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Friday, October 2, 2020

Nature and Feline Friday Kat and Rocky

Thanks Comedy Plus for hosting Feline Friday

Dearest Auntie HiC
Mom has been a busy 🐝 with Fall cleaning, and “kitten-proofing” the house. 😹
Kat and I are making progress.
We walk outside together,

and Kat doesn’t run from me when I’m wearing leash in house.
Can you see him behind the chair?

I can tell Mom is purr-oud  of me. 😻

❤️ Rocky Your Orange (or am I Ginger?) Nephew

Dearest Nephews Rocky and Kat...
Thank you so very much for the update and adorable photos.
It appears to me you are gradually getting more Ginger under tones but it could be the light.  Either way you are gawgeous and I'm so proud of you for taking things slower with Kat your brother...brothers are a rare commodity and OMCs you have 2!!!  We are all very purr-oud of you
I hope you boyz are making sure Mom paces herself with the cleaning.  Taking you all out for walks is a good way to  rest every now and then...
Lovingly your Auntie HiC...

Thanks LLB Gang for hosting Nature Friday

I am happy to have LOTS of help from my nephew's Mom Kit, and my roving photo journalist, Janice.  Their kindness allows me to pawticipate in Nature and Feline Friday

Today's photos are from Frankie and Ernie's Mom Lana
Her commentary is below the photo!!!

These two have been hanging around together for weeks.   They USED to live under the dog ramp.   I don't know when they moved up on the porch.
     Sometimes they would come out together when I would sit on the second step waiting for Frankie and Ernie  to do their yard work.
    When Frankie and Ernie came back, they just walked around the toads and the toads ignored them.      Pretty funny to watch.

AND BREAKING NEWS...MOM OF FnE sent me these two gorgeous
photos she took on October 1, of a RAINBOW
I don't remember the last time I saw a rainbow
Thank you Lana
PS Lana and Frankie and Ernie say Hi


  1. That toad is a fine looking fellow! And oh how lovely to hear from Lana. Please say hi to the ever wonderful Frankie and Ernie. (Is Ernie still in legal practice? Does Frankie still wear his tighty whities...)
    Toodle pip!
    PS We think Rocky would feel at home in Scotland, the country with apparently the world's highest proportion of human gingers!

  2. Hari OM
    OMD, you heard from the Hill Guyz??? Oh that is so good to know that they are still with us and seeing such lovely things of nature and SHARING them with us through you. I sooooo miss them!!!

    Rocky and Kat will find their boundaries and I know that the Love and care in that home will keep everything in balance. YAM xx

  3. I am glad you are getting on with Kat, Rocky. In the UK we call cats of you colouring ginger. We don't call any orange. You are a very fine and handsome ginger.

  4. Sounds like everyone is getting along nicely - that's GREAT! Love the froggies - Angel Sammy had a froggy friend for many years but I've never seen least YET.

    Hugs, Teddy

  5. How wonderful to hear from Miss Lana and what a beautiful rainbow! We miss Frankie and Ernie posts on their blog♥
    You guys will be bestest of friend one day very soon, Kat and Rocky!

  6. oooh how great to hear from the dachshunds!!! we hope they will not kiss da toad, it is no frog LOL

  7. We love to hear from Frankie and Ernie, we miss them and always wonder how they are doing! Mom has never had cat issues, so she just gets a new one and lets them go. Hope you two can be friends.

  8. Rocky, you are a beautiful kitty boy no matter what color you are. Kat will end up loving you one day.

    I love frogs. I occasionally get a porch frog.

    The rainbow is gorgeous.

  9. Rocky, you are adorable with your "arm" hanging down on the chair. I think you look super relaxed and at home in your home! Good that you are taking it slow with Kat. I feel confident that Kat will play with you soon. Love the frogs. We have 4 frogs that are hanging around our lanai... we are going to have to name them!

  10. You both are good looking kitties. I love the toads. We don't bother the critters outside either.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. Scritches to all the kitties and a big hug to Auntie C. ♥

  11. It looks like Rocky and Kat are growing closer. We know they will be BFF's eventually. How great to hear from Frankie and Ernie's mom. Those toads are cute but we would rather see the boys. We're glad to hear they are doing well.

  12. Great progress Rocky! We know Kat will be playing with you soon.

    The Florida Furkids

  13. Hi EVERYBUDDY. WE miss you all so much. We think of all of you every day. We cherish all our memories of the fun times we have shared. We send each of you our love.

  14. You are doing really good Rocky and Kat, it's just a matter of time!

  15. awesome patient kitty! Eventually you two will play together....just like the two frogs! Have a lovely day!

  16. You ticked all the nature friday boxes, cats, frogs and rainbows, Big says where's da DOG?
    awesome pics and so happy to see Rocky and Kat kinda sorta socializing.

  17. We sure do get the patience it takes waiting to get along with your sibling...We are still waiting for Arty and Sunny to get along!

    What a fun story from FnE's Mama! Toads sure are silly!

    Beautiful rainbow too!!!

  18. Oh what great photos! We are glad everyone is getting along!

  19. I love the photos and I say you are a Ginger! And a scrumptiously snuggable one too. Love the pictures of the rainbow! Mom and both love those.

  20. Orange or ginger, either way you are adorable. XO

  21. We just know that Kat and Rocky will be best buds very soon.

    How wonderful to see F & E and to hear from Lana. We miss them so much and wish they would blog again. Say hello to them from us.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  22. All that matters is that your are you, the only you on the planet, so just be the best you that you can be.

  23. Kat and Rocky you two are really making progress and Rocky we are very proud of you. I think Ginger my friend which is the best for a cat

  24. Wow! You sure had a lot of news today! We're glad your kitty cat nephews are getting along. My kitty cat cousin, Tibie, refused to wear a harness. He just kept rolling around with it on! BOL! We loved seeing the little toad brothers! There's a toad living by the back of our house too. I think he likes to catch the ants that live by the back door. Oh, and it's rainbow season here in WNY. With the constantly changing weather, we're on the look-out for them whenever there's an evening rain, followed by the sun setting in the west. So far we've seen three of them! Please say hello to Frankie and Ernie's family from us!

  25. Lucy: I am very proud of Rocky for his patience in trying to make friend with Kat. It will eventually work. I know, 'cause that's what I do, too.
    Xena: E & F leave the toads alone cause they taste bad.
    Mom: How funny that I was thinking about the judge of Blogville just yesterday and wondering how is is doing.


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