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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Tuesday Tale of Thanks from Kat

Dearest Aunty HiC

I’ve been admiring the mini-Buddy our friends in Oregon hand carved.
Grant and Kathy make each carving special, and personalized, like your mini-Madi.
They captured Buddy’s gorgeous black coat, handsome block head, and adorable, goofy expression.

Mini-Buddy joins Mini-Sassy, in memory, and always in our hearts.
Not everyone understands the heartbreak of losing a furry family member. Mom is grateful for those, like you, and our bloggie Furiends, who do. 
Love you! 😻

❤️ Kat Your Feline Nephew

Dearest Nephew...
I 1000% agree with you about that our furries are part of the family.   We spend 24 hours a day for their entire lives with our furry family member which is way more than the time we spend with extended human family members.  Our friends out in Oregon are most talented and loving.

  Mini Carved Madi sits in a place of honor in our family room.  I tell her good morning and good night every day.

Lovingly your Aunty HiC


  1. that is so super sweet... we love that some people have such golden hands and hearts they bring so much pawsonality in their work, it needs more than 1000 words to describe what we feel that moment ...

  2. Hari Om
    What wonderful memories carried in these pieces! YAM xx

  3. Madi AND a lighthouse?! All the best in life right there!

  4. Love the mini's. They are so special♥

  5. Oh those mini's are just the greatest. Of course we love the mini of Madi the best. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Grant and Kathy are very talented. How sweet of them to honor your love ones with a beautiful representation of them.

  7. I do not remember ever seeing Mini Madi, if you posted it, I must have missed it... I love both Mini Maddy and Mini Buddy, the artists are truly talented. We remember and miss all 4 of our beloved angels and fully understand the heart break.. Wait until you see my first photo tomorrow. you will want to show it to Kat...

  8. Love the carved minis... they are beautiful pieces of art and hold our memories. That is soooooooo Mini Madi♥ Mini Buddy is darling.

  9. Those are such sweet keepsakes to remember your Angels by.

  10. That really is a beautiful memento and yes, losing a loved one is never ever easy.

  11. What a wonderful way to remember their angel! We have some of Angel Casey's ashes in a beautiful glass paperweight that was made just fur him. It sits on the nightstand so he's with Momma every night.

  12. I so get this. We have a shrine of sorts for our Little Bit. We talk to her often. She was part of the family, not just a dog.

    I linked this post to Happy Tuesday. This is a happy post.

    Have a fabulous day, honey. Big hug. ♥

  13. Half of the heartbreat of losing a furry loved one, is the unknowing folks who say, "Well, he was old enough," or "just go get another!" There is never enough time spent together, and our purrsonalities meld and we are a part of one another...that cannot be replaced!

  14. The minis are so beautiful. We could use one of those for each of our Angels too. We miss Buddy, Sassy, and Madi!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  15. I love that mini carved Madi. XO

  16. A lovely way to remember a loved and cherished companion.

  17. I LOVE your mini Madi! Those are really great.


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