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Friday, December 4, 2020

Amazing Nature on our back porch and Feline Friday

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Friday, November 27, at about 10:30 am I was busy cleaning the bathrooms when
Bryan (aka Dad of Angle Madi)(BU) came to tell me a Male Downy Woodpecker flew into our back door and was on the door mat.  I dropped everything (but forgot to take off my gloves). We quickly went out  see if we could help it. I gently picked it was alert but very stunned and breathing 
hard.  Males have a gorgeous red spot on the top of their heads.

Bryan gently stroked its back and head, after about 5 minutes we felt like Mr. Downy was going to be ok.  I asked Bryan to go get the camera.

When Bryan came back onto the porch Mr. Downy was more alert.
I was prepared to stand there as long as it took for him to regain his balance.

He was breathing easier 
Then he stood up in my hand.  
Started to turn his head a bit looking at us 
 I think if he could have spoken he would have tweeted

I felt like he was about to fly and lo and behold he took off landing right where the red arrow is pointing in our very colorful Maple tree.

 What an honor it was to hold this precious bird 'til he felt like he could fly.  He had an amazing tongue. Very long and narrow and pointed on the end, the better to catch insects with too!!

This photo is from Gigi Google


The downy woodpecker (Dryobates pubescens) is a species of woodpecker, the smallest in North America.

Favorite Felines Under the Christmas Tree

Madi never got in the tree...probably too undignified for a Diva. 
However she was obsessed with bows.  I'm purrty sure kitty slobber would would
petrified anything.  Usually the bows were stiff as a board.

Madi loved sitting on this beautiful tree skirt crocheted by 
Dad of Madi's Mom, Margie

Milky-Way was a tree climber. We always put our tree up a few days w/o decorations 
so that he could get the climbing out of his system.
His first Christmas he was about 6 months old.  We come home one day to find
him about 3/4 of the way up sitting on a limb happy as a clam.


  1. thanks to you for helping mr. downy... and for wearing gloves, to rescue berds with nekked hands can be painful ;O)) kitties under the tree... that is the best about christmas...

  2. Lovely to hear how you were able to help such a beautiful bird. Here's hoping Mr Downy has a long and uneventful life.

  3. Hari OM
    It is indeed a privilege to help nature where one can. Having myself been able to assist birds which have lost their way into homes, I know exactly how this feels and I know your hearts would have been swelling at the sight of Mr Downy taking flight again!!! (And now I want to find a chart for a crochet tree skirt!!!) YAM xx

  4. Mr Downy looked very sorry for himself after flying into the door, but looked much perkier when he was ready to fly again.
    In the summer we had a crow who didn't crash, but kept throwing himself at the glass on our back door. I don't know if he could see his reflection or just wanted to come in. When he did it he made an almighty bang. I don't know how he didn't injure himself.

  5. How wonderful that you got to help My Downy and hold him. Love the photos of Madi and Milk-Way under the Christmas tree!

  6. How wonderful that you were able to allow Mr. Downy to recover from his accident and fly back up into the world he belongs in. It's an honor to help Mother Nature isn't it!!

    Hugs, Pam

  7. Poor birdie. So glad he was okay.

  8. Sweet little Downy's are one of our absolute favorites, your photos of him (her?) are wonderful ... thank you for caring for him! And your "cats 'n' tree's" ... well, they
    seem to go together like milk and cookies. Love Madi's Christmas Banner!

  9. Most of the birds that fly into our windows don't make it, but it is amazing to see when they do. Glad the woodpecker survived and got back to his spot in the tree.

  10. It is wonderful to help a bird that has knocked itself silly. It's magical having them in your hand. It's fun to see some pictures of Madi at Christmas time. Love the picture of her between the two ornaments and next to the presents! That is funny about Milky Way. None of our cats climbed the Christmas tree but most of them were hard on the ornaments and Z Cat like to gnaw on the lights... yikes. Good Morning!

  11. Merry Christmas Mr Downy, so glad you recuperated quickly and had a wonderful lady to hold you while you did...excellent photos bird rescuers.. we have had a few hit our front windows that way.. and they all flew away safely... loved the Christmas Past of our sweet Madi... tree climbing cats, imagine that

  12. We're glad that birdie was okay. We have that happen with our family room window sometimes.

    We loved seeing Madi!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  13. We are so glad you were able to help that little sweet one, he'll do a fly-by and thank you often. Love those flashbacks!

  14. Hubby has done this very thing. The bird hung on to Zane until it recovered and then flew away. It was most precious. We are birds of a feather you and I.

    Angel Madi was a pretty girl.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. Big hug. ♥

  15. Oh thank goodness you were there to help Mr Downy! We have done that many times with all sorts or birds! Darling kitty photos!

  16. we due knot haza tree in de land oh trout....well, cuzin daiz DOEZ....but uz boyz due knot cauz de food servizz gurl izza butt azz ~~~~

    984 wings UP... C ....for helping the woodpecker; the last bird rescue I had was at mom's... a baby had fallen out of the nesting area under the porch roof so I walked him across the yard and placed him under some evergreens { hawks in the area } he was an odd shade of white and we weren't sure he was going to be OK...saw him that fall at the seeder feeder ;) ☺☺♥♥

  17. What a touching, heartfelt story. Lovely. Thank you.

  18. Wow C...what an amazing bird experience!! Thanks so much for sharing it(and the great photos) on Nature Friday!!!

  19. We love the little downy woodpeckers that live around here, and sometimes visit the feeders! We're so glad you were able to help out the one on your back porch! How amazing! Sometimes the little sparrows fly into our garage and sit on the highest rafters. Chester goes crazy trying to find them!

  20. That was nice of you to help our Mr. Downy Woodpecker. We have lots of them in our yard and always enjoy seeing them around. What wonderful memories of your Christmas Cats.

  21. My gosh, oh my gosh! What an incredible's good to know he was just stunned.
    (Add this link tomorrow on my bird blog -noon Texas time if you wish)

    1. Thanks....I'm so happy you decided to join us. This IS an incredible story of rescue!

  22. That was nice of you to help the little woodpecker. Milky Way was a cutie. And I always enjoy flashbacks of Angel Madi. XO

  23. Holding a bird is an amazing experience; they are so light!
    Hope this guy doesn't hit the window again!

  24. That is a fantastic story. Seldom do you read a cat blog where the bird lives.

  25. It was good you still had on your glove so the precious Downy didn't get your human smell or pick it up on his own feathers. I can imagine how good it felt to have held him and then watch him recover as he did. Loved seeing the pics of dear Madi from Christmases past.

  26. How amazing to get to hold that little Downy and help him get back to normal! We love all of the pretty woodpeckers!

  27. Maddie you precious little loved girl!

    I am so glad Maddie's Dad saw what happened to the Downy. Precious, beautiful, sweet, innocent being. I have had a few get hurt here too..goldfinches. One took hours to be better. Thank you for doing that. But no surprise at all that you did. XX

  28. OMD, I can't believed I missed this!!!! How exciting to hold the little guy til he was feelin' betters ~ I am sure he will never forgets you guys! {{{hugs}}}!!!
    Oh Angel Madi! It is so FABulous to see you in your Holiday best! And that tree skirt does look tempting!! BOL!
    Ruby ♥

  29. Welcome to Critters. :) Love your story about downy. Love that you helped him recover and tale to the wings :) Beautiful!


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