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My Mind's Eye
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Saturday, November 16, 2019

From my front porch

This tree is in our neighbor's front yard.
The tall pines and blue sky frame it nicely
Gracie the Highlander basking in technicolor

Then I just had to play with it in LunaPic
I'm really enjoying Black and White 

Then we had a very heavy frost
Gracie was icy
as was the bed of Ajuga


No frost on the pumpkins


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  1. Hari Om
    My that first photo is fabulous!!! That is one shot that just has to be in colour. Love the variety of pumpkins too! YAM xx

  2. Getting frosty there finally? BRRRRRR! Great photos.

    Hugs, Pam

  3. The colours in the first photo are beautiful!

  4. You still have leaves and pretty color on your trees. Mom is hoping that our leaves all fall soon so she can put the rake away and be done with that project for the year.

  5. I saw the icy temps headed your way on the weather the past few days. we are COLD today at 65. but will be in 50's at wake up the next 7 days. yay... but no ice or snow and for that I am thankful. the view from your porch would have me sitting on the porch madly snapping myself silly

  6. Very lovely! Lucky you up north enough to get those beautiful seasonal leaf colors. I think we are going to have a sunny day after three days of rain and cloudy. It's going to be breezy and chilly but sounds good! Good Morning!

  7. Love the pumpkin in the cat vase. That first picture is just terrific. You all have a really good Saturday.

  8. Oh what a lovely view you have from your front porch. And your trees still have glorious colours. The ones we see from our front door lost all their leaves in a big rain storm a couple of weeks ago, and the leaves have turned to slippery mush on the pavement, and all the rest of the scene (houses, road, sky) is grey...
    Thank goodness we can still see lots of colourful blogs in other parts of the world on Nature Friday!

  9. That tree is amazing, so very pretty!

  10. What a pretty tree. We love your speckled pumpkin too.

  11. It was nice to see your Fall colors. Our's is all gone and covered with snow. What leaves that were still on the trees, turned brown and crinkly and fell down onto the snow. The wind blows them around like cartwheeling toads.

  12. Changing trees, pumpkins, somehow fall does orange so well. The rest of the year orange is just prison jumpsuits.

  13. The trees are so pretty!! We had frost this week and had to cover our plants. Brrr! Back in the 80s this week.

  14. A pretty view. I love your cat face planter.


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