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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Happy Tuesday with my Nephews


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Oh my dogs Pup sent me the most adorable email with photos and a video 

I took the Peeps for a walk in our woods today. Many of the leaves have fallen, and I had a blast  running! 

I wanted to take along Kat & Rocky, but Mom said they wouldn’t enjoy it as much as me!

This is how they looked when we left:

and when we got home:
I think Mom was right! Ha!

Volume up please
I hope you love my video.

Dearest Pup….I think you know this but I just must say it, you are the luckiest dog in Georgia!  Crazy Kat and Rocky…don’t know what they are missing.  Butttt I guess they enjoyed the  smell mail you brought in from the great out of doors.

You are a world  class zoomer.  I think your newly healed paw has some bionic powers.  Dad had a hard time keeping up and you were almost too fast for Mom’s camera!
This was such a fun email thank you…I can hardly wait for your friends to see your antics.
Lovingly your devoted Auntie HiC 


  1. pup, we are with kat&rocky... we prefer the sofa and leave the leaves alone... i is toooooo cold outside :O)

  2. You were having a lot of fun, Pup. It doesn't look like Kat or Rocky moved at all.

  3. Hari OM
    Happy, happy Pup... and deliciously snuggled K&R!!! Delights in both. YAM xx

  4. Pup, Kat, Rocky ... Mom and Dad.... you are all a beautiful family.

  5. Pup sure had fun in the woods. Kat and Rocky melted our adorable.

  6. That sure looks like fun out there Pup! Oh how sweet it is to see Kat and Rocky sharing the snugs!

  7. i enjoyed your bursts of zoomies and I can tell you had a blast.. looks like your siblings might be tipsy on nipsy. ha ha

  8. Pup sure was enjoying his romp in the woods. It's so sweet to see Kat and Rocky all snuggled up together. We remember when they were first introduced to each other that they weren't too happy about there being two cats in the family but just look at them now.

  9. I love it when you get these photographs and videos. Such fun. I had fun too. Pup is sure a fast one.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Big hug. ♥

  10. Your video made me happy. My dogs too love a romp in the woods behind our house.

  11. That looks like my kinda walk. Great video Pup.
    Toodle pip!

  12. We loved seeing Rocky in the leafs. Of course cats would rather cuddle and sleep. Mommy says I would have to cuddle and sleep too because of my allergies. We are surrounded by oak trees and I'm allergic to them. Boo! XOX Xena

  13. Running through the leaves is so much fun and we love the crunch crunch crunch sound!

  14. Pup! What a fabulishious romp you had! Look at all those leaves! Life is so much fun! Cinnamon,
    Pup, we LOVED seeing Kat & Rocky in nap action! They have terrific form and we love how they used the nip nanner for accent in their purrfect composition! Purrs, Marv, Jo Jo and Kozmo!

  15. Zoom Zoooommmmmmmm! I bet the air smelled fresh and crisp, Pup. It is going down to 48 in our bit of Floridadoodee tonight! Kat and Rocky have the right idea. I love seeing them so content together♥♥

  16. Oh Pup, what a fun and beautiful Autumn walk!! Thanks for taking us along!
    I wonder if the kitties even knew you were gone BOL!
    Rosy and the Gang

  17. Wow! That looks like a really great time Pup had running in the leaves!

  18. What a special adventure for Pup!!! And Rocky and Kat - too cute!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  19. Great treat for the Pup! So much fun!

  20. Oh Pup, what a blast you had zooming! I think that Kat and Rocky are adorable... but they did miss out!

  21. One happy pup and two snuggly kitties - ALL IS the photos!!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too


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