4'10" tall in kindergarten.
The mom's became friends too so by the time Halloween rolled around
they decided Sissy and Kim would go Trick or Treating together a few blocks in our neighborhood and a few in Kim's. The Mom's were with them and always waited 
at the end of each walkway while the kiddos were collecting their goodies.

The title of this story is:
A tall tale by a short dog: Toto the mighty mini Dachshund

It was a warm and breezy Halloween night lots of goblins and ghouls were out and about. Sissy and Kim started their trick or treat trek around the first block of our neighborhood and were having a fine time and getting lots of sweet loot.  Off they skipped down to where Kim lived...
FYI Kim did not have a dog but she knew me well.  
As they approached the last house in Kim's neighborhood, they heard a bit of barking coming from the house.  As mom recalls the barking was no where as fierce as my mighty mini dachshund bark so neither of the girls were paying much attention to it.  They were taking turns ringing the door bell and saying trick or treat.  It was Kim's turn to ring the door bell so she was in front of Sissy (remember Kim was way taller than sissy). After Kim rang the bell the barking became closer and louder, then all of a sudden the door opened and lo and behold there was a full grown English Bull Dog just like this one pictured below! His owner had a leash on him because he loved children and loved answering the door.
Well as soon as Kim saw him she broke the sound barrier with her
squeals and screams.  Sissy didn't know what she saw but 
Sissy then broke  the sound barrier again. 
Sissy and Kim took off running like greased lightning..with my short sissy in front beating tall Kim. The  bull dog got excited got loose from his owner.  He thought they wanted to play chase.  He starts running up the walk after them. Mom said his owner caught him quickly;  however, Kim and Sissy ran all the way to Kim's house about 4 houses away screaming the entire time.
The moms were trying to catch them but they were laughing too hard. Kim's dad heard the commotion and came running out to HELP.  Both girls nearly knocked him over trying to get in the house.  He sees the Moms at the end of the side walk about to faint from laughter and they were out of breath.  Of course Kim's dad thinks everyone has lost their mind.  Mom says she is pretty sure Sissy never ever knew what Kim was squealing about or even saw the dog.

I begged and pleaded with my mom to let me accompany them on the Trick or Treat Trek.  If I had been there, that English Bull dog would have tucked his tiny non existent tail and run to his mama for sure, cause as I said I was a fierce protector of my family.
The End!!!


The Halloween Parade at Murphy and Stanley's and Oreo's
Teddy at one spoiled cat is hosting a costume party on his Tuesday Teaser

Noodles in the UK is hosting a costume event

This is my costume for these events
I was not one IOTA keen on the poodle on my skirt but mom said I had to be 
authentic so I gave in RELUCTANTLY


  1. Hari OM
    Bravo bravo, that was a wonderfurs tale of madness and mayhem for howloween!!! thanks for jumping on the Skeerython. Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. hahah what a story... seems that was a trick specially for Kim ;o)))) and the pup could eat all the treats... I bet :o)
    Happy Howl-o-ween!!!
    The mama is a fan of your clawstume, it reminds her of a grease party she liked to visit once ... her mother offered her her beloved skirt she still has in her closet (bought from first own moneeh)... to show her daughter that she never changed, the mom of the mama squeezed herself in that skirt... and got stuck.. the rescue mission happened with scissors... the skirt was ruined, the mama sulky because she had no skirt for the party and the mom of the mama knew that she is still young at heart butt not at ice-crem-cemetery...

  3. Stopping by to wish you a very Happy Halloween!!

  4. You tell the best stories, Madi and you look terrific in your poodle skirt! Happy Halloween!

  5. That is a funny story. Glad the dog didn't catch up with the girls. Madi, you do look spectacular in your Pink. You all have a great Halloween.

  6. Madi you look smashing and your story had us squealing with laughter. Happy Halloween.

  7. Happy Halloween, Madi and Mom! I need some time to read! Be back as soon as I am finished........

    1. Hahaha... Sissy and Kim! You know once you start screaming over something that startles you, you just can't stop! It's like giggling, which I am doing now! Your costume is just so right, Madi! Sissy and Toto are just too cute on the couch! Happy Halloween from our house to your house, Madi!

  8. That was a great story!! Happy Halloween!

  9. Great Halloween story! Raz says Madi looks FAB-U-LOUS in her costume!!!

    your guy Raz and The Florida Furkids

  10. That was a really scary story - we bet one that Sissy will never forget. It reminds Mom of the boxer who dragged her around the schoolyard one day by the pom pom hanging and bopping around on her winter cap.

    Madi, you make a beautiful Pink Lady!!!

    Happy Howloween Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  11. WoaH! Skeery Stuff!!!
    I, Marvelous was hiding under the table! Will you sit with me at school today? The costumes scare me (a little)

  12. I can't decide which is funnier, the not so tall tale of the tail-less bull dog and the silly girls, or a cat wearing a POODLE skirt. Loved the tale. made me laugh. what a priceless memory.

  13. What a wonderful story and I personally LOVE that skirt. stella rose

  14. That was darn spooky cool sweet Madi! Happy Halloween from all of us!

  15. I was chased by a dog when I was a tiny child; never forgot how scared I was!

  16. Well that was a great, skeery story!
    Hazel & Mabel

  17. Great story, and OF COURSE Toto should have been allowed to join in the track or treating.
    Toodle pip!
    PS Human Granny says that when she was evacuated to Canada during WW2 the family she stayed with had an ENORMOUS English bulldog called Dick, and she was at first absolutely terrified of him.

  18. You are the cutest Pink Lady ever, Madi(even with the poodle on your skirt)! We think your skeery story is also the funniest story we have read all day!
    Happy Halloween!
    Arty, Jakey & Rosy

  19. What a great costume! I barely recognized you!
    Yours sincerely,
    PS: Cam said to tell you thank you so much for your comment! We're sorry we haven't been commenting much, but Mom said Cam requires a lot of care, so she is her #1 focus!

  20. madi...We gotta hand frum copee N paste heer two day …coz we canna sneek round on line… like we want… sew we R stopping bye ta say…. happee howl o ween…. N heerz ta treetz outta pumpkinz wazoo ♥♥♥

  21. Dog people love their dogs and don't understand that not all kids are familiar with them. Until my brother's family moved away, the neighbor had two HUGE dogs that were allowed to roam free ... one or both would often come over and terrorize my niece and nephew (2 or 3, 4 or 5). The owners thought it was all in good fun - but my niece and nephew still stay as far away from dogs as they can. Oddly enough, my brother's family had a couple farm cats ... and one day when one of the dogs was being extra obnoxious near my nephew, Tuna attacked them to protect my nephew. No wonder they want a cat so badly :)

  22. That was a good story, Madi, and we agree...had you been there, that bulldog wouldn't have stood a chance. :) Happy Meowloween!

  23. Happy Halloween Madi! That sure is a funny your sissy's expense. It's too bad Toto wasn't there to protect them. Have fun at all the holiday events today.

  24. I'm sure your sissy and her friend were quite a sight! That is very funny and I'm sure that Bulldog thought he was really tough! BOL! You make a lovely pink lady...hubba hubba! Happy Halloween

  25. Great story, that was funny. You look beautiful Madi! Happy Halloween! XO

  26. OMD, that was sure a SKEERY STORY!!! I bets the Bulldog thought he was super duper studly! BOL! I loves your costume!
    I hopes you and your peeps have a FABulous HOWLOWEENIE!
    Ruby ♥

  27. What a good story for Halloween. 🍂🎃

  28. Oh my! That is a scary story but my Mom says when she was a little girl they had a SWEET English Bulldog named Reggie and he was a "doll"....almost as sweet as we cats are (!). Thanks for being part of our TEASERWEEN too Madi- we loved your "Fifties and Fabulous" costume!!

    Love, Teddy


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