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Friday, January 1, 2021

Nature and Feline Friday: Happy New Year Message From Madi

We thank our Host LLB Gang and Comedy Plus

Tuesday December 29, we had a rare day time sighting of a Owl just a few hundred steps from trail head to the left we noticed folks looking up.
Nosy me asked what they saw.  He was wearing his best camo.  Sitting in the crook of a pine tree limb leaning against the pine bark that was the exact color of his feathers.  Not a feather was moving his mostly goldish eyes were staring at a crowd
of humans Hoo were staring at him. I discovered Owls with gold eyes hunt during the daylight.  I think this is either a *screech owl or **barred owl .
What we saw was colored more like a screech owl but I don't think it had the little peaks on its head so I'm not sure.
 One of the humans said he was that was his favorite limb he is there most mornings. 

*The Eastern Screech-Owl is a short, stocky bird, with a large head and almost no neck. Its wings are rounded; its tail is short and square. Pointed ear tufts are often raised, lending its head a distinctive silhouette.

Here is a photo I found of a screech owl in a Google Search
As you can see from this image their feathers are great camo for the woods.

And a Barred Owl
**Barred Owls live in large, mature forests made up of both deciduous trees and evergreens, often near water. They nest in tree cavities. In the Northwest, Barred Owls have moved into old-growth coniferous forest, where they compete with the threatened Spotted Owl.

 Thank you Kit and Vicky for your help in my effort to determine
just Hoo this little guy might be.

Another photo I took zooming in on it a bit.
Black and White same photo

On Caturday Art you'll see this one in Stain Glass via Lunapic

My roving photo journalist sent me this photo of a red tail hawk

look at that blue sky!!
From Janice:
We have had Red-Tail Hawks in our yard or area for years (few years ago they nested in a pine tree in neighbors yard - Al loved watching them feed their babies (using his binoculars of course) and watching the babies learn to fly.   Well, for last few weeks we have seen 2 hawks in our yard most every day.  Christmas Day one was in our tree close to the porch and another was sitting in our driveway

Feline Flashback from Madison D. Cat.

Madi and I were all about fun and she loved posing as 
much as the camera loved her. 
At the time I took the photo (2017) I didn't notice that the sun's reflection

was shaped like a heart



  1. we love owls!!!! we have one in our garage what drives da hood crazy ;O))) and we will follow the advice from diva madi... and we start to smile to make this year to a good one... happy new year to you...with love and smiles...

  2. Happy New Year!
    We love the owl photos (even though Gail says they remind her of her high school days - the badge on the school uniform blazer was an owl - for wisdom of course!)

  3. Happy New Year!! I love the owl, I'm very fond of them.

  4. Happy New Year to all of you!
    We have a screech owl (Barn Owl) that sits on the telephone pole by our bedroom window in the summer. He screeches from about midnight until 3am most nights. We never hear him in the winter though, thank goodness.

  5. Lucky you to spot an owl and that is SuperGreat advice, Madi! Happy New Year, Miss Cecilia!

  6. I haven't seen one in a while.
    Happy New Year.

  7. I love owls! You have found some interesting feathered WILDlife on your hikes/walks. Nice to see Madi on this first day of 2021. Good Morning! That is a great quote and/or bit of advice. It's been sort of hard to keep the world from changing my smile some days. But we just keep keeping on! Happy 2021!

  8. Happy New Year, as it is in your heart so will it be in your home and your lives.

  9. PS from Photography 101 (taken in my salad days), never forgotten in my head, but usually forgotten when using the camera: REMEMBER that the camera sees what the eyes do not see!
    The sunshine heart is a perfect example, but a truly beautiful one!

  10. What lovely photos of the owl, and the black and white one is especially cool. These are very sweet Madi photos, too, and so special. Here's hoping for a better new year to all. Happy New Year!

  11. Hari OM
    perfect post to start the year! Can't beat sighting of our feathered friends lifting the spirits. Happy new year!!! YAM xx

  12. How cool that you got to see the owl. We love all our feathered friends. What a lovely flash back of Angel Madi with the heart shaped sun spot. Happy New Year to you and Bryan.

  13. We've never seen an owl here, we heard one once but it's pretty elusive. Happy New Year from all of us!

  14. that quote with Madi and the heart is perfect for this new year.. i am voting for the cammo owl to be a screech owl. he looks much like the one of our two that died this summer and was in our rain barrel.. except yours is taller, ours are the tiny 7 inch ones.

  15. Great owl photos. And I love the message from Angel Madi. Happy New Year my friend!XO

  16. Oh the owl. I love owls. These are such amazing birds.

    Aw on Angel Madi. Yes the camera loved her.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend.

    ☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆ ★ ☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆
    ╔╗╔╦══╦═╦═╦╗╔╗ ★ ★ ★
    ║╚╝║══║═║═║╚╝║ ☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆
    ║╔╗║╔╗║╔╣╔╩╗╔╝ ★ NEW YEAR ☆
    ╚╝╚╩╝╚╩╝╚╝═╚╝ ♥¥☆★☆★☆¥♥ ★☆ ♥♥♥

  17. I hear screech and great horned owls on my walks in the neighborhood. I just don't SEE them!
    I did see a screech owl while walking 'round a nature preserve a couple of years ago, but that's because it had it's wee head stuck out of a wood duck box!
    Happy New Year!

  18. How wonderful that Madi peeked her head in to see you and to remind you of your love for each other. Beautiful, just beautiful! We miss her much too.

    Loving your owls. We have them here too out on the golf course.

    Have a healthy and happy 2021.


  19. What a great spot! I only ever saw one in the wild and at that time I was driving a coach on a narrow road. No way I could stop, get out and get a photo! He would have been long gone. So, well done on your take.

    Happy 2021

  20. I am crazy about raptors and any day with a hawk (or wl) in it is a GOOD day! LOVE them.

  21. We haven't seen any owls around here in ages. We know they're around, though. Sometimes we get woken up by someone who-whoooooing in the pine tree. We saw Mr. Cool Beans Cooper, our local Cooper's hawk, swoop across our yard a few days ago, with his long, striped tail fanned out! There's a red tailed hawk that lives by the horse farm on my way to work. I see him sitting on the telephone wire almost every time I drive through the area. It's always a joy to see any kind of hawk or owl!

  22. Great capture with your camera- looks like a Barred Owl- we hear them at night and in the day we hear the Red Tail hawks and the Osprey also! We live close to the Columbia River.
    Have a wonderful and healthy 2021~!

  23. Such a wonderful picture of the owl C, what a great find!!

    I really like Madi's "Friday spark", nowadays it can be hard to not let the world change your smile.

  24. Love the owl pics! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

  25. I sit outside on warmer nights and listen to the owls in the woods behind my house. I've gotten to know the different hoots for each type of owl!

  26. Owls are a sign of good luck unless you are a tiny bird or a mouse.

  27. We miss Madi:(

    We hear owls along the trail near our house, but we haven't seen one. We will have to look more closely. Nice photos of the one you saw.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  28. Comparing photos, yep, definitely a screech owl. We have hawks around here, and some get pretty big. Even in the fenced dog lot, I keep an eye on 14 pound Xena. Precious Madi...we will keep smiling for you, dear girl.

  29. what a great find of that Owl. A great find of that Heart with Madi. It was meant to be. Happy 2021

  30. I love to hear owls at night. We had one that lived in the woods behind our house in Louisiana. It would sometimes come in our backyard and sit in our oak trees. They are beautiful. I see even the sunbeam loved Madi. Happy New Year!

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