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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Happy Tuesday Tale: Great TP search

saw this on FB...they know I don't show my face on FB so they shared

I don't know this young man; however, he has a most friendly smile and a great sense of humor.
Mother's Day is coming up...this would be a beautiful bouquet!!

MAYBE TMI (too much information) but you know me I like to share.
I have not been able to find any toilet paper at the  grocery store for the last 2 weeks. On March 19, out of sheer desperation,  I tried my hand at online with Harris Teeter.  It was a novel and enlightening experience.  For sure the saying you get what you PAY for applied.

Jumpin' catfish they had TP but holy guacamole
they charged me $4.95 just to order, the 8 rolls of  Scot TP were $9.99. 😱
We usually by HT brand 4 rolls $1.99.
Then I had to select a day and time to pick it up.
First available time was Wednesday March 25th between 2 and 2:30 pm.
At least I'll have some.  😁 I learned a very valuable lesson....never ever NO never ever will we let the household have less than 10 rolls of TP at any given time.
Hugs and thank you for your attention

Below are practice mask I made....
I found a easy peasy  here video by Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt

Not for protection against the COVID-19...they are used mainly to keep from spreading
germs..i.e. coughing and sneeze.  They are washable.  Many healthy facilities are advising
that the public can wear bandannas or scarves for protection.  Medical facilities are accepting donations of this type of mask so they can save the surgical masks and more protective to be used when needed.

I did not have the correct size of elastic..(this is too wide) but I will buy elastic and more flannel
Outside is regular fabric
Inside is flannel...which is soft for the face.  

Directions say 6" x 9".  I think 6 1/2" or 7" wide would be better.


  1. well done, so glad you can do something so important at home!!! we have no tp-war here, but we have no champagner... seems we prefer other things for the worst case

  2. Bless you for making those masks - I love them and they will certainly serve a purpose but still be comfy on the face. We too have a toilet paper issue - it's just nowhere to be found. I'm not going to pay a fortune for it - we may have to use the Sunday paper (just kidding!).

    Hugs, Pam

  3. Hari OM
    LOL - that bouquet would sell well methinks! I have ordered TP online for delivery today. Let's see if it turns up.

    Cecilia, I feel it is very important to get the message out that for the general public, wearing of masks is NOT a protective measure and can actually cause more problems than they alleviate. Masks ought ONLY to be worn if one has an infection and are coughing and sneezing. Then the mask should be disposed of without touching the mask itself - only the straps and disposed in bin. If reusables like this are employed, they must be handled the same way, but then washed in hottest wash (60'C).

    The masks that health workers require for protection are several grades more technical with filters and such like.

    This (and many viruses) are spread by droplet - and if we are keeping our regulation 2 metre distance, we are very well protected. The main issue is with the droplets on surfaces, which can remain active for up to four days... hence the importance of washing hands - and if one is outside the home, the use of gels after every contact with doors, rails, counters and so on.

    I'll stop there. This is becoming a secondary post!!! YAM xx

  4. It's very kind of you to be working on masks for health facilities. They are a fun fabric. The TP thing is just mind boggling!

  5. Love the TP bouquet photo. Thanks for the smile!

  6. I bet a lot of people will always keep a bunch of TP on hand now.
    Good job on the masks.

  7. And, because I'm now working from home, the amount of TP that I use has increased, instead of using what the office provides. And when The Hubby and I go for a drive in the country, we casually stop at fast-food restaurants to use their bathrooms...but can't do that now!

  8. The hunt for TP these days is difficult. I'm glad I had a good stock before all this happened but I hope I can find more when the time comes.

  9. love that tp boquet and would like to get one for any day or mothers day. try WM senior hour from 6 to 7 am on Tues/wed... I went at 6 am and the shelves were stocked, I got a pack of 8 tp, only one per customer, eggs were doz per customer. but last week the shelves were empty, I got nothing. today I shopped my list and they had every thing. there were 7 WM semis waiting to unload... great job on the masks.. I have seen a few peope on other blogs doing this. I am now counting the sheets of TP I use

  10. Toilet paper is a most precious commodity right now. Costco has it some mornings if you're there early enough. We managed to get one so we're okay for a bit. We really don't want to do the rag bag routine, but it's available if necessary. Okay, that was to much information too.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Big hug honey. ♥

  11. We're still stocked up with tp. But we hope this craziness passes soon.

    Stay safe!

  12. We actually found TP at the grocery store, any kind of meat...forget it.

  13. Glad you got some toilet paper even though it was expensive. We still had quite a bit, but when my hubby was at Walmart they were unloading some so he grabbed a package. I like the mask, that came out great. XO

  14. Our stores are now evening out and Costco(our big box store) is fully stocked after limiting to one 24 roll pack each. We sure hope things start to calm down for the rest of the country soon.

    Love the material of your masks! I use a mask to keep myself from touching my face(which I tend to do a bunch)!

  15. Oscar's mum had a picture of her husband demonstrating how to make his underwear into a mask....LOL BOL MOL!

  16. I Still do not know why the TP is in such short supply! But since a lot of people are after it it just is so hard to find.Glad you secured some and this is just a way I think we all will be a bit more on guard in the future. LOVE your mask! Love the kitty fabric!!

  17. There are a lot of things I can easily go without .... but TP is not one of them!

  18. We are pretty well-stocked on TP, but the Mom is very inclined to share, and we bet the "girls" will be needing some:) She also has been doing online orders, but you never know until the order arrives if everything will be there. We sure hope your tp arrives.

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

  19. Wow! Is the TP gold lined?
    For several years I have bought the 24 pack size of Cushelle from Lidl. It is £8.50 which at today's exchange rate is about $10. They are still selling it at that price as my friend who gets our shopping got there early this morning and got me a pack.
    We are now having to self isolate for 12 weeks but are luckier than a lot of people as we have our fields we can walk around.

  20. So you're in North Carolina? When I was a little girl my dad use to take us to see friends in NC I believe it was Burlington. Anyway, cute idea with the plant & toilet paper. My oldest daughter brought me some she lives in Oaklawn right outside of Chicago & my youngest daughter sent me some she lives in Missouri and she's a nurse. Poor thing had a patient die in her arms yesterday from that awful virus. She showed me what she wears there she looks like she's going to outer space, but they can't put enough on her to keep my baby girl from harm is what I say. So proud of her. You be safe and stay healthy too! hugs

  21. Ooops sorry... those are great masks too. A wonderful idea. My daughter showed me how to make them with paper towels & rubberbands. Something is better than nothing that's for sure. Take care

  22. That sounds like price gouging to me.

  23. The mom hasn’t found any TP anywhere either in the past 2 weeks. Thank cod she bought 2 big packages right before things got really crazy. How nice that you’re making masks.

  24. If anyone had asked you at Christmas time if you would want TP as a present, you would have thought they were nuts. But now... Your masks are wonderful - great job! Oh, and I read today that those who can't get any TP can use a squirt bottle with warm water and then dry with a rag that would then go into a bag to be washed later with others of its kind.

  25. We are glad you found the toilet paper. May we suggest a bidet? A little plumbing work and you will never need to wipe again.

  26. Oh, the paper hoarding is still going strong here too! Ma has been on the look out for TP and paper towels, butts especially tissue...Ma forgot the tissue! She is getting down to her last boxes, and there isn't one to be found. sigh. She doesn't wants to be one of those who stands in line at zero-dark-thirty to gets a package of paper goods, butts if peeps don't stop hoarding soon, she's gonna have to! sigh.
    I'll keep our paws crossed for all of us!
    Ruby ♥

  27. We always keep a supply of toilet paper and paper towels so we are okay. I was able to go to one of our stores that opens early for seniors and there was plenty of toilet paper and I picked up an 18 pack! They were sold out quickly.


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