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Final Friday Fiction: Christmas Past

Today we are once again thrilled to be pawticipating in YAM-Aunty's

Today is May 25 in seven months it will be Christmas so today, it is not
fiction; however, YAM is all about history and memories so today I have a......

Flashback to Christmas 1954... (photos developed 1/55)
First of all pardon the head dresses (more on that later*) my Mom and I were wearing.
 That year I was torn between being a tomboy and a prissy missy.
  I asked for cowboy or Indian suit,( shown in the chair you see the Indian suit and drum there was also an Indian headdress but I couldn't find the picture) a Betsy Wetsy doll not pictured. Betsy came with a bottle, you put water in it then feed her..then she wet her pants.  

There is quite a bit of history in this picture engraved in my mind forever.
We lived with my Annie Ma, aka my mom's Mother until 1956.  In the center of the room is the oil fired heater  a kettle of water was always sitting on the top.  I think it was an early 'humidifer'.   The water in the kettle would not boil but it would steam. My mom is in the doorway watching.  See the large wall of glass behind her.  It was a huge built in closet in Annie Ma's room.  I will take the opportunity to tell you I was a bit of a handful as a child.  Once my cousins and I were running through the room (I'm sure Annie Ma was hollering DO NOT RUN). I fell toward the glassed closet broke a pane in it.  I almost cut my left ring finger off.  They had to take me the ER.  I'm told once we arrived I started screaming and kicking and slinging blood all over the ER.  They finally had to put me in a straight jacket so they could put stitches in my finger.  I still have the scar starts at the first joint and winds around up to the side of my nail.   

I also asked for a new watch and charm bracelet pictured below

*Also pictured below is the fancy hair do you got when you
slept with your hair rolled in bobby pins and your head wrapped in the head thing.

This is a blog here to read other fun stories


  1. oh I'm glad it came not more worse as you had this accident....
    and I love that you got an indian suit too... as I got mine we had a war in the house because I wanted to wear it for school as the holidays were over... it ended with a draw, I was allowed to wear at least the head dress for school ;O)))

  2. Hari OM
    Oh yes you can do history... but there still needs to be a page 87 for this hop... it can be done. Why insist on this? It's good brain exercise and we aging ones need to keep the grey cells moving! That said, this is a great (if slightly chilling, hold-yer-breath) bit of your history!!! Love the old photos &*> Huggies, YAM xx

  3. Ouch!! You definitely lived up to the tomboy part. 😁

  4. Love the old photos. Dad says he's got some memories burned into his head from similar old photos that no longer exist of him and his siblings. That was quite the accident you had, and you're lucky it didn't end up worse than it did!

  5. The photos are fabulous! Mom remembers the Betsy Wetsy doll!

  6. Sounds like you were a wild child. But you survived like the rest of us. Great pictures. Have a great day.

  7. Great memories, except for nearly wacking your finger off. You had a great mother and grandmother. A blessed childhood. Very sweet.

    Hope you have a good weekend and also enjoy your Memorial Day.

  8. You were a bit of a handful... no... Hahaha! That does not surprise me and I love that you were a tomboy! I still am a tomboy and not quite as much as a handful as I was when I was a kid. I was a challenge for the nuns. That picture is wonderful, I mean truly wonderful and your description on the oil fired heater and the steaming kettle make me smile! Love your Mom in the doorway. So sorry about your finger... yikes! Your fingers and hands getting accidently sliced started early! Awww, love little you in the second picture. This is a fun and sweet post, Cecilia!

  9. What a fun trip down memory lane that lets us learn a little more about you.

  10. oh no on the cut finger and running. I never ran, never did anything dangerous, never had a broken bone or a stitch other than surgeries when I was a woman.... fear was my middle name and still is. but I did love cowboys and Indians and chose the Indian DRESS not suit... we had indian bands and feathers and a head dress once. I had the same hair you did, but did not wear the cover over the bobby pins. ouch it hurts to think of it. you flung a fit in ER. I flung fits everytime mother wanted to put those silly bobby pins in my hair, she had to sit on me to do it and I would cry long and loud after the frizzy curls were done. she also forced permanents on me. hair straight as a ruler frizzes when permed. pure torture. your story brought back memories. love both photos

  11. A straight jacket...really?!? WOW! And I sure remember the bobby pin curls; think I could do them right now without hesitation, if my hair wasn't so short.

  12. What nice memories. Grandma Elsie (Dad's mom who passed away a long time ago) used to tell a story: One Christmas she got a new watch and a bottle of perfume. She put on the ticking watch, and dabbed a little perfume on. Then she said, "if you hear something and smell something, it's me!"

  13. What fun, cute photos! Great story! Our Mom remembers being told not to run ALL THE TIME, too!

  14. Fun type photos. We all looked similiar Christmas Morning and were always happy, happy at 5am. I remember my bro getting a train and I got doll clothes for the only doll I ever had. Mom made the clothes and she hated sewing so this was a real act of love for her. Good times!



  15. YOu brought back memories to our mom! She had a Betsy Wetsy Doll too. She would pretend she was married to Hoss Cartwright and Betsy was their baby BOL!
    Hazel & Mabel

  16. Those were sure fun photos! Seven months? We better get our Christmas Tree up!

  17. Mom remembers her Betsy Wetsy too:) We find it hard to believe you were a handful - you look like a little angel to us:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  18. Hey Madi, long time no see!
    Lovely photos of your Ma, I cants believe Christmas is in 7 months. I'm counting down the days! BOL!

    Love Milo xo

  19. What wonderful memories! I was just reminded earlier this week about my charm bracelet. It's around here somewhere - and I haven't bought a new charm for it in YEARS!

  20. What a fun flashback! And cute pics. Cutting your finger must have been painful! Ouch!

  21. Nice memories except for the getting injured and going to the ER part.

  22. I see all the "icicles" on your Christmas tree and remember what a mess they always were to clean up, even clogging the vacuum. The only pic I have with my Dad, who died when I was very young, is one of these old B&W ones in front of the Christmas tree. What are our kids going to do without the printed pictures?


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