Thursday, January 25, 2018

Final Friday Fiction Blog Hop

Today we are participating in 

We are using prompts from 
Who's Kitten Who? 
by Cynthia Baxter
page 87
line 8
I was so busy enjoying the charming scene that I
line 12
who'd spoken was a sour-faced woman who accessorized
line 16
way in

How I survived 8 days of freezing weather 

Recently, during all the horribly cold weather, I found myself feeling  a bit (cabin) feverish.

I cleaned out closets, dust mopped floors, read books and cooked lots of soup.
I knew for sure I was feverish when a song came on the radio that made my feet happy.

I 'volunteered' Madi to be my cha cha cha partner...her Dad doesn't dance.
Madi was quite cooperative or feared for her life.  Either way she hung on
and her tail swayed to the same music.  She sang, the song of her people 🙀, as my feet cha cha'd.
We even strayed far away from the good for us breakfasts we have had every week day for years. MadiDad always makes himself a fresh fruit salad and I always have a bowl of
little O's (cheerios) topped with a banana, both heart healthy.
However, each morning on my way in to the kitchen, I passed by the thermostat.  Each morning the temperature in the house was 63 or 64.  We have it set to be 69.
The voice of reason (aka party in my head) told me it was too cold in the house for cold a breakfast.
We enjoyed toasted bagels with a variety of jams and we treated ourselves to Peet's Coffee.
Major Dickason is our favorite flavor.

To pass the long cold days I began to dream about lovely walks in the park on a spring day.
I was so busy enjoying the charming scene that I visualized in my head,
I didn't even realize that I had answered the door.
There before me was the woman
who'd spoken, to me many months ago as I walked in the park.
She was a sour-faced woman who accessorized herself
quite lavishly with fuchsia and lime green feathers, a bright orange straw hat
with a red ribbon.  I was not the least bit surprised when I noticed she had a Macaw on her shoulder.
I was about to start a conversation with her Macaw,  when a tiny noise brought me back
to reality. I was saved from great embarrassment by a tiny meow and nose tap letting me know
it was time for an itty bitty kitty to eat.

Word count: 380

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  1. OoOOOOOoooOooooOoo
    I LOVE your story!
    I am so looking forward to reading the others.

  2. Great use of prompts! And now you know why we in always chilly Scotland gave such a reputation for unhealthy eating.
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. that is a super story... and I'm glad that I'm not the only one who likes to dance with a's all rock n'roll for phenny but he likes it... like the Status Quo once said ;O)))

  4. Your mom is so creative! And we luff that picture of the two of you together.

  5. Hari OM
    Madi and mom, this as a FABulous eFFFort!!! I love how you let the real mingle with the day-dream. And what a vision of colour and tropicana! Brava brava sisters! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. What a great story and we love the picture of you and your mom doing the cha cha, Madi!

  7. Awesome, awesome Friday Fiction you have here this morning... how fun! I love the picture of you and your Mom, Madi! I cha cha cha alone in my boxers and bunny slippers... great exercise. Loved both the Non fiction and the fiction. I was looking for what the Macaw had to say but you can't deny a hungry meow!!! Good Morning!

  8. Well done Madi and Mom, especially the dancing but the story is great too. Have a fun day.

  9. That was a really good story, boogie on pretty Madi!

  10. love your fiction story and i can SEE that lady of your dreams. 69 is freezing to me, and anything below i could not stand it. we turn our heat on when it drops below 69, to day house was 65 at wake up. bring it up to 74 and turn it off. the house holds at 69 to 70 all day and if the sun is out that brings it up to 74 with sun. i can't imagine living where i can't do that,

  11. We love your story but we love your picture with your mom the best. You might be hanging on for dear life Miss Madi but the joy on your mom's face is priceless.

  12. Oh yes, Angel is so used to be grabbed up and danced with (and sung too, also!)! Manny and Chili Bruce have yet to get much of that treatment, but they ARE getting used to getting kissed on their foreheads!

  13. Excellent story! Mom picks us up and dances with us too!!

    your guy Raz and The Florida Furkids

  14. madi....R ya kiddin ....troo lee....we feel veree veree sorree for thiz ladee...we can see why her waz sour faced......we wood bee two ifa macawz waz on R shoulder ~~~~~~~~~~ ☺☺☺♥♥

  15. Hiya Madi, oh we just loved your post today, totally brilliant! And the P.A. picks us up to dance too! MOL

    Happy Friday

    Bestest purrs

    Basil & Co xox

  16. I love to cha cha. Dancing with Madi singing her song would be so much fun

  17. Good thing you have a kitty to bring you down to earth...MOL!

  18. Great job, Madi's Mom. Mom says it doesn't matter if it is hot or cold in the morning - her day HAS to start with oj, HOT tea, and toast. As for the fiction tale, Mom has been known to talk to us as we walk along the streets. Imagine her embarrassment when someone slips by from behind us when she doesn't realize our conversations are being eavesdropped upon:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  19. BRRRRrrrrr! We hope your heater is working okay and that you have a warmer weekend!

  20. What a fun story. We had no idea Madi knew how to cha cha cha! She could teach the rest of the blogosphere a thing or two.

  21. Madi not only twerks she cha cha's too!!! Great story
    Hazel & Mabel

  22. What a wonderful story!! I loves watching reality slip away...and having Madi returning you to the present!!

  23. The cha cha really made me smile! The macaw made me grin! Thank you!

  24. I especially liked the "time to eat" part. Maybe it's just me.


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