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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sunday Selfie, Comics and Plates

P.F. Chang is one of the restaurants at the Mall
We pass by it each day on our Trek
I never tire of this beautiful horse with a bowed head.
I have been once..not sure why I haven't been back the food is excellent.

* indicates I don't know meaning
1. GARZAR07*
SKY Blue University of N.C. there colors are sky blue
4. A GA DAWG, U. of Georgia their mascot is a bull dog
5. GAGA*
6. NCSU7T8, N C State U Grad 1978
7. IHVHOME4U, I have a home for you Real Estate Agent
8. BEAUPAK, Beautiful Pack
10. ANNAW#1*
11. CALI, University of Kentucky
12. LUVMYSOX, Fan of Red Soxs
13. NOJEEP4U, No Jeep for you
14. ST4W4RS, Star Wars 4 represents the A
15. TTYL, Talk to you Later

Furry Funnies
Garfield Comic Strip for March 26, 2020

Drabble Comic Strip for March 26, 2020


  1. Hari OM
    LOL - thanks for those comics!!! That horse statue I think is a recreation of one of the terracotta army animals from Xian. Gorgeous.

    #1 - well, I found this as code for the foreign exchange market - but also as a Twitter 'handle'...however, Garza is a surname so this could be the initial r and the year they got the car?
    #2 - Sainte Foy is a famous ski resort in France (Sainte can be shortened to Ste).
    #5 - well, either they are a huge Lady Gaga fan - or they are themselves a bit 'gaga' (crazy) - which would apply in the first case anyway IMO.
    #9 - they either work for Goldan Sachs, or have made good on the Sigma 2 financial dark pool.
    #10 - There is an international preschool with the name Annaw... but there are also references in soil surveys...

    Ta for the fun once more. YAM xx

  2. The horse is just beautiful! Thank you for the Sunday morning smiles☺

  3. I'm not a fan of Asian food ... mainly because I hate soy sauce. The Boy loves Asian though and we've been meaning to try PF Chang's for awhile. Looks like I'll get a temporary reprieve with all the virus hubbub! I must be more lost than Garfield. I'm so lost, there's not even a sign!

  4. That is a lovely horse. It looks like the horses in the Terracotta Army.

  5. Thanks for the much needed comics! That is a beautiful horse. Mom and dad tried a PF Chang when we were still in Chapel Hill and they said they weren't impressed. Now mom won't let dad eat at those places, even for a treat. She says his sodium intake is beyond what she'd care for it to be as it is, and she says he can't be trusted to behave and eat right.

  6. We tried a P.F. Chang in Kansas City a long time ago. I think it was okay but we have never eaten at one again. The horse is impressive. I relate to Garfield!

  7. In deepest Aberdeenshire, there is a tiny village called Lost, and the sign to it makes a good photo opportunity.

  8. I am telling Big Boy thank you right now. he fills our daily life, hour by hour, with laughter. so many out loud laughs living with him. more than any of our other dogs made us laugh. are the resturants closed in the mall?

  9. Love the funnies. We definitely have that second comic feeling with Miss Oswin.

    Klem, Mara

  10. I love those horses at the one in Madison, MS. They have horses in the fountains around the mall area. They are beautiful.

  11. The Mom and Dad have never been to the P.F. Chang place here, it's was usually crowded. Very cool plates and fun funnies!

  12. It is funny how we can go somewhere and it can be good but we wouldn't think to go back lol.

  13. We tried to order some Chinese food the other day, and they were closed because of this virus thing. Thanks for the plates and the funnies. We can all use a good laugh these days!

  14. I've only been once to PF CHang but I do pick up their frozen foods in the grocery store! I have some in my freezer right now!

  15. There's on e in Knoxville but I don't care for Chinese food. Has a horse too. I see someone already said something regarding the Sigma2 one. I was going to.

  16. Hello! That horse is a typical oriental-style horse and I believe patterned after the ones buried along with the terracotta soldiers in China. I think they're very elegant too!

    Safe Hugs, Pam

  17. #12 could be white Sox too. Love the Garfield!

  18. Mom and Dad love P.F. Chang, but it isn't at a convenient location here for them to go to. They often do a big family dinner there when the whole gang is together.

    We think our peeps are thankful for how interesting, exciting, and and filled with laughter we make their lives too!

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

  19. We always think those plates you find are interesting. That second comic strip is our house to a T. Especially the laughter part.

  20. We have PF Chang here too but we don’t think ours has a beautiful horse outside it like yours.

  21. Cute comics. I have never been to a PF Changs, the closest is an hour away and when I have gone out that way, I chose Cheesecake Factory instead :) XO

  22. Oh, that horsie is beautifuls!!! We don't have a PF chang's here locally, butts Ma does see their foods in the frozen section. Bets it's better in the restaurant ☺.
    oh the funny's were just what the dogtor ordered!!!
    Stay safe my furiends!!!
    Ruby ♥

  23. We’ve never been to a P F Chang’s but have heard good things about it. I’m stumped on those plates too!


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