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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Happy Tuesday Trek

Join me today for a mini trek thru the 'hood, this one is about 35 minutes.
Starts on the corner of Hedgemoor and Cowden
Hedgemoor is the main entrance street into our area. It is about 3 long blocks

at the end of Hedgemoor I turn right onto Basil then left onto Bayberry which is probably the longest street in the area

sometimes about 1/2 way down Basil I turned on to Edgedale (could not take a photo there were several walkers gathered there talking).  I walked down Edgedale
to Longford Lane, which by the way is the shortest street in the area back to Bayberry toward home.
Along the trek I see lots of pretty berries and blooms

 For a longer trek  I take all the above streets going to the end of Bayberry to Valley Estates Dr. past Lemon Springs Ct. and Dresden Drive
That is about a 45 or 50 minute round trip.  This is my favorite  cooler weather trek 

Speaking of my EMW's I'm seeing  many very entertaining Halloween Decorations.  I'll be sharing them throughout the month.

#1. Winking eyes


  1. we love the names of your streets.. and we think the window decoration with the eyes is a super idea for howloween... maybe a new diy project?

  2. The streets are nice and green with all the trees. The plants are pretty too.

  3. Well that sure looks like a most pleasant walk. You have an awesome neighborhood for that. Dad just made some asinine comment about the street names reminding him of The Stepford Wives. Just ignore him like me and mom do. Have a great rest of your week, dear Cecilia.

  4. Nice walk and it's great you can be in your own neighborhood to keep an eye on things and watch changes as Fall begins to fall. Cute winking eyes in that house for Halloween!!!!

    Hugs, Pam

  5. Love the street names and those gorgeous purple beauty berries!

  6. We love your street names too. One of Gail's aunts once lived in a village called Cowden.

  7. Hari OM
    Lush, is the word that comes to mind for those gardens and streetviews! What a great place to walk around. YAM xx

  8. Lovely EMW! It's beautiful there for the beginning of Fall! Looking forward to your photos of Halloween decorations... BOO!

  9. Our walkabouts are all numbered streets no names and yours have pretty names to go with pretty streets. I think those eyes in the window at the end must be something that just started selling this year because I just came from Jenny's blog and a house on her street has those same as in its windows I'm betting if I made myself walk through the Halloween stuff at Walmart they be there for Home Depot. Do you walk these walks alone?

  10. Very pleasant place to walk. Around here on the roads you could get run over.

  11. You have Edgedale, I have Edgehill! Right across from me. I'd love your walk in the neighborhood- and my camera (phone at least) would be with me every time. Here it is climbing most of the way, and even coming back down there are still hills. As I have a "heart condition" I cannot tax it with those hills so I have to go to the flat parks. Even they have some noticeable grades to go up. I can make the distance, just not the hills anymore.
    LOVE that winking eye! That was inspired!

  12. Great street names. Our street names here are named after nuts. Walnut Haven, Catkin Court and so on.

    Love going on your walk with you and love the Halloween eyes.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Big hug, honey. ♥

  13. What a great walks through your neighborhood. Love those eyes in the window.

  14. You neck of the woods is very pretty and the eyes have it!

  15. What a beautiful trek today C, I love how green your neighborhood still is!

  16. C;

    are those raspberries I see.... go back over there and get them off the bush;
    round here they want 3 $ for em....and ya might get 5; outta those 5 four are "fuzzy" !!

    L ♥♥☺☺

  17. This bean soup recipe is a keeper. I plan on putting the ingredients on the shopping list for next week.

    You certainly do a great walkabout.

  18. Nice stroll around your neighborhood! Love the window decoration ideas!

  19. You live in a pretty and well-kept neighborhood. I love the winking eyes!

  20. You sure have a nice neighborhood with creative street names! Whoever named the streets in our neighborhood must have loved watching Westerns: Adobe Drive, Overland, Prairie Trail, etc.


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