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My Mind's Eye
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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Saturday Symmetry and Art

 Random Building and deck seen from one of the trails we took in Early May

 Bridge to nowhere same trail 

Artsy Symmetry all which ways

original taken on the former campus of Dorothea Dix Hospital
300+ acres smack in the middle of Downtown Raleigh.
The former hospital campus was purchased by the City of Raleigh.
Currently the buildings house many state and city offices
In the future (after mega bucks are raised or donated or both)
 it will be turned into a Destination Park with all kinds of
opportunities.  I doubt very seriously this grand old tree will
be left standing but now she the center piece of this meadow

original photo

This effect is called Escher in LunaPic


  1. Love that old bridge! Escher is a great effect for the tree.

  2. Hari OM
    I particularly like the perspective of the second shot of the parking station... and the tree 'makeover' is fabulous! YAM xx

  3. Love the bridge to nowhere and the artsy tree!

  4. Wonderful photos - I hope that old hospital building gets repurposed - it's HUGE. My favorite photo is the bridge - very "artsy" and moody.

    Hugs, Pam

  5. MUST come to Raleigh! That train gotta still be runnin.

  6. Bridge to nowhere... very interesting. Great effect for that old tree. Sad to see it without leaves. Maybe home to some critters.

  7. Guess that bridge is kind of old. Love the old tree. You all have a fantastic day.

  8. I love a bridge to nowhere. The tree effect is cool.

    The reason we live in the middle of nowhere is the beach. We do not use it enough but I am really going to try this summer as we are home so much more!

  9. That one place looks like a parking garage and exactly like the one our Dad used to park in every work day. Love the tree and the tree art!

  10. Great photos and I love your art. XO

  11. Old snags like that are needed for wildlife: holes for birds and critters, and loose bark is where bats will roost!

  12. No doubt the dead tree will come down but we're sure there are lots of birds and other critters that are enjoying using it.


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