Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A Princess, A Diva and Royal Mail

Recently Princess Leah posted here that she would like to learn to play

This picture prompted me to tell her about my lovely soprano voice.
I suggested we could take our show on the road.
She then wrote "yes Madi I could accompany you as you sing the song of your people."
THEN TOGM remembered that she had my human sis's Recorder and music book from way back when Sis was in the 5th grade. I told Princess Leah Mom thought briefly about teaching herself to play the Recorder....then she got a brilliant idea.

So dear friends...Princess Leah and I are entertaining the idea of a new Girls Band..after all the Spice Girls are not so spicy anymore.
PL and I doubt very seriously that Mom can learn to play the Recorder.
I certainly can't play it and sing the song of my people.  If any of you have any extra hot air to spare and would like to play the recorder in our band, let us know in the comments below.

Princess Leah and I need a name for our Girl Band.
We are open for suggestions....please put your suggestions in your comment below.
We will give each suggestion Royal  Diva consideration.

Royal Thank You


Mom's eyes are better than they were last week this time; however,
she is still trying to be mindful of how long she stares at the computer screen.   She told me, when one stares at the computer screen, one forgets to blink and it causes the eyes to dry out. 
On top of everything else she is now dealing with dry eyes!!
(As I've mentioned in the past, she works for free so I can't dock her pay.) She has an appointment 
on 3/28 to talk to her doc about the state of affairs with her monthly use contacts, which she hasn't worn since March 2, and if, in fact she should wear them  or just go to her glasses all the time.
In the meantime, I'm cracking the whip.


  1. My kids had to learn the recorder and HATED it! I love the idea of a girl band so my thinking cap is on as I ponder a name for y'all.

  2. Well Madi I am a teeny bit disappointed your are going to form a GIRL band. What about us BOYS? Are we to be left out? Or maybe if I wore a kilt and played the bagpipes I would be allow to join anyway...
    Toodle pip!
    PS We too are working on a band name.

  3. oh a girl band sounds funny... I'm sure your band will not end that more un-spicy way like that spice girls once...the mama learnt to play that recorder many moons ago , she could play only one song and she tortured their parents with that in an endless loop, till they gave in and banned that stick with holes furever ;O)) mission completed LOL

  4. I'm sooooo EXCITED!!!!!! We is gonna take the WORLD by STORM Madi...woohoo!!!
    ♫ La ♫ La ♫ La ♫# oophs, got a little sharp there, hehe
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. Dad's the musician in our family, though I sure can belt out my best when I want their attention. Hope your mom's eyes get better soon, Madi. Have a good rest of the week, neighbor!

  6. Oh we so hope that the Mom's eyes feel so much better and soon. That sure can't be any fun at all. The band sounds like and interesting idea. You all take care and have a good Tuesday.

  7. I cannot help you with the recorder. Do not have a single musical note in my body. I'm sure Mom will learn how to play it and then you can sing your peoples song to the high ceilings.

  8. How about Madi and the Divalodians!

  9. Hari OM
    Well, I was thinking the 'Slippaws'... or the 'Divincesses'... but what about THE MADLEAs??? Efurrybuddy is sure to be 'madlea' in love with you when you get going!!!
    Is now the time to tell you that I once played the recorder in a semprofessional capacity?.. I can play all the sizes, but only own the descant (what you call soprano over there) and the alto. Gosh I haven't thought about them since - furever - now you've made me think I need to haul them out of the dust... no. Maybe not. The neighbours are offside enough as it is. Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  10. i think your band should be The Ink Spots, since both of you look very similar in coloring and spots.. the recorder would drive me nuts, as did the little organ my kids had, and the little piano... i tried to buy quiet toys but that did not always work.

  11. Oh Madi I love to sing! Sometimes when I start barking it turns into more of a woo woo woo sound like a hound dog. I'm not clever with names but Sandra's "Ink Spots" would work with me too since I'm mostly black. That makes me one big ink spot. BOL!

    I hope your mom's eyes feel better soon. Our mom gave up contacts when she started needing bifocals (she has the invisible ones). She could never find a pair of reading glasses that worked good for her.



  12. OMD, can I join your girl band?! I can play the drums! I can use my paws AND my tail to drum on things!


  13. I never learned to play an instrument. Is it too late for me to learn? Mom stopped wearing contacts when she could no longer see to thread a needle and the cheapy biofocal glasses didn't do it for her any longer. We hope your mom's eyes are back to 100% soon, Madi!

  14. We're going to have to give this a good thinking over. When we come up with a name, we'll let you know. I'm pretty good at singing. I wish you could have heard our angel Miss Ginger sing! She was a virtuoso!

  15. We would suggest that The Royal Divas is most appropriate for your band's name. And if you need some background harmony, we would gladly woo along:)

    Your mom is being very wise about her eyes. We hope the eye doctor can come up with a very good plan.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  16. I am going to have to think about names. I am only good at naming cars... :) I am glad your Mom's eyes are better. I had to give up my contacts after wearing them 50 years. Dry eyes! They were killing me! Sweet little card!

  17. Oh Auntie Madi, I would love to be in your all girl band!! I think The Blogville Divas sounds like a great name!

    That Princess Leah is such a sweet girl, Mr. Jakey got some Royal Mail yesterday from her!!

    We hope your Mama's eyes get better real soon!!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  18. madi; mom kneadz ta take care oh her site sew if herz been on de pea sea for 15 hourz; pleez ree mind her at 14:38 ta quit

    N how bout de dynamic divaz ~~~~ !! ♥♥☺☺

  19. Bear volunteers to be a roadie ... we know Raz has to be the first ... but we're right behind him! I remember the recorder - we were required to learn it in elementary school too - and I haven't touched it since.

  20. You and Princess Leah will be a big hit!
    Hazel & Mabel

  21. We really do like The Royal Divas. We'll ponder some more though. And very glad to hear your mom's eyes are better.

  22. You look so cute with your recorder. I remember those in 4th grade :) I need to think about a name and I will get back to you with a suggestion. XO

  23. Your band is gonna rock. Hope your mom keeps blinking.

  24. We love the idea of a girl band! We’ll be at your first concert for sure. :)

  25. WELL....HELL YES!!!!! You've heard my barks, and knows I gots a FABulous voice! If you are lookin' for some more singers or dancers ☺ I am ALL IN!
    (I can also do security if the band is full....you knows I AM a member of the Blogville Pawlice Dept.!)
    Ruby ♥

  26. Well how exciting you are starting a girls' band! The recorder was something my Mom played about a million years ago when she was a kid. A name for your band??? How about The DIVINE DIVAS........you go girl!

    Hugs, Teddy

  27. The perrfect name is right there in your post, and the OP Pack saw it too...The Royal Divas.
    Lucy wants to know if you will need a greeter and Xena wants to sing, too, and maybe play the accordion like at Rocktoberfest.


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