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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Thoroughly Thankful and Poetic Thursday #14

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Today I'm very thankful for the wonderful word of dental technology.  The last crown I had many years ago took almost 3 weeks for it to be made.  Impressions made by the dentist then sent to a lab for the crown to be made.    Monday I had a 3 hour appointment. The worst part was about 45 minutes of drilling to get the old one off and preparing the tooth for the crown.  I admit to being quite tense during this process.  Work was on the lower back tooth and there may have been some gagging going on. LOL 
I was tickled to learn the dentist would be making my crown in house no middle man aka lab.  They made several scans the area around the crown location.  A 3D image popped up on the screen. The scan is sent to the 'mill'. 
Three hours later I had a new crown no return trips.
 Below info found on line:

Zirconia crowns are milled from a solid piece of zirconia. They are either finished with a top layer of porcelain, or finished in pure zirconia. As they are made from either a direct scan of your tooth, or a scan of a high accuracy impression, the resulting seal and fit is superior to that of a basic cast crownThis procedure took about 1 hour.   Crown is fitted and bit checked.  Then the crown is cemented and there is a special drying tool that is 'waved' over the crown to help cement dry.   Zirconia crowns are used most often in the back and upper part of the mouth.  Ceramic is used in front where the crown is visible.  Ceramic crowns are easy to match to the color of teeth.


 Today we join Two  SPOILED CATS  

Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.

Here is our inspiration


Times were simple back then
The kitchen was the heart of a home
Families gathered to talk, work and eat.


  1. Hari Om
    Wow for the crystal crown... and that's a lovely kitchen of yesteryear - definitely nostalgic! YAM xx

  2. you said it very well... it was the heart of our home, where all things started in the morning and where it ended in the evening ;O)

  3. That's a great process for a crown. I bet we are light years away from that around here.

  4. Er, struggling here to get over the thought of 45 minutes of drilling...

  5. I'm so happy that you're home safe and stress-free from the dentist's office. I understand the gagging. LOL What a sweet kitchen. Love your poem. The kitchen really was the heart of the home.

  6. I just know you're glad that crown thing is OVER WITH! Glad they've made some things about extensive dental procedures EASIER these days. Love the poem for Sammy's challenge today......kitchens WERE the heart of the home but these days I'm thinking "around the television set" is the heart. That's kinda sad in a way.

    Love, Pam

  7. If ever I need anything more than a filling renewed (local), I want a full aneastatic, anaestatic, anestetic anestatic annestatic. That thing that will make you go to sleep!


  8. We're glad your dental procedure is over and went well. Your poem is great.

    The Florida Furkids

  9. I love this kitchen and would love to have it for my own. it flipped me back in time to the kitchens from my childhood. i read the post and read it again, and my one question is, Did you come home with the crown in place or do you have to go back? this sounds amazing to me and especailly if you came home with only one visit to get it made. that said 3 hours in a dentist office feels like 3 weeks

  10. Actually I wondered too about whether you went home with it. I gather you did. I laughed at the comment above mine from Sandra. Sure does feel like 3 weeks. But thank goodness that is all over with!

  11. You did a one stop shopping on your crown. I had to wait for a little over a week for the permanent one. I'm happy you're done. Not a fun process.

    Love the poem. I grew up in the 50s and the kitchen was the central point in our home too. We had a huge kitchen. I remember us being there most of the time.

    I'm thankful that you watch out for me.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday, honey. Big hug. ♥

  12. Wow! Dental technology has come a long way! Glad your appt went OK.

    That kitchen picture reminded me of "The Honeymooners."

  13. I am so happy and thankful you got your crown so quickly. You gotta love modern technology. I know my dentist is still "old school". And I LOVE your kitchen poem! Thanks for being you and thanks for stopping by and we hope you have a marvellously happy day!

  14. Yes, dental technology is really amazing these days. I had to have a back tooth extracted this morning, then in 2 weeks I'll be getting 2 implants. Glad all went well for you. Cute poem too. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  15. That is just amazing. Who knew? Good for you and we love love love that poem

  16. I am glad your dental treatment is over. It is amazing that it could all be done in 3 hours.

  17. Wow...lots of dental work!!
    That kitchen? Reminds me of way back when. We used to gather around the big table & play games too.

  18. I've never heard of those types of crowns but I hope my dentist has that same technology should one of mine come loose. We like your poem about kitchens too.

  19. Oh Dental really has to do alot! I think the kitchen is still the heart and THE most important place of a home. I don't go anywhere but there especially when my hoomans are around! bol

    Pinot xo

  20. Nice poem. Glad you got the crown. XO

  21. Mom had her first crown prep appt. this morning and in a little over two weeks will have the permanent. She too had those 45 minutes of grinding down the old tooth and filling a cavity in the next door wisdom tooth. A very expensive process, but better than losing the tooth:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  22. We are thrilled that worked out so well for you.

  23. Very cool with that process for the crown. I am glad you are all done with that! Our kitchen seems to be the heart of the home!

  24. That kitchen even has a built-in ironing board!
    Thanks for the info about the zirconia crown. I will ask about that next time I need one replaced (hopefully never!)


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